Casting Call for Live Production of “Journey Home”

Original Live Production of Journey Home: Emily's Dilemma
Original Live Production of Journey Home: Emily's Dilemma
Original Live Production of Journey Home: Emily’s Dilemma

New Christian Production Company is looking for five actors to perform in a 4-5 minute original live production called, “Journey Home: Emily’s Dilemma.”

This production will be presented before several focus groups only. Possibility of additional work. Payment will be a nominal stipend. All backgrounds (Christian, non-Christian, nationalities, races will be considered).

Journey Home is a drama that focuses on high school age people (and one older woman) in foundational, realistic situations – dealing with the lives of teenagers and the sometimes messy resolutions to the challenges in their lives. There are no easy, predictable answers.

We are looking for experienced actors who are quick studies and experienced in theater and film. Four of the actors must be 18+ years old but look high school age.


Cole: Jokester, smart-aleck who likes to have fun.

Emily: Christian girl who is trying to live her faith.

Jason: Jokester who likes to have fun but has a serious side.

Sarina: Emily’s best friend. Christian who does not live out her faith.

Emily’s Mother: This character is 35-55 years old. She is working hard to be a good Christian mother, but she has her own issues.

RESPOND IMMEDIATELY – BY JANUARY 18. THERE IS A QUICK TURNAROUND ON THIS PRODUCTION. Auditions by appointment only. Bring your resume and a recent head-shot picture. Come prepared with a 1-2 minute monologue. You will also do cold readings of the script. Multi-talented actors are welcome. Be prepared to show us your additional talents.

Submitted by: Don Payne

Please email resume and headshot to  with the subject line: Journey Home Auditions

Actors must be local to the Houston and Missouri City Texas areas

  • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, jpeg, Max. file size: 2 MB.


  1. If the part has not been cast, I would love to be Emily’s mom. I have performed two different scripts on many stages since 2009 playing “Cheri” with “Minnie Pause & the Hot Flashes,” and am eager to participate with the team that presents the message in “Journey Home.” I would love to hear from you.

  2. Hi, I’m Victoria And I am 10 years old applying for the role of Emily or Sarina.
    I have been acting for 2 years now, no shows or movies but 3 plays. 2 at school and 1 at the Permian playhouse.
    It has always been my dream to act. I have a British accent. Thank you for your time.

  3. My name is Shayna. I am 11 years old . I have blonde hair. And blue green eyes. I have always loved to act I played in school plays when I was in kindergarten. I would love to play any part you give me. I would love to at the least to audition for a part I am doing this for a career but also for fun. Even though I would have fun does not mean I will not take it seriously. I would love to audition so you could see if I have what it takes to act.

    Shayna R. Wedel

  4. I’m 15 but I understand that you can only keep us on set for 9 hours if we are under 18. I got excited there for a second.. I have a long background of acting (I have trained at Page Parkes) and I would have loved to join this production!! Gosh I wish we could work full days!

  5. “Journey Home” l am interested in applying for casting in your movie if you are filming in England, where I am living at the moment on the Isle of Wight. Please send via email a postal address where l can send you up to date information and photographs.My email address is:
    At present my camera is blocked via overload. I am a beautiful talented young woman an actress, model and singer.
    I await your reply.
    Yours sincerely
    Sindy Sullivan CertHum (0pen)
    Open University Qualifications
    Sindy Sullivan and twins Phyllis – Beauty and Fernando – John Sullivan
    ‘THE HOUSE TO DIE FOR’ and ‘BEHIND THE STRIP’ Two books that l have written and hope to publish before 2016.

  6. I would love to play either emily or serina im a well seasoned actor even though only fourteen i have gotten many lead roles in plays and also in school plays as well. Im a singer and also am a wonderful violinist i am a christain and when i saw this play in knew i needed to try to be in it. Please respond i would love to be a part of this great play.

  7. My name is Edgar Lopez and I think I would be perfect for Jason. Reason is I am a jokster a lot of the times but I do have a serious side to me. I do take things seriously and not so serious. I want to act, it’s been my passion for the longest. And I am ready to make this my life for as long as the lord blesses me with life.

  8. I would really love this part because it would change my whole career I also. Danced for 7 years now and I’m ready to take my career further

  9. Hi! My name is Kennedy Michaela Stevens and I am 13 years old. I am also a Christian and go to church every Sunday. I am Causcasian and 5ft5in (still growing). I could finitely play Emily! I am very good at portraying many characters, in all ages too! I could easily look younger or older. I would really love to branch out to some different auditions besides my school plays. I think you would never regret giving me a chance to be Emily!

  10. I’ve been acting in community and school theater productions since a very young age and would love to branch out and try something new. I’m interested in this production because I have rarely been in serious (non-comedic) roles and would like a chance to show my talents in a new genre. Though I just turned 19 I have often been mistaken for 16 and younger when I wear minimal to no makeup. I would like the chance to audition for both female roles because I feel I can portray either as they are intended.

  11. I find it really captivating. I think I would like real portray sarina greatly because she just like me( well so far). It would be a great experience.

  12. This production sounds like a breath of fresh air. If i live in the Houston area I would be perfect for the role of Emily’s mother because teaching young girls how to make good decisions is very important to me.

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