Casting Child Actors in the Movie “Forever My Girl”


This is a casting call for kid actors. The film Forever My Girl requires young girl actors for filming scenes in Atlanta, Georgia. Casting directors are the firm “Casting TaylorMade” who have announced that they are looking for 7 to 8 years old girls that need to weigh less than 50 pounds to work as required on the film scene.

This is an excellent opportunity for young girls who want to start early and already become well known in the industry. If you think that your girl is according to the requirements, then you must actively pursue such roles and apply for it.

About Casting TaylorMade

Casting TaylorMade is a company that especially provides background actors and extras for different TV and film needs. This is an in-house company and therefore prefers to deal with one client at a time. It has a presence in Miami and Atlanta. They suggest that they give a lot of importance to details and therefore allow producers to present specific needs to them which they can fulfill.

Any person who is interested to contact them can always do so by emailing them at

About the Plot

IMDB states that Forever My Girl is based on the famous novel written by Heidi McLaughlin. The movie features Jessica Rothe and Alex Roe.

Roe is a famous football quarterback who is living a wonderful life and is just about to marry his longtime sweetheart Jessica Rothe. Instead, he decides to leave her and pursue a career in music. He returns home after ten years when he has become a famous star. He intends to meet her true love once again and also take care of her daughter that he never knew existed.

About the Role

The casting directors provide very specific details for the role. The role requires a Caucasian girl who is around seven to eight years old. She needs to have medium to long dark brown hair. She needs to have a fair Caucasian complexion. The height of the girl needs to around 4’1” to 4’2”. The ideal weight of the candidate needs to be around 49 pounds. The size of shirts and pants can be size six or seven while the dress size should be appropriately from six to eight.

The shooting dates for the movie are still undecided and the selected girl will act as a photo double. The movie will be approximately shot around August and September. All candidates who are applying for this call need to mention “AF DOUBLE” on the subject line of the application email.

How to Apply

You need to include five current photos of your child to apply for the role. The photos do not require professional quality. The first photo should be a close up front while the second should be a close up from the back. One photo should be of medium length. Similarly there needs to be a frontal body shot as well as a rear body shot.

You should also include personal details such as the name, contact address and details of the child such as date of birth, height and weight as well as the dress sizes.

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  1. Hello!,I Am a 13 year old,but I have an 8 year olds face and I am fairly short as I have been told I could pass as one ,even by the acting academy I have joined,my height is roughly 149cms,and because I am actually thirteen I believe I could be smart enough to play the role of an 8 year old properly.

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