Motion Picture Institute Film Actors Open Casting Call in Troy, MI

MPI Film in Michigan
MPI Film in Michigan
MPI Film in Michigan

This Saturday, January 17th the Motion Picture Institute will be looking for established and aspiring actors to cast in upcoming student and professional film projects.

MPI is Michigan’s oldest and most reputable film trade school and every winter it conducts a wide scale audition to find actors for over fifty film projects.

On Saturday actors will have the opportunity to audition for as many as fifty different film projects within the sound stages of MPI.  Most of these are unpaid roles but the experience and networking connections are invaluable to area actors.

Doors open to the public at 11:30 am and the event goes until 3:00 pm. Actors will need to sign a waiver allowing them to be recorded at the audition.

MPI asks that actors bring a current photograph and resume for inclusion in a master database.

For more information you can visit MPI’s website at or look for us on facebook. 248.563.9404 for more information. SAG actors are welcome.

Submitted by: Julie Kline


  1. If you are still holding auditions or need help on set please contact me. I’m looking to obtain a little more experience before I look for a agent to take me on. I’m a female and 18. More information will talked about through email. Thank you for considering me.

    • Name: Erica Lorraine Strassburg
      Age: 23
      Hair: blonde
      Eyes: ocean blue
      Build: athletic
      Height: 5’3”
      •always active and fit
      •GREAT at memorizing lines
      • vivid, entertaining, enthusiastic, bubbly personality
      • passionate and driven to break into acting

  2. hy friends.i m sandeep singh from punjab, freasher actor, and my aim “the greatst actor of this world “superstar “and will done it! thanku!

  3. Im a 21 year old musician/actor who is very dedicated in what I do. I have only acted a little in home films but absolutely love it. Im very much influenced by darker characters and films. For example I loved Heath Ledger as The Joker. he was probably my favorite actor because he was very diverse. I would love to audition for a film and it has always been a big dream of mine! Thank You!

  4. I have little acting experience, and can take direction. I can submit a photo if needed.
    32 yrs w/ a younger look
    115 lbs
    black hair
    brown eyes

  5. I would love to be apart of films I have loved them all my life now all I want to do is be apart of making them! I’m comfortable in front of a camera and people and I will work hard!

  6. hi!! i’m a 13 years old girl from finland!! im half Turkis and half Finnish, acting has been my dream since i was 5 years old.. Acting is everything to me! im at our schools acting club and all so my hobbie is acting, now im just waiting that my dreams true.. i swear if you could give me a chance you wouldn’t regred it!! my personality is another thing you will love

  7. I am 28 years of age I have always had interest in acting and would like to be given a chance to start an acting career.

  8. Hi, as you can see on my name slot I am Jillian, I at the age of 14 and Its been my dream since as long as I can remember to be an actress and I know you may look at this and not care but I hope you do and If so idk how my will change I mean my family w i nt theyll always love me but my inside world might and I will owe everything to you if so thank you if you looked and maybe wanted to support me, I believe in myself and Im going to try so hard to make my life long goal, happen

  9. Hello there my name is Taylor long and I’m looking for a career for acting i got brown hair turquoise eyes, I’m 5-6, and I’m American. Indian and i think you should know me. First if you know Anna Nicole smith the one that passed away well she’s my ant and i never got to meet her :(

  10. I have done multiple stage plays and love the art of acting. I am 15 almost 16 and am looking to gain experience and achieve my dream.

  11. Hi, I’m Chanel and I’m 14 years old. I love acting and would love to be in your movies. I have high hopes and big dreams and acting is one. I would really like to achieve my goal in becoming an actress. I also sing a little, I’m not the best but its something. I’m also very friendly and not shy at all. Hope you pick me to be in your movies. Thank you for your time.

  12. Name: Sarah Straith
    Height: 4’4
    Weight: 78 lbs
    Hair: Light Auburn Brunette, a tiny bit longer than shoulder length
    Eyes: Gray/Blue

    Acting Expirence: Several Musicals, five of which are listed below.
    Wily Wonka;Charlie Bucket
    Cinderella; Perla
    Beauty and The Beast; Chip
    Rumplestiltskin; Glitter

    In my free time I like to: Act, Sing, Dance, Imagine and Write stories, Sculpt, Wheel Throw, Draw, Paint, Do Competitive Gymnastics etc…

    This seams like a great opportunity, and it would be really fun to take part in this activity, thanks for your time.

  13. My name is Damien Cox I am from Detroit MI. I been in Acting for along time. I am will to make acting my career goal in life. I am a hard working actor that will do my best on set to make the film look good an the production crew to be proud to have me as an actor an if you give me a chance to prove myself I wont let you down

  14. yes, i would love to be in your movie. name is armon. im 5/6, weigh 145, and im African American

    hope to hear from you soon

  15. Do we have to be local? Because I am located in Pennsylvania, but I could also send a video audition submission, just to see if I could get booked for anything down there. Thanks!

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