FOX series Empire Casting Call Male and Female Extras in Chicago

Music. Family. Power. The Battle Begins.
Music. Family. Power. The Battle Begins.
Music. Family. Power. The Battle Begins.

FOX series Empire Casting Call Male and Female Extras in Chicago

Music. Family. Power. The Battle Begins. Fox series Empire is a unique family drama set in the world of a hip hop empire. The dramatic family series stars Taraji P. Henson, Terrence Howard and Jussie Smollet. It is also the acting debut of Bryshere Gray.

The extras casting team for Empire released a casting call for male and female extras between the age of 18 to 49 to work on a hip and trendy music venue scene for the final episode of Empire. Talent who would like to be considered for a role must not have previously worked on the show.  Empire is filmed in the Chicago area and the extras casting team is seeking local talent only.

To be considered for a role on ‘Empire’, Please read the casting call details below:

FOX Series Empire Casting Call Notice:

Casting Alert! Searching for males and females, ages 18 through 49, all ethnicities, to work our fantastic music venue scene on Monday, Feb. 2nd. If you can work this day send a picture of yourself dressed up like you are going to a hip and trendy show (full length and closeup of your face). Send to and put “Feb. 2nd” in the subject line. Include your height, weight, age, phone number, city and state. Let us know if you have never worked on Empire. Spread the word! There are lots of chances to work this scene!!

Don’t send any comps, head shots, pictures with sunglasses, or hats. We want to see your face! Thank you so much.

Ready, set…

… go!

Please do not apply, if you are not local or if you do not fit the description.

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  1. hi my name is alicia butler im 14 i will love to be on empire for back singing and i love empire

  2. Hi my name is angelic and acting is something I wanna do with a passion I have what it takes and I know you will love me. I am African American 19 years old I’m 5’2. There are many people who apply for this but I promise I’m one of a kind. I have a great personality I’m very outgoing silly and fun to be around but at the same take I’m very serious and responsible and when I Have my mind set nothing can change my mind and that is acting I love to act I’ve watched empire and feel in love with the show I know I would fit in perfect. Please consider me it would mean everything.

  3. Ill be perfect for your club scene or as a friend (homie) for one of the co-stars. When I have free time im involved in the urban night life , I promote for different clubs in chicago I ran my family banquet hall that consist of me answering phones and booking partys for people inquire about our banquet hall/club I also manage the employees. I have a family that I work hard for, i’am a twin im the youngest of three brothers and one sister we all grown up watching the tv show fox the fox news, the Simpson’s etc. I alway been inspiring actor and I would love the opportunity to be apart of fox series Empire.

  4. My name is Marcus Wright and im from Shreveport, La. I have connections out here and i know some people like myself that can be good for the season 2 of Empire. I also have what it takes to be a great character for the show. My personality is great with other people, hard working, im a outgoing person and enjoy what I do. Im a promoter, and also the person to call on. I also would love this opportunity because Ive always felt TV was the place for me I think thats where God wants me. I keep it 100 all day and nobody is more hungry then me. I’m just looking for a chance. Please consider me. You won’t be disappointed.

  5. Hi! My name is Dominique Slade, I am 19 years old and I am from the West Philadelphia area. I believe I should be considered for an extra on the new upcoming series of Empire because the show fits me so well! I’ve always had a passion for music, I sing and I am currently teaching myself to play the piano. All throughout high school I sung at every show just so everyone could see the voice that God blessed me with. I am a very outgoing, fun, smart, pretty and down to earth individual. I fell in love with the show from the first episode. The cast had me Jumping out my seat every Wednesday! The finale was great, I loved every bit of it. I seen this opportunity about the casting call and said to myself “Go for it! This could be what you were waiting for.” All in all I’m just another young kid waiting on my moment. Hope to see you guys, if not hey! One door closes another one opens. Stay humble, and stay blessed.

  6. Hi, I am Clarissa Cheatham. I am interested in being an extra for the Empire. I know that this will be an awesome learning opportunity that could lead to a career in acting. Thank You!!!!!!!

  7. Being able to act comes within. It’s something that comes natural and nobody have to tell you what to do. You have to have character and lots of personality. Acting stepping outside of who you are and being something else. Empire is a great show and I love how everyone play their character and being able to step outside of who they are to play a role of someone else.

  8. Hello!! My name is Martina Brown. And I think I should be consdered for an extra or a role in the new series Empire because its a series that I feel fits me and my personality. Iam a very outgoing and fun person. Iam slinder I can wear just about anything and can rock any hair style and still be exotic and sexy. I can sing and dance Iam not a perfesssional but I have some African dance experience. I also would be Good for the show cause Iam a Hair Stylist so Iam very creative and stong willed. I also would love this opportunity because Ive always felt TV was the place for me I think thats where God wants me.

  9. I am an aspiring actress. 5’5 and 21. No role is to small nor to big. I would love to gain experience by becoming an extra, or possibly even more. Thank you for your time.

  10. I would love the opportunity to be apart of this beautiful sitcom . I love singing along so I can be a back up singer but , I just want to be given the chance to be on the Show.I also love acting and I know I can be what your looking for , if given the opportunity I would be a great reflection on the show.

  11. My name is Ashley Preyar I sing and write would love to be apart of the empire night time drama performing with my amazing Unique Voice. I’m 26 years old 5-8 in tall 128 lb.

  12. Name: Sparkle Patton
    Height: 5’3
    Race: American Indian
    Age: 23
    Sex: Female

    I’m an inspiring actress trying to pursue a life long dream. Im from Detroit, MI but live in Atlanta, Ga and have no problem with traveling. My baby is 4 months and im trying to make it to where my son will not struggle like i have. I would really love to be on Empire. I’m very outgoing, love to make people happy, and a very hard worker. I have a big personality so trust me when I say I have what it take to make it as an actress.

    Thank you for your time

  13. My name is Kayla Farmer. I love acting and being dramatic. I have acting skills with John Casablancas Modeling and Careers Agency. I am 5’10”, weigh 170 lbs, and 18 years old. I live in Chicago, IL 60619. I would really appreciate this opportunity to be on Empire because I am in love with the show and I feel like it would be a great environment to pursue my acting career. I am always open to try new things when it comes to acting. If I get the opportunity, I will be determined to play the part.

  14. I am interested in auditioning for Empire. I would be a great addition to the series, I have the look and I am a fresh new face that can grab the audience attention with my looks as well as my acting ability. Thank you for your time and I have left my contact information. Feel free to contact me anytime, I also left a picture of me for you to view.

  15. I am interested in auditioning for Empire. I would be a great addition to the series, I have the look and I am a fresh new face that can grab the audience attention with my looks as well as my acting ability. Thank you for your time and I have left my contact information. Feel free to contact me anytime, I also left a

  16. Hi my name is roger Rosenberg I’m 6/3 a solid 290 pound man I’m 35 yrs old I been rapping since the age of 14 I love hip hop but I’m from Oakland California adopted by brooklyn nyc this is where I have resided for the last 10 yrs off and on I love your show I been waiting for a show like this for a long time I do underground shows mostly but I’m looking to showcase my talent all I need is one shot and you guys are gonna love me I’m funny I keep it 100 all day nobody is more hungry then me I’m just looking for a chance please consider me you won’t be disappointed

    • i would love to be on next empire i write my own songs record my own songs i am from st.louis and im also really good with computer been raping since 9 my number is31145666074

  17. My name is latoya lynch I love to sing and dance. Im 5.2 weigh 168, age 34, live in Chicago il, 60649 phone number is 773-559 -8429. I have never worked on empire or acted, maybe once in church, but nothing serious, but can do anything if thought. I love to act , model and sing and always had a interest in the fields, Looking forward to working on empire if you would have me

  18. My name is Keith Coleman

    I love the show Empire! It’s a home run show all across the board! Hands down! The cast truly amazing!
    I’m confident that I would be a wonderful addition to the show, and would fit in reather nicely.
    Look no futher! I’m right here! I would love to audition if given the chance……
    I’ve had the pleasure of being part of several fitness segments on Ch.5 BNC TV.
    I also have a career in the health/diet & fitness Industry as well as a personal fitness trainer.
    Im charming, witty, intelligent, ambitious, eager a good listener/speaker and can follow directions as well as instructions.
    I live here in the big windy city Chicago…..a proud high school graduate from Simeon Vocational high
    School……I also attended calumet high here in Chicago my freshmen year and attended Loop community college as well.
    Born in Lansing Michigan./raised in Chicago Illinois.
    I’ve also worked in retail….high class upscale department storesand health clubs as well as being a
    Manager /supervisor/bouncer of some very nice bars/ restaurants…
    Duties:managing staff on my shift, making sure club is secure, checking ID’s at the front door of the night club.
    I’ve also worked several years in the past for Walter Payton, the famous football player for the Chicago bears! When he was alive a well.
    It was called Water Paytons America’s bar, witch was located in Chicago the downtown area 219 W.Erie.
    I also think that Terrance Howard use to be in my music class my freshmen year at calumet?
    I very much look forward to becoming part of this wonderful Empire family, andgoing on thisnever ending spectacular journey!
    This would truly be a dream come true!

    Thank you for you time,
    And this wonderful opportunity

    Keith Coleman.

    Race:African American/other
    No tattoos
    Clean shaven
    Hair bark brown/very short/neat sometimes bald.
    Build:average size, athletic build,toned.

  19. For me, the art of acting lies within the moments between the dialogue. Those instantaneous moments created amidst the silence are the ones that can be the most profound. I love acting because manifesting these instances out of nothing and witnessing an audience respond and feeling an emotional reaction within yourself simultaneously is when you know something transcendent is happening! And the beauty of these moments is that they can be created a thousand times a day in everyday life. That is all acting is. That’s exactly what you need from an extra.

  20. My name is Tyrone I’m a young African American Im 22 and I’m from California but I now live in Maryland I’m funny an charming I would love to play as a extra in the TV show I know I can fit in with the show I want to have more experience at acting Im very talented I dance , rap , single I have a great personality

  21. Hi, I’m an African American male 30 yrs of age from st Louis Mo.
    I’m a stand up comedian I’ve been performing for 10 yrs lookin to branch out on
    Acting. I’ve opened up for comedians Micheal colyer, Tracy Morgan, Rickey Smiley,
    Tommy Davison and more. I’ve traveled to California,Florida, Chicago Il, Milwaukee
    And north Carolina.

  22. Hello there,

    Hi, my name is Eddie Blackman and i want to start off saying that though i am not familiar with the show, I would love learn more about this show and to join the project to launch my acting career. I do love detective-type shows — the suspense, character, and thrill does in fact excite me.
    Well, let me start off by saying that I have had experience in theatre. My most recent role was the Beast in “Beauty and the Beast”. It was a well received production. I have also had acting classes at both Michigan State University and Bowling Green State University.
    I have a wonderful and charismatic personality and my only regret is not being a part of this show when it started. But i have a lot of dedication and am a hard worker. It would be an honor to be apart of this production.
    I am 5’7″, 144 lbs, African-American, Acting experience from Michigan State and Bowling Green State, I live in Saint Clair Shores, MI and would not mind to travel. I am also 24 years old and am ready to start my acting career of a lifetime. Please email that way i can send a headshot and my actor’s resume.

  23. Hello I am talented actress I am looking forward to the working on the hottest show on TV with
    actors and actress I admire. Searching for the perfect actress well here I am.

  24. Huller Empire Staff. I am a strong black women. I am an actress, comedy, poetry and singing. Local here in Cincinnati, Ohio and Covington, Kentucky. I can feel the power deeply inside my heart and body of the Empirement exploting Boom! I can not explain the excitement and outrage i feel. I just got out of jail doing seven day for a DUI. ” Seven whole days not a word from you”. So i can relate to anger, frustation and depression and stress you are looking for in castin some extras to blow up The Empire. Please consider. God Bless the Cast.

  25. hi my name is karenda .I photograph very well and i enjoy learning new things and im a very fast learning and i also take criticism very well,thanks i hope to see you soon

  26. Hi my name is Meeka, I’m signing my husband Terry up to perform on your show. He writes his own lyrics, at home at work every where He’s a beautiful person all the way through. We’ve been married for almost 7 yrs he stepped up completely when he entered my life he helped me with becoming a foster parent with taking care of my oldest sister 4 kid’s and my younger sisters 1. We have also adopted some of our own children. I know he has what it takes he’s a hard working man, I’m alot older than him and I have health issues and he works 6 days a week to support our family and he’s going to school for his welding license. I promise if you allow him to audition you won’t be disappointed I promise give you my word

  27. Hi , My Name Is Ajea , Aj For Short , And I Am 21 Years Old . I Am A Part Of A Model Promotion Team Called Chicago Queens . I Believe I Would Be Great For The Show , Even As An Extra . We Queens Rap , Sing , Dance , Promote , Model , You Name It We Do It ! This Would Be A Great Step Towards The Carrer Im Trying To Pursue . Thank You And Appreciate Your Time , I Look Forward To Hearing And Possibly Working With You All .

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