Casting Call for Participants in “The Price is Right”



If you are interested in going on a game show, then CBS brings the perfect opportunity for you with this casting call for contestants to the famous TV game show, The Price is Right. This is an open casting call and just requires an interested person to be at a particular place for the auditions.

About the Show

The Price is Right is a famous TV show, which started in 1972 and still going on strong on TVs all across the United States. The contestants aim to guess the prices of the objects that are shown to them. They win different items as well as cash prizes for guessing the correct prices. Many famous hosts such as Bob Parker have appeared on the TV show.

Details for Selection

The auditions for the contestants will be held at Sycuan Casino near San Diego, California on 7 August, 2016. Interested candidates can register at 10 am while the auditions will be taken between 11 am and 2 pm.

You will need to fill out an application form. Candidates should also come out as dressed up for appearing in the show. The auditions will be taped and show producers will then decide two winning contestants out of the appearing candidates.

The two winners will need to appear for a taping of the show later in Los Angeles. One of them will win the grand prize of appearing as a contestant on The Price is Right game show.

Necessary Requirements

Here are some of the requirements for the interested candidates.

  • All participants need to be US residents.
  • They must be adults over the age of 18 by the audition date of 7 August.
  • Initial winners will be required to travel to Los Angeles from any airport close to San Diego.
  • The travelling to the taping of a show needs to be done in a specific period starting from 1st November, 2016 and ending on 31st March, 2018.
  • The trips will be compensated by CBS at the rate of sixteen hundred dollars per individual.

About the Role

Each participant will be asked a question that needs to be answered when looking at the camera. The general question asked will be, “Why do you want to be a contestant on The Price Is Right?”

Important Note

People looking to apply for the public office should not take part in the show. They can do so if they plan to run for the office after the show has been televised in the future. Previous contestants on the show will not be entertained for a period of ten years.

You can view the details of the official rules of the TV show by clicking here.