FOX series Empire Casting Call Male and Female Extras in Chicago

Music. Family. Power. The Battle Begins.

Music. Family. Power. The Battle Begins.
Music. Family. Power. The Battle Begins.

FOX series Empire Casting Call Male and Female Extras in Chicago

Music. Family. Power. The Battle Begins. The FOX series is created by Oscar nominated director Lee Daniels and centers around the dramatic lives of a Hip Hop dynasty. Terrence Howard stars as Lucious Lyon, the family patriarch with deadly secrets. Taraji P. Henson stars as Cookie Lyon, the recently paroled ex-wife who spent 17 years behind bars – sacrificing her freedom and her sons for Lucious’s dream.

The extras casting team for Empire released a casting call for male and female extras between the age of 18 to 30s who can portray hot and sexy party guests for the final episode of Empire. Talent who would like to be considered for a role must not have previously worked on the show.  Empire is filmed in the Chicago area and the extras casting team is seeking local talent only.

To be considered for a role on ‘Empire’, Please read the casting call details below:

FOX Series Empire Casting Call Notice:

Casting alert! Searching for young 18 through 30’s, males and females who haven’t worked “Empire” yet to work as hot and sexy party guests! Yay! The scene is this Friday, Jan. 23rd. This is our super cool party scene and I only need about 25 guests. So this is a small, great scene. If you are available to work in a bikini for women, or swim trunks for guys, send in your photograph in this, or if you want to work but not wearing a bikini send your photograph in a hot club dress or outfit. Some guests will be in bikinis and some will be in club outfits.

Send your photographs to and put either “bikini 1.23” or “dress/pants 1.23” in the subject line. Include your height, weight, age, and phone number and let us know what city and state you live in.

Please do not apply, if you are not local or if you do not fit the description.


  1. Hello Empire Family,
    As a recent high school graduate I am often asked the question “What do I want to be?” However, the question I often ask myself is “Who do I want to be?” I haven’t yet figure out the answer to this question, but one thing for certain is that I have a passion for film. I come and go to work everyday wondering what else could I be doing with my life. However, people my age always take any job opportunities that come our way. In fact, however, I have longed for an opportunity to be on camera. Whether, the role is the main character or simply a girl in the background “acting like she’s reading” any opportunity is a step closer to my dreams. Now I ask myself again “Who do I want to be?” I want to be an African American woman that young girls can watch on television and believe they can achieve the same exact dreams.
    Sincerely, Aaliyah Strong

  2. My name is Tashiana Sanon and I am without a doubt fitted to be apart of the empire family. I love the show and I’m very well experienced because I have been in acting schools. I would love to go on and explained to you why I should be given the opportunity but I’ll let my talent do the talking. Please email me if you would like a video of me rehersing a monologue or any other concern you may have.

  3. I have experience in acting.I love to act have played in some films as a extra speacility I have had a few speaking roles. I am a model/ Budweiser promotional model. I would love to get on empire to explore my acting career more please give me a chance to show my skilks off.

  4. Hey,my name is Andre Kelly I am 17 years old, and I know yall said the said that we have to be local
    to the area and I live in Pheonix. BUT I had fell in love with the show since day one and I was really hoping that you can help me out with being apart of the show.And pluss I got what it take to be ANY charactor yall throw my was.I also understand that thousands of millions of people will sind in auditions to you to be on the show and i probably have a lower chance with the fact that i live in Arizona and the show is in Chicago.I may not be a pro but I know that I can do good by my peirsonalaty, BUT PLEASE GIVE ME A CHANCE.
    oh P.S,I AM ABOUT 5”9 AND 124 POUNDS/and for give what ever misspelling.
    LOVE,Andre Kelly

  5. Hi, my name is Cyril, I just turned 17 in March and I would love the opportunity to audition for the Empire 2015 Season. I’ve been acting since middle school and through my high school years. Im currently a Senior at the Gramercy Arts Performing High School here in Manhattan. I’ve had the opportunity to work with Tony Danza who was my acting coach last summer. I’ve performed in the following plays: Guys and Dolls, Night of One Acts, Almost Maine (2×s) and I played Corney Collins in Hairspray. All of these performances took place in my Middle School/High School (Democracy Prep Charter HS) and my current H.S. Gramercy Arts. I received most of my training with the assistance of my former acting teacher Ms. Kowalski and I’m still apart of the Allstars Youth Onstage Project where I continue to perform doing Improv shows and I also performed in Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom. In conclusion, I feel like my acting experience has shown that I would be a good candidate for the Empire 2015 Season.

  6. My passion for the acting and music industry is becoming unbearable. I search for outlets all the time but living in Virginia makes it very difficult. I just want surround myself with other dedicated actors and performers and prove myself. I would absolutely be great for this opportunity, simply because I know my potential, and I have long since tapped into it. All I want is the chance to show it.

  7. I really think this would be a great experience for me. I’m so in love with this show. The vibes, the positive energy, it’s just all amazing! I love to act and this would definitely be an experience worth while.

  8. Hello my name is Jessica Smith, I would love to be on your show. I’m an R&B/Soul singer. I would love to sing on your show but being an extra would be great as well

  9. I’m soooo Chicago I think I can bring a nice little hip-hop feeling also can bring a real piece of ghetto to it I’m know all the hip slang words and no how to word them

  10. Hello my name is Marian Burge and I would love to be an extra on such a phenomenal like “Empire”. I think u would be a great fit because you won’t find another ME!!!! I have a very outgoing personality and am definitely a team player. I’ve always wanted to be an actress but my life turned in another direction. I am always ready to work as well as put forth my best effort. I hope in the near future I can be a part of your epic vision in the series/movie world!!! Thank you

  11. Hi, my name is Uriah Strong and I would love to have an appearance on Empire. I’m 14 years old and I love to sing and act. Not only that I love to sing and act, I am pretty good at both of those things. I would love to make my appearance on this show, because I believe that this is a great show and I’d be honored to be a part of something so great. I’m not quite interested in having a small part as an extra, I would very much like to have a pretty big part. I’ve always wanted to be an actress, I’ve always wanted to be on television so that everyone could see what I’ve got. If you give me this opportunity, you will not regret it. I promise.

    Thank you.

  12. I would love to be a part of the “Empire” T.V. show. If I am afforded
    the opportunity to audition for a part, you will not be disappointed.

    Best regards,
    Edna Metcalfe

  13. My name is Dominique, and I am 22 years old. I currently live, and go to college in Chicago. I would be honored to further my artistic endeavors by being an extra on Empire. When I saw Precious, I was so inspired to write and start directing, so when I found out Lee Daniels would be direction a show with two of my favorite actors (Terrence Howard and Taraji P Henson), I was thrilled to be a supporter of the show. Now, that there is an opportunity to support the show, I would greatly appreciate a chance in being apart of the show. Not only would this give me a chance to show my acting skills, it would also give me an opportunity to see a broader picture of a television production. Since, I am majoring in directing, I would definitely be honored for the chance to be apart of a elite team.

    Thank you for your time,
    Dominique ^.^

  14. I am LaWanda Herminstyne, 19 years of age residing in Chicago, IL. Sophomore college student majoring Criminal Justice.
    Height: 5’3″
    Eyes: Dark Brown
    Sex: Female

    My experience in acting is little, but I am looking forward to broadening it. The only way for me to have certain experiences under my belt is reaching out for the opportunity when given. I have 5 years of experience of radio and television working the sound board, cameras and teleprompters. I was then promoted to anchorwoman giving reports and doing projects. My voice is semi soft, but stern and one of my talents are singing. I have always been told that I would be fit to play a sweet but sneaky person (character), which I have always thought that as well. In reality, I am sweet and I could be sneaky (in a good way) depending on what the situation is. Naturally, I have a nerdy but seductive sex appeal. My persona is very optimistic, confident, silly sense of humor curious, strong and sweet. I look forward to auditioning and becoming a part of the Empire family.

    With Regards,
    Ms. Herminstyne

  15. I’m 24 years old, 5’8″ tall, and I wear glasses. I have a great personality and am passionate in what I put my name on, in other words I put my all into it. I would love to be apart of this great opportunity because I have something to prove. I’m a recent college grad and I’m seeking to make my mark on the world. This is only the beginning but a major step in being apart of something greater than myself. I hope that you will consider me and I thank you for your time.


  16. hi my name is jayshonda white im from new Orleans la , and I would bring a very funny, out spoke personality to the show. I am trying to become a serious actress and I just need one shot to prove I can be that. so please consider me I promise I want let you done.

  17. I’m very dramatic, born this way. I can take any scene and put my all into it. I’m serious when I have to be, sexy when I want to be and very much in control when I need to be.
    I’m a very determined woman who knows what she wants, goes for what she wants and gets it. I can bring a lot of character to a series like ‘Empire’ and I would fit right in.

    Thank You,


  19. I would love this awesome opportunity to act for such a booming tv series. I’m only 19 and eager to start my acting career early. This would be a very great privilege to be involved in a tv series of this magnitude. I’m overly excited to hear back from you and look forward to possibly interacting in the future. Thank you so much.

  20. Hi, my name is kenesha and I am 19 years old, I’m petite, around 5’2, light skin, I wear glasses,and very attractive, I know that I would be a good candidate for a role on the tv show empire I’m a good dancer and I have a great personality I can make people laugh with out really trying to I have a good sense of humor I believe that if I had a chance to be on the show everyone would love me i would really appreciate the opportunity.

  21. Hello! I’m a very outgoing person, I have YouTube videos as well, and I love entertaining people. Hope you really take me into consideration, because I love acting and working with other people. I have experience from being in UIL acting and have won 1st place. I also take theatre at my school. I really would like to get a chance, you won’t be sorry.

  22. Hello Sirs;
    I’m interested in being an extra on Empire, I’m 34 years young, 5’8″ snd 170lbs.I’m very people oriented and look forward to hearing from you.

  23. I love to sing and I love how this show steps in my life and how this show is so empowered and cookie she is bad I love her so all I would want is a change to make a different in my children`s life.

  24. Hey, I really hope to get this position as an extra, so I could jump start my career. I hope to meet many people in the industry and learn everything I need to know about Hollywood.

  25. Welp hello there…I’m easy going and good with directions I’m a people person and very entertaining and like reading books while watching tv…and personally I don’t watch empire but my sister loves the show and her birthday is in april so what’s not a better surprise right?well i hope you loves choose this young gal right here I have experience with acting so it would be another fun hobby before I die thanks for your time whoever is reading this bye bye now

  26. Hi I really just want a chance,,,,, I feel like being on Empire will open doors for me that’s been closed for so long…

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