“21 Jump Street” Feature Film Auditions

Casting Call for "21 Jump Street"
Feature Film Auditions for Talent.
Casting Call for "21 Jump Street"
Feature Film Auditions for Talent

The old TV series that was broadcasting from 1991 til 1998 is now officially undergoing a new version set to be released on the silver screen! 21 Jump Street has been given credit for giving one of the coolest guys in Hollywood his start in the business, Johnny Depp. Depp was perhaps more irritated by his new found teen idol status but we’re sure that now he’s grateful for getting him to where he is today.

The new film will be featuring Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum who will work hard to become police officers, only to be assigned an undercover project at a local High School in order to bust a huge drug ring. Johnny Depp will also have a guest starring role in the film! The film is being categorized as a action-comedy and it looks like it’s going to be a movie full of huge laughs.

If you’re interested in being apart of the film, the casting directors are currently in the final stages of filming but still in need of many extras who can pass as High School students. Those who wish to submit their applications do not necessarily need any previous work experience, but need to be available for the shooting dates. All talent interested have to submit a photo and all of their information to the casting department. Talent who are requested for auditions must keep their schedules pretty clear and open for bookings. Casting directors are looking for all types of talent ages 4 and up. Best of luck!

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  1. Hi! I’m Melanie and I am 14 years old and I will be a Sophomore in high school. Acting is the only job and dream I have ever thought of and I think this movie will really help start me on that track . I am in cheerleading in school and just made it to Varsity! I am a very hard worker and I don’t give up on something! I always try my best to reach my goals! All my life I have always preformed in front of crowds. I have been in choir, orchestra, band, cheer, and plays in school. I have also been in National JR Honor Society which is a program that helps our community! Being in this movie even as an extra would help me start my dream that I have wanted for so long! I will put everything I’ve got into this!! :D

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  3. Ethan would love the oppurtunity to auditions for anything, he is a gymnast, can dance hip hop and sing, and he has the disney look!

  4. i am a 19 year old girl who loves to make people laugh. i love to sing, dance and act. i love the feeling you get when you make someone smile and you know your the reason for making them smile. I love when people thank me for making them smile. i know you could help me live out a dream that i have been dream and try to make come true for like 15-16 years now. I am 5feet 3 inches tall i have short brown hair brown eyes and of course love to entertain people. it’s my dream and passion. i love to help others out. i am a loving care-able kind person.

  5. I’m fresh Outta highschool, 18 years of age looking for acting opportunities. I’m
    5′ 5″, brown hair blue eyes, 120lbs. Male. Would love to hear from you. Josh Littrell.

  6. I graduated from john casablancas modeling and acting and am currently a high school student. I always put forth my 100% and get whatever I need done with a positive attitude. easy to work with and flexible on dates. most say I have a unique look and I could be of use for this possibly. thank you for your consideration :)

  7. Hola me llamo Yaira Mota. Im hispanic 5’5 standing tall and proud very confident in myself. I’m bilingual and have so much potential. I sing, dance, and play the guitar all those things much as modeling and acting are all dreams I look forward to in life, and much more accomplishments. I’m 18 and in college. Playing a roll in this movie or any other opportunities I may have is an experience. If need any further information please feel free to contact me.
    -Gracias/Thank you!

  8. My name is Chelsea I’m 21 and live in Katy, TX. Ive been modeling and acting for a while now and am, if I may say, very good at it. Please email me for my resume and headshot, I’d love a chance at this amazing opportunity.

  9. I’m also good with many accents if needed!!
    And can adapt to any environment of acting you put me in!
    Thank you.

  10. Although if you want an actual visual of me, i can send them upon request.
    I truly do have the potential. All you have to do is cast!
    Thank you.

  11. I’ve also got blonde hair and green eyes and if you need a visual, i often get mistaken as Avril Lavigne when I’m wearing makeup. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE call me for an extra or ANYTHING ! I’m mature for my age and really am a dedicated actor!
    Thanks again.

  12. Hello.
    First off i would like to say that i am i GREAT actress even as an extra!
    Secondly, i want to be an extra in THIS movie more then anything else in the world! I’m 17 years old and will be completly commited in being an extra !
    Third, i want this soooo badly, just to be an extra, that should say something!
    Forth, talent wise, i sing and play guitar and obviously act.
    Please email me !!!!!!!!! I’ve never wanted anything more badly in my entire life. I’m focused and do as i’m told !
    What makes me different from anyone else submitting is I NEED THIS! i want this so badly! I will be an amazing extra!
    Thank you for your time.

  13. I am 18 years old and could easily pass as a high school student. I have always wanted to be an actress, so being an extra in this movie would be a dream come true. I am 5’2″ and have brown hair with red highlights and hazel eyes.

  14. Hello, my name is Cody Nichols.
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18
    Height: 5’11″
    Weight: 175 lbs.
    DOB: February 4, 1993
    Hair: Dark Brown
    Race: Native American
    I’m a hard worker, a quick learner, and I work well with others.. I’m outgoing and easy to get along with, I follow instructions well, extremely dependable, and I do everything at the best of my ability, always putting forth the most effort in everything I do.


  15. Hi, my name is Joshua Srisupa im 17, and i can play the role of a high school student not just because im a junior in high school but because I have been to three different high schools in different states (1 West Virginia, 2 in Florida) I have been in all the crowds. I have something about me that makes me funny even when I do not mean to, and i catch on to things easy. Im exactly 5ft and weight 118pds. If you dont choose me thats ok it just means I did not meet your standard.

  16. Hello,

    I’m Sanne Antonus I’m almost 15 years old
    I have Blond hair and blue eyes.
    I’m slim/slender and I’m 5’1″ inch.
    I speak English , Netherlands and French.
    I’m very punctual and easy to work with .
    I really hope you wil give me a chance.


  17. I am young, fresh and ready to be a part of an amazing production! I may easily pass as a high school student and will be fully committed to the film production!

  18. Hello!!!!! My name is Shayla Salazar, I am 16 years old. I’m a junior in High school, and I play a few sports. I’m really athletic, and a good student. Im really interested in acting eventhough I have no experince but would love to be in this show even if i’m an extra it would mean a lot to me. I do believe I have the potential and skills to be an actress because i’m a determined hard working person and gives 100 percent everyday. I never give up and say never because anything is possible!!!!!!!;), thanks!!!!~shayla~

  19. I have tattoos. I can look as a highschool student or older I fit well with what the script is asking for and i am very interested in a part for this movie. I can have pictures available upon request.I’m also available for travel anytime

  20. I am a high school student who has recently done some training with a local agency in louisiana with the hope of doing some commercial print work in the future. I have a nice look and would be an asset to your movie. I am 16 years old with dark brown hair and green eyes. I am 5′ 6″. Thanks for your consideration.

  21. My name is Rochelle, and I am nineteen years old, but people often take me for a high school student. I have a younger-looking face. Throughout my life, I have been in many plays, and would absolutely love to be an extra in this movie! I have light brown hair and green eyes and am 5′ 3”. Thank you! :D

  22. I feel I have what is takes to be a high school student I look like one and can play a trouble teen or a teen who stays to herself

  23. I am a 10 year old, hardworking,determined, boy who would love to be in this master piece of yours. I have singing and acting abilities. I’m not the best looking though. I tried to become famous once, but turns out it was a scheme for money which really disappointed me. I didn’t give up though. I wouldn’t mind having a big part or a small par as long as I know I’m making my family proud. I hope you consider having me. Even if you don’t choose me I hope you have a prosperous movie.

  24. I’m a 10 year old boy who would love to be famous.I may not be the best looking, but I’m very funny and dramatic. I tried to be famous once, but turns out it was a scheme for money which really disappointed me, but I’m going to keep trying. If you make me famous you’ll make all my dreams come true. Ibcan also sing

  25. i should be considered for the audition because i am very interested in acting and would love to recieve a professional critique on myself – i also have an outgoing and fun personality so i wouldn’t be a bore on set :) thanks for the consideration

  26. I am 23 years old white male and can pass as a high school student, I am 5 foot 10 inches and only 145 pounds, I have an athletic body. I have an urge to be an actor or extra and would love to be apart of this cast. I live in Iowa and would travel wherever you would need me at any time. Please give me this opportunity it will be greatly appreciated. Johnny Depp is my favorite Actor.

  27. Young, Energetic, Unique, Tall, Slinder, very flexible, can act any type, quality work, always on time, live in dallas, tx , previous modeling experience, some acting experience. Kim dawson studios, 29 yr

  28. YOUNG, ENERGETIC, and FUN!!! Hard Working with Determination and Dedication! Also Talented in Many Ways! 27yrs of age From Bellwood, IL . Love the Camera and Love To Travel!

  29. I am a freshman in college and would love to go back to the high school scene where everything went down, this movie sounds like a blast in the past. I can definitely showcase an edge to the set.

  30. I believe I would be a great fit as a background actor for this film due to my easy going,hardworking personality.
    If chosen for a background role in this film I will give it 110%.
    Although this will be my first acting role,I will give it my all and you won’t be disappointed.thanks

  31. Hello!!! My name is Shayla,I’m 16 years old. I am interested in being a part of your film..I love acting..and watching a lot of movies. I am interested in being part of a movie, because I want to inspired others and make others laugh. i’m a huge fan of comedy movie as well as all genres of movies. I think I will do great because i’m a very open minded person..Thank You for your time !!!!

  32. I’m tall (6’3) athletic build, i’m a huge movie buff. I’ve taken a few acting classes and I have been told that im very good at it! I study monologues all the time and i’m a pretty funny and energetic person. Acting is always something I always wanted to do and I promise if you give me this part you wont regret it and ill put %110 percent into it!

  33. I’m a hard worker, and a very quick learner. I can change my accent, and adjust well to knew routines and sets. I have taken a couple of acting classes in the past, and is very ready to showcase my talent.
    Thank You,
    Sarah Mullins

  34. Hi,

    Although, I have no acting experience I feel that I was meant to be an actress. I have had many high paying jobs and none can make me feel accomplished. I know that I was meant to be an actress and I will make it. I highly believe in my dreams and I know that my chance will come to prove that I have natural talent. Many have told me to give it up this dream and my answer has been and will ever be “I WILL NOT GIVE UP MY DREAM”. So if this opportunity is given to me I will show you how is done… Thanks in advance for your time.

  35. Hey, whats up guys . As mentioned above, my name is Caitlin and im 20 years old . Coming across this opportunity has caught my eye because im interested in getting an acting career and pursuing my dreams. First of all working with Johnny Depp would be absolutely incredible and to have this advantage would be something that i could say really would affect my life. He is by far one of the greatest actors of time. I have high-school experiences that i could bring to the movie itself via character, also im outgoing , sociable and personally, i believe that i could play any character needed for this film . If your interested please contact me at the email address i have entered above sincerly, Caitlin .A

  36. I’m a reliable, versatile 23 year old blonde woman. Some experience in modeling, acting, and singing. Very serious about role. hope for a phone call!

  37. I would love to be in this movie! Everyone in my family loved the TV series, so I’m sure i would love the movie. I’m a 14-year-old female freshman in High School, but I have been told that I could also pass as a 16 or 17 year old. Any part in this movie would be an amazing opportunity for me. Thank you!

  38. I fit what is needed to be an extra because I look like a High School student and I am one too. So I would know what to do during the scenes

  39. you should chose me to be for the movie,21 Jump Start,audition because i am a wonderful actor and even though at the time i am 11years old.A lot of people assume that i am at least 13 OR 14.Hopefully i will be able to prove that to you at this audition.

  40. I would love to experience the opportunity to be a part of a movie with such experienced cast. I feel I have a lot to give and would love to show it on the screen. Acting has always been an interest of mine and would enjoy the experience of a lifetime.

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