Adam Sandler’s Film “I Hate You, Dad” Holding Auditions

Auditions for new Film "I Hate You, Dad"
Auditions for Adam Sandler Film
Auditions for new Film "I Hate You, Dad"
Auditions for Adam Sandler Film

Adam Sandler has began filming his new film, “I Hate You, Dad” in Massachusetts written by David Caspe, David Wain and Ken Marino. The film stars Adam Sandler and Andy Samberg. Of course the film is being produced by Adam Sandler’s very own Happy Madison Production Company and is also being shot around Boston, Lynn, Brockton and Cape Cod.

The film follows Adam Sandler, who at a very young age fathered a son, Andy Samberg, while still in Highschool with his teacher. He later comes to visit his son on the verge of his wedding and begins a feud with his son’s bride to be, played by Leighton Meester.

The film is in need of extras for the scenes taking place to portray Adam Sandler’s character at his younger years while still in school. The time period for these scenes will be in the 80’s. The film is casting teenage boys and girls with all racial backgrounds. Casting Directors prefer talent over 18 that can pass as 16-17 years of age.  No previous acting experience is required but you should be punctual and easy to work with. All talent have to be present for auditions in order to be considered for the film. Featured extras will have separate auditions as opposed to other talent in the film. This is a great way to run elbows with some of Hollywood’s greatest like Adam Sandler. The film is being shot in HD and talent will be in a lot of scenes of the project. If you have some extra time on your hands and would like to be a part of a feature film, please make sure to enter all of your information. Best of luck to all of the talent applying. Not every talent will have the opportunity to audition for the casting director, some will be booked based off applications. Good luck!

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  1. I sent in my info.

    I can pass around 17-18 years of age, although I’m 20. Super short, 5’1″. Don’t have prior experience, but I’m very easy to work with and talk to about what to do, I’d def. be a helping hand for an extra in that scene. I live in MA, and can get to the location very easily. Also it would be a wonderful, life-learning experience to be on an actual set, especially if it’s set in the 80’s. I’ve always thought of being an actress because I tend to make up stories of my own. I put a lot of passion into the stories I make up.

    Already sent a photo in, but I have long brown hair, dark brown eyes, glasses, and I do not mind makeup at all.

    I don’t have a job right now, so I’m completely flexible on time.

    Good luck to everyone entering~!

  2. I love to act! Ive been in 6 school plays. Ive dreamed about pursuing a career in acting. Im 11 years old, 4’6 and an act any roll. Ive seen a lot of the Happy Madison Production movies and I think they’re so funny! Ive always dreamed of being one! Even if I just have a side part that isn’t there that much, it would still be awesome! Im actually very small so i can play a younger roll if i have to but i would prefer not. Please please please consider it! Thank you!

  3. I am fucking amazing at acting. I can do any role. My forte is strange comity, perfect for Happy Madison Productions. Check out my Facebook videos. Working on opening a YouTube account soon.

  4. I’m 23 yrs old I grew up watching all of his movies. Everyone I know says I would never get a chance. But I don’t care it would be a dream come true to work with him. He is an amazing person. I know i would be perfect. Because I am a great person to work with. And always try to have a good time .

  5. hi i would love to be on this awsome movie i am 14 but i can pass for a 16 year old girl i would really love this plus i really like adam sandler….thanks

  6. Hi my name is Brandon it is my dream to be in a movie by Adam Sandler I’m a big fan and I am very talented my :hair color is dirty blonde: and my eye color is :blue: and my age is :10: and my height is :4ft.

  7. Hello my name is Matt Riley. Im 6’3 and 14 years old. I have brown eyes and tall hair. Ive always wanted to be in at least one movie especially with Adam Sandler. Im funny and easy to work with. If you choose me i promise you’ve made the right decision:) ive played baseball, basketball, and football since the age of 4. Im athletic and i play guitar. Ive played guitar since i was about 7. Im african american. Thank You

  8. Hello my name is Matt Riley. Im 6’3 and 14 years old. I have brown eyes and tall hair. Ive always wanted to be in at least one movie especially with Adam Sandler. Im funny and easy to work with. If you choose me i promise you’ve made the right decision:) Thank You.

  9. Hello my name is Matt Riley. Im 6’3 and 14 years old. I have brown eyes and tall hair. Ive always wanted to be in at least one movie especially with Adam Sandler. Im funny and easy to work with. Thank You.

  10. Hi Sandler I know your looking for the younger looking you. Well I found it! Not me though of course but in my dream I refence a application for it lol said the girl before this! Haha anyways always enjoy your films would love to act but live in Camarillo ca and know that you don’t have time for this etc. But farts came with laughter when I read some posts ok. Hahahah the end. P.s. I am serious about being part of one of your movies my name is Tim and my number is 8052365733 please if you need a laugh or a reasonable person also half decent for the film or films later contact if you finally read this far down the list! Hope I hear from you really sink to the tune of the scripts

  11. Hi my name is Avery Royster and to start off I am one of Adam Sandler’s big fans. Yes I do love to do standup comedian I have want to be a Actor since I was 10 years old. I really never had the opportunity to put myself out there because my family have been through hard times and I was just was never the type of person to get that opportunity to do that. I understand it is a lot of people out there that wants to audition to become actors and actress. This is some that I really want to do and I just never had the opportunity. I Want to give people a chance to show them with the type of talent that I have. I would do anything in this world for someone to give me a chance just to put me out there and get me started on my career. Sorry to say that I don’t have any help I don’t have my mom anymore or my father. I was left with my 12 brothers and sisters and I have always told them that I will become someone one day. So please Mr. Adam sandler if you get this message please do give me a chance thank you very much. # 1fan

  12. Hi I am an Island girl and acting is my calling. I have been in numerous plays and I come from a huge family…so you got to speak up in order to be heard! Ya heard lol. I know I would be an epic addition to your movie as I am a fresh face and sexy person inside and out. I have watched the majority of your movies, if not all

  13. Hello, I am interested in being part of this film. I would like a role where I can stand out and be noticed I am 35 years old and white male 5’10. However 2 years ago I applied to join the army and the recruiter questioned my age thinking that I looked younger than 18 years old. If you decide or interested in accepting me you can reach me through email. I can be funny and won’t let you down I am a big fan of Adam’s movies and enjoy watching them. Thanks again for this opportunity and hope you might consider giving me a chance for this movie or a future movie.

  14. I am 16 years old and a huge fan of Adam Sandler. I have acting experience and I have always wanted to be in one of his films. I admire him for his humor and just how comfortable he is on camera. I am 5 feet 2 inches tall and have a slim body type with. My hair and eye color are both brown and I can rock basically whatever scene I am in. I am also located overseas because my father is military. But I can go back to the states whenever needed. Please take me into consideration. Thank you.

  15. Mr.Adam Sandler,
    I’m on GR . I need a job to support my family.
    Will head up to filming location on a drop of a dime.!
    I’m punctual, easy to work with ,friendly and take my job seriously.
    Worked as an extra at the age 8 through 19.
    The 80’s is my era. Music ,dancing is what is what I know and enjoy !
    I’m a friendly 5’9½ inches ,190lb. Latino man, not bad looking!

  16. My name is Jose Rios and I am more than interested
    in auditioning for the part ” I HATE YOU, DAD ” I absolutely love the
    story and will love to be apart of it. I am located in Long Beach California
    and willing to travel. You can contact me on my email or cellphone.
    Thank you for your time.

    Sincerely, Jose Rios

  17. Im a very very very good actor just did my frist movie with Brady Corbitt the name of the film is called Atlantic Avenue. Im 31 years old I look like im 22 to 23 years old im funny smart down to earth very easy to work with and I can act out any role I know you will love me and put me in other films in the near future that you will be working on here give me a call at anytime I can give you more details on how good I am 646 705 5999 thank you

  18. My name is Shaythan A. Mann. I am 18 years old. I’m from Arizona. It is my dream to become an actor ASAP! It would be an honor for me to start my acting career with Adam Sandler because i am a huge fan of all his Happy Madison Productions. I know comedy well and love to make people laugh. Any questions or commets find me on Facebook or Email me at my Gmail account. Thank you.

  19. Hello my name is Catherine Kennon and I am 14 years old. I am an amateur actress as I began acting only 2 years ago and I am with the Michael Turney Agency out of Shreveport, Louisiana. I am a writer and plan to publish my first novel by the time I am 18 years old. I play the saxophone and I am an amateur dancer as well, however I have done soccer for 10 years and martial arts for 4 years. I have played the violin for 6 years, although I have since stopped, and I am an amateur pianist(self taught, playing by ear). I am a mix of Native American, African American, Thai, and German.

    Gender: Female
    Age Range: 15-23
    Height: 5’8”
    Weight: 132 lbs
    Body Type: Average, slightly thin with a little bit of curves
    Bust: 35 inches
    Waist: 26 inches
    Hips: 37 inches
    Shoe: 9
    Dress Size: 3/4 and 5/6
    Hair color: Dark Auburn (a little longer than shoulder length)
    Eye Color: Brown
    Skin Tone: Olive
    Personality: Outgoing, Loud, Hyper, Interactive, Sometimes known as “proper”, Creative
    Extra skills: Writing, Rudimentary artistic ability, Saxophone, Violin(has since quit playing), Self Taught Piano(can not read music as I’ve played by listening to my notes)
    Contact Information:
    Email: ~or~

    ~~Please E-Mail me for my comp card and my Actor’s head shot as well as contact information for my agency~~

  20. I am a 15 year old girl wanting to become an actor and I have seen almost every happy Madison film and I am a very big fan of Adam!

  21. You can see me act on youtube I will s post fake audition tapes to show everyone I can act and dance

  22. Hello I’m jacquelene deek I’m 16 I’m 5 “4 I love acting I did go to barbizon but it wasn’t legit and I’m middle eastern and I get a lot of comments saying I can pass for Adam sandlers daughter. Acting is my dream I would be awesome for this type of audition and I am homeschooled and very dependable.

  23. I’m 16 & I’ve always wanted to be an actor. I havent had much acting experience to be honest, but I feel I have what it takes to do it. Adam Sandler has also always been my all time favorite actor & being able to participate/be apart of one of his movies would be the greatest experience of my life and a dream come true. Just considering me would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! ❤

  24. Hi my names Tre Martin from Sudbury Ontario Canada and acting has bin my dream since I was a little kid in Ottawa Ontario. Adam Sandler is actually the actor that expired me to try and become an actor. The only problem is im from a little town that doesnt get very good auditions .
    Anyways I am 16 I have my g1 I have acted on stages I have also been on stage as a musician and a stand up comedian at my school for a talent show. Ill be 17 on December 11th and I can be contacted on my cell 7059882230 or my email

  25. Hello, my name is Carson Kelly and I would like to audition for this movie. I have loved Adam Sandler movies all of my life and they make me laugh and laugh even when I’m in a bad mood! I’m extroverted, fun, and smart. I speak French, English, a little spanish, and I’ve studied latin. I go to an advanced studies school and I love to act. I am about 5’4” and skinny, but fit. I’d really like a chance to audition for this movie! Thank you!

  26. What’s up mr sandler how are you i would love to audition. for your film. I’m 25 white 6″1 I’m 180 pounds. and no I’m not fat at all it muscle. i would love to have this opportunity. thanks

  27. I’m an actress/model who has been in the industry since I was 4. I’m from South Beach FL and recently moved to NYC to further my career. I’ve been working full time since I moved here last July. You can click on fashion shows and videos on my site to see me in action. My passion is acting and I’m just looking for castings and auditions that I think would fit me. I’m a gymnast, ex-competitive cheerleader, great swimmer and equestrian horseback rider. Thanks for your consideration and hope to hear from you soon! Lacey Elissa Rose

  28. i am a 28 yr old male who doesnt have any experienced acting, ive always respected actors and thier craft from drama, comedy, action or so on. im a great learning hard worker and humble as i can be, even though i have no experience i truly belive i have the will and belief to become and actor it start somewhere i hope it can hear.

  29. I’m a 19 year old which everyone who meets me thinks I’m 16-17. Not the case ;) Height- 5’2. Weight- 120. White/Hispanic i’m seeking great opportunies in the acting industry. I have a great personality and amazing person to meet. You can always catch me singing or acting infront of the mirror just being silly most of the time. Very outgoing and strong person who loves the spotlight.

  30. My name is Neda. Im 24/f/nj. I love meeting new people. I have a great sense of humor & have always had the biggest dream to get noticed. I love the camera, acting,modeling, traveling & just being myself. I really do believe I’d be great, Just give me a chance. Everyone deserves one.

  31. Hi Im Matt im 17 years old i currently am in high school and i would be interested in being an extra or anything else in the movie i know how a high school teenager acts

  32. i would really love to be a extra in this film i do have acting experience i have 2 acting diplomas and im 16 years old.

  33. HEY! My name is Kevin Bharose. If you need an INDIAN KID, i’m your man! I’m 18 but i can pass for 16 or 17. I go to Queens College, I’m very smart and I am certain I have the potential to be a very good actor with some training. I feel this way because I can lie to anyone’s face and they believe it . Haha jk, not really.

    Thanks for reading, God bless

  34. Hi, my name is baileigh im 10 years old and i love to act if i got a role in this movie i would not know what to do i would be rolling on the floor so happy and you cant say no to being in a movie with adam sandler hes so funny but i just wanted to say im excited to see thanks…:)

  35. i am a 19 year old girl who loves to make people laugh. i love to sing, dance and act. i love the feeling you get when you make someone smile and you know your the reason for making them smile. I love when people thank me for making them smile. i know you could help me live out a dream that i have been dream and try to make come true for like 15-16 years now. I am 5feet 3 inches tall i have short brown hair brown eyes and of course love to entertain people. it’s my dream and passion. i love to help others out. i am a loving care-able kind person.

  36. Hey, i would love to be in this movie but i live in the UK and cannot submit my details ie ( subcode ) So hello i want to be an actress. I’m not lost i’m undiscovered…. So get back to me lets get this show on the road xXx

  37. If I had to describe myself in three adjectives, they would be goofy, perfectionist, and performer. The reason I chose goofy, is because at the hart of my nature I am very silly. I truly enjoy life and you are able to witness the bounce in my step and the shine of laughter in my eyes. I am a perfectionist because I take pride in all things that I do. And I do them to the best of my ability. And lastly I am a performer because I enjoy entertaining. I have always found solace in acting. Through acting I have been able to shed myself and my personal out look of life and become someone else for a brief monument in time. I am no longer only the sum of own my life experiences but I become the sum of their. Acting has given me a greater appreciation of life.

  38. My name is Yaira Mota I’m Hispanic with so much potential! I am bilingual I also sing, dance, and play the guitar. Through my life I’ve played soccer, also just recently entered in the pageant industry. I have what it takes, and It would be an honor to play a part in this movie with Adam Sandler. I’m 5’5 standing tall and confident. Modeling, acting, singing, dancing is a dream I look forward to. If you would like any further information please feel free to contact me.

  39. Hello, my name is Diana and I’m going to turn 18 on May 8th. I’ve always felt like acting and modeling were my passion. I’ve been really shy in the past when I just moved to US from Russia and didn’t speak any English. It was hard adopting to a new country and people. I am 5.4. tall , weight 115 lbs. Brown hair, brown eyes(they turn hazel in the sun) I am a model for EA Rugby as of now. My acting experiences: Since I had to learn English first I’ve done cheerleading in 9th grade , but then I switched to drama in my school. I’ve done minor roles. Last year I’ve got a part as Cora in the drama production “The Rimers of Eldritch” I think I am pretty and I deff think I can do this! I’ve always felt like I will make it to the top and be in Hollywood. Everyone always tell me I will, I just need to work hard and I’m sure I can do it! Please contact me and give me a chance. Thanks! xoxo~ Diana K

  40. Hello, my name is Tyler Wilson. It would be a great experience to take my ability’s further. I have acting classes through gage talent on my background. I have acted in front of MMG from New York City and got accepted in their program. I am a highly intelligent person, who doesn’t give up. Once I set a goal I fulfill it; I am ready to go a step further and start auditioning for extras in movies. Whether I get the role or not I wont quit if I get a no. I am what your looking for.
    Thank you,

  41. Hi my name is Shaniqua Campbell and I’m interested in being a part of many
    of your upcoming projects. If given the chance I believe that I could bring
    a lot of talent, personality, dependability, loyalty, hard work & dedication
    to the team. You can contact me at also check out my website for photos, video reel & more. Thanks hope to hear from you soon.

    Shawna C. has the potential to be an industry favorite. Her
    professionalism and work ethics is what has kept her progressing in
    her craft. With a portfolio most models will kill for, Shawna C. has
    yet to become content with her success. After appearing in numerous
    videos, fashion shows, tv series, print modeling and commercials, Shawna C. plans
    to tap into the big screen.
    Shawna C. says she is interested in being a part of many
    upcoming projects. “If given the chance I believe that I could bring
    a lot of talent, personality, dependability, loyalty, hard work &
    dedication to the team.

    Shaniqua Campbell
    Measurements- 34″-27″-38
    Age- 25
    Height- 5″3
    Weight- 125
    Eyes- Brown
    Hair- Dark Brown/Short
    T- Shirt size- XS/ S
    Current Location- Memphis,Tn

  42. My name is Chelsea I’m 21 and live in Katy, TX. Ive been modeling and acting for a while now and am, if I may say, very good at it. Please email me for my resume and headshot, I’d love a chance at this amazing opportunity.

  43. Hey, I am Bradley and I have always wanted to be an actor since I was young. I am 20 years old and all of my friends and other people think i am 16 years old because I am small. I am 5’7″ and weigh about 145. I have been told I am a clown, crazy and will do anything funny that people want me to do. I am looking forward to this great opportunity to take a leading role in a movie and keep moving my way up. Thank You

  44. My name is Sanela and I’m 20 years old. I’m 5’2 tall,long dark hair, dark brown eyes, a Mediterranean tan, and I speak Serbian.

  45. I am 18 year old, but I could easily pass for 16-17 years old. I am 5’2″ and 125 lbs. I have brown hair and hazel eyes. I have wanted to become an actor my whole life, and I think this would be an amazing opportunity by being an extra. Thanks.

  46. Hi im 23years old. From New Zealand. I have been parttime acting and modelling since I was 3 and am fulltime persuing a acting career. I am Blonde and 5’3. My teenage years were not that long ago so it would be easy for me to head back there.

  47. Hello, my name is Cody Nichols.
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18
    Height: 5’11″
    Weight: 175 lbs.
    DOB: February 4, 1993
    Hair: Dark Brown
    Race: Native American
    I’m a hard worker, a quick learner, and I work well with others.. I’m outgoing and easy to get along with, I follow instructions well, extremely dependable, and I do everything at the best of my ability, always putting forth the most effort in everything I do.

  48. Hello,

    I’m Sanne Antonus
    i’m almost 15. I have blond hair and blue eyes
    I’m slim/slender and 5’1″inch
    I speak English , Netherlands and French.
    I’m also punctual and easy to work with.
    I really hope that you will give me a chance to make my dream come true.


  49. Hello,

    I’m Sanne Antonus i’m almost 15. I have blond hair and blue eyes
    I’m slim/slender and 5’1″inch
    I speak English , Netherlands and French.
    I’m also punctual and easy to work with.
    I really hope that you will give me a chance to make my dream come true.


  50. Hi! I am 21 years old and i could totally pass off as being 16. People are always telling me i look young. I would love to have an opportunity to be a part in this movie. I am 5’5″ 117lbs with brown hair, brown eyes. I have very curly thick hair that looks like 80s hair, so i feel that i could pull off the part very well. I am very easy to work with and i think i would be a great addition to this film! Thank you so much for your time!

  51. I believe I have a talent that should be seen and this is probably my chance plus I’m a drama queen :D cant miss out on that fact

  52. My name is Taylor and I am 19 years old. I would love to be an extra in this movie. I have never done anything with movies, but an extra would be a good start and an awesome experience!!

  53. Hi, my name is Fatima Holder. Im twentyone years old , African American female and i love to act. I dont have a proffesional background of acting but i do have short videos on my cell phone of me acting and poeple love to watch them.I know how to be funny and serious at the sametime but i would call myself more of a mixy actress. When i tell people my age they ask for my i.d because i look so much younger. I know i would be best for this part because acting is what i love to do and i always put on show.

    Thanks for your time and consideration in advanced.

    Fatima Holder.

  54. Hi my name is Mali. I am originally from sunny Southern California, but currently reside in Denver, CO. I am energetic, a team player and a hard worker. I promise you will not be disappointed. Thank you in advance.

    Name: Mali Isaiah

    Age: 19

    Height: 5’2 1/2

    Weight: 110

  55. Reason why I should have this role is because I act like a 16 year old kid still. I know when it’s time to play and when to get down to business and take things seriously. I am 19 years old, but I am kid at heart.

  56. Hello my name is Shane Annika Reyes. Though I am 20 years old and a Junior in college, I often get mistaken for a high school teen. My ethnicity is Filipino. I am 93 lbs and have a height of 5’1. I would be fit for this role as an extra because I have some acting experience from doing lead roles in previous school plays. In 2009, I participated in the International Performing Arts Conference in Burbank, California. I am very outgoing and fulfill various acting scenarios. I would love to take this opportunity to be an extra to expand my portfolio and resume. Thank you so much!

  57. Hi, my name is Vantrell and I turned 20 years old male. I was born on December the 27th 2011. I have aways found myself acting scenes from many different movie preparing myself for the real movies. I have a carmel complexion, sandy brown hair with dark brown eyes. Also, my height is about 5.8. When most people meet they believe I’m 16 because I do not have any facial hair and dress really modest. I have skills that it take the best actors years to establish.In audition to, I am a sophomore college student at the University of South Alabama and I am certainly enrolled in Drama to build my resume for more advance acting, so feel free to email me whenever. Thanks

  58. I turned 18 in September, but I am told I look younger. I have dark brown hair, I am around 130 pounds, and I am 6 feet tall. I live in the tri-state area. I do not have any acting experience, but I do have my own YouTube channel where I create and act out my own skits. I am a very punctual, reliable, and very easy to work with. It would be a huge honor to be an extra in Adam Sandler’s movie, considering I am a huge fan of his work!

  59. I think i will be really good for this part.i am 20 but i really look young.i am very funny and i speak french and creole fluently.i do speak english and i speak moderate me i am truly funny and easy to get along with,i can dance also.i will do anything that i am told for this part.I am a big fan of Adam Sadler…… will be my dream come true.I am always on time.i will do my job………………………….

  60. Hello, my name is Jordan. I am sixteen and of British ethnicity, however recently moved to New Zealand. Which is possibly a problem. For several years now i have dreamed in acting in film, but living in New Zealand; i have found it very difficult to find opportunities like this. I have acting experience, i attend the National Drama School of New Zealand; enrolling in many of their courses offered and i have performed theatrically as principal parts in about 5 productions last year. I am industrious and very easy to work with and hope to dedicate my life to film. Thankyou.

  61. Because I’m a lot of fun.I turn 18 in march and look various ages. I’ve graduated from highschool and I will be available for travel at any time. I can handle a lead role or even an extra and do my job well

  62. Hello my name is billy I’m 18 years old, blonde hair, blue eyes 6″0 and I would be honored to receive a chance to perform in the film ” I hate you dad”. I have been acting for quite some time now but I have never been called back and my dream is to be an actor. I have tried so hard to be involved with the acting world but it’s so hard! I am honestly one of the sweetest people I’m easy to work with and I work well with others and easily able to complete the tasks that are required of me. I know that everyone on here says the same thing but I promise you if you respond to my interest in your production you will be quite happy you did. Thank you do much for your time an consideration! Billy Berl

  63. Being an actor/entertainer is all I want in life. With being a redhead, I find that my trademark. I sing, I dance, and I act. I have the shameless personality to do whatever it takes to do my job optimally. I have no other desire in life, but to do movies, tv, and music. A lot of people say this, but cannot back it up, but with me it is absolutely true: I’m not like the rest. I stand out, and stay true to myself. I can be serious, happy, funny, whatever it takes to be in the graces of film.

  64. i believe i would be a great fit for this role i am currently 16 and i have had a harsh past so it will be easier to connect with the script and audience on a deeper level i have been in all my schools production and im very easy to work with im fun friendly and energetic

  65. Hi I’m Zachary Nunez I’m 17 years old turning 18 on the 14th of January. I’m 5’8 140lbs with excellent people skills. I’m the biggest class clown and I love entertaining people. I’m really interested in this film and hope I get chosen for a part.

  66. I would really appreciate the opportunity to audition for this movie because I’ve dreamed about being an actor my entire life and I think I have the skills necessary to succeed in this business I just need an opportunity. I can also play many different types of roles such as a comedic role, a dramatic role just to name a few.

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