Nickelodeon TV Series Casting Call For Featured Males


Nickelodeon TV Series Casting Call For Featured Males

Nickelodeon is currently casting several roles for a new TV series in the Miami area. Miami Talent Casting has released a casting call seeking Male extras ranging from 25-45 who reside in the Miami area.

The team is accepting video submissions.

New actors please follow these simple instructions for self taping a video audition:

-When taping your audition, please tape indoors on a blank wall or backdrop. You don’t want any noises or scenery to take away from your audition. You want to make a great first impression and being in your car or outside with a lot of noises is very distracting.
-Tape at nose & eye level. Do not shoot from below or above.
-Make sure there is plenty of lighting. This is very important! It is imperative the director can see the color of your eyes & if you are not well lit, it’s very difficult.

I would highly suggest getting a professional to help tape your auditions.

To be considered for a role in the Nickelodeon TV Series, please read the casting call provided below:

Miami – Nickelodeon TV Series – SEVERAL ROLES
some roles are permanent on show.
1. Worker. Male age range 30-45 all ethnicities
2. Customer – all ethnicities male age range 25-30
Deadline for videos is Monday at 5pm !
request script

  • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, jpeg, Max. file size: 2 MB.


  1. My name is Dean.i’ve always wanted to be an actor i hope that through nickelodeon my dreams could come true please choose me well i love to act and i love to sing please this could be my big chance to be a super star i just wanto help my mom so plz

  2. Hi my name is Abubakar I come from Tanzania my dream is to be an actor I know that I have chosen the right career I’m easy to work with I speak different accents and I love to make people laugh and happy I love nickelodeon I still love nickelodeon and I will always love nickelodeon and I’m humble and I love playing football and basketball and when you choose me I’ll be at the top of my game

  3. Want to tell u guys something but this person who made the website Is fake so even the people submit good luck because this person is a hacker she or he doesn’t even do something and she is going to hack and that’s how she or he sad put your zip code email birthday and name so she or he is asking you your personal information if you really want to be a actor call the official nick and ask them that you want to be a actor on shows you want if the creator of show wants you.

  4. Hi.I’m Mimoza Ahmeti.
    I have green eyes and white hair.
    I can dance,sing and acting.Please pick me because i need this role.
    Thank U for your time all the best,

  5. Hi my name is sarai Garcia I am 11 year old and I like to play ⚽ and ⚾ I live in Miami and my address is 11625 sw142terr Miami Florida 33176 and I hop you can give me a roll in Nickelodeon. Please I love Nickelodeon my favorite show in Nickelodeon is every witch way because in that show they go dream

  6. Christian Ruocco
    Non – Union
    Note : that is my moms email so my personal email is :

    Instagram link :
    Age : 12 turning 13 November 13th , 2015
    Type : I love acting as a superhero, fighting person
    Eye color : mixed
    Hair :dark brown
    School theater:
    The elves and the shoemaker,
    Alice and wonderland,
    Dancing presentations and drama club at school
    (Lots of martial art demos and tournaments)
    Special skills: martial artist(some flips also ), fighter in martial arts , breakdancer when im board or when a party , (regular snowboarder ), (street skateboarder) (probably not needed but pretty good drawer)(ok drumer on a different kind of drum not on regular drums ) fluent english

    Exrta contact information :
    If you are interested in me email me and I will give you my resume and head shot so you can see what I look like and if you have any questions for me I will be more than happy to answer them.
    Note: no problem being an extra on a show.

    My interests to being on Nickelodeon. I have to say I love Nickelodeon and thank you for giving me this opportunity to have the chance to be on the show and I love acting so this would be great for me to be apart of the Nickelodeon

    Thank you:)

  7. Hello, my name is oscar i’m 11 years old ever since i was 5 years old I sing and act I am 4’10 110 pounds i have black hair black eyes i play baseball,for an athletic activitie my grades are good and behave good in school

  8. hi my name is maria casiano I am 13 years old I have been in 6 musical plays and got a lead roll in 5 I can sing dance and act and im in a acting camp currently I would love to live my life long dream and be oon nickolodean

  9. Hi, my name is David, I want to act in Nickelodeon, I play the piano, I had already act in theatres, I am 13 years old and I will wait for any casting, but please contact me with 10 days before the casting, thanks.

  10. My name is Dani Flores, I am 11 years old and my dream is to model and act. I live in Miami and willing to home school if needed. I have dirty blonde hair, hazel eyes, and i am american. I am on a competitive cheerleading team and just won the 2015 National Cheerleading Championship. I have also participated in the Junior Olympics for jump rope in 2013 and
    2014. My aunt always says “always shoot for the stars” and this is my goal in life, to be an
    actress. Since I was young I always wanted to be in performances and such more. In
    school, I was in the show Alice in Wonderland and took the role of The Mad Hatter in
    Third Grade. I am ready to be part of this amazing experience in my life that will never be
    forgotten. Three words that people use to describe me are motivated, committed, and
    loving. Thank You

  11. I have all ways wanted to be on Nick and its my dream so please I’m 10 I’m from Booneville Mississippi. I watch nick every day.

  12. hey guys its me mary i have been wanting to be a actor/actress my hole life i am 9 years old and i like like to play all kinds of sports and i was born with three things i want to be when i grow up singer actor and dancer.I love helping my famliy cook i love to play outside with my famliy and friends i have ashma don’t worry it won’t spread or not a diseas its something that when i run to fast then it makes a weird sqeaky sound its fine i live i omaha ne i am turning 10 in november 2015 i am going to the 4th grade i august 12 2015 i really don’t have a email so i used my dad but anything to be on bella and the bulldogs just tell me if i have to have to have one i am a female i have dark brown eyes light brown hair i like the color pink and blue if you need any thing just tell me

  13. hi my name is Rene but i go by Isaac i live in Fresno California i’m
    15 i have a little experience i would do school plays and i like to read i very athletic in in the marching band at my school im invold in my community and i love to talk

  14. My name is Gianni Adamo
    I’m 14 years old
    Brown hair and eyes
    A dream? Be part of the great family of Nickelodeon.
    I live in Naples, Italy, BUT! I’ll go in LA when there will be the next auditions. I can speak english very well and I’m not bad like actor. I’m working for an auditions from two years… This is my dream and I want realize it

  15. Please I would do anything to be on any show its my dream please consider me please thank you so so much

  16. I wish i could be in a superhero Nickelodeon show bet it will be and if get a part I’ll try very hard

  17. Hi my name is Sameer and for my whole life I wanted to be an actor on nick the shows I’d like to be on would be Henry danger,Nicky Ricky dicky & dawn or the thundermans and I’d like to know how to audition so I can be a Nickelodeon star thank you

  18. Hi I’m alandra well yes….
    Hair black /eyes:brown/ I’m 13 yah :) (:
    I really don’t care about the fame like most girls but I love acting other girls would be so happy to get the opportunity to be on any show…but I really love it..shows movies anything. I would do anything just to have this opportunity because I don’t live in LA..bbbbut I live in Houston, I’m funny, I really want this so good looking for the people that y’all need :) good luck guys (:

    • Hi I’m sophia I’m nine it was my dream to become in actress and be on a tv show I would breatend that I would be on tv.I was looking for acting jobs everywhere then I found this website and give a try I really hope you guys pick me it would a honor and meat everybody on Nick thank you.

  19. Hi am Emmanuel Kamara am 15 and i live in Minnesota and i really love acting and i will appriciate if you guys give me a chance.Thank You.

  20. Hello my name is Darius price.I am 13 and I am 5’3. It has been my life’s dream to be an actor.when I was little I always used to make shows for my mom and dad and they always applauded me.I know nickelodeon doesn’t get as much acting auctions as Disney channel but I’m ready to be apart of the nickelodeon family.

  21. Hi my name is dunie i love singing, acting l would loved to be on show on Nickelodeon it my dream is to actress

  22. Hi. My name is. Paris I whould like to be on nick tv shows like100 things to do before high school or nicki ricki Dicki. And. Dawn. And. I’ll make. A great action. With my. Friend jerika

  23. i love nick and i am an awesome actress and i think i would be good at this role and i love just like less than a day from florida

  24. Well my name is Asmae. I am 14 years old. I live in The netherlands, my english is great i mean it is super
    So i have dark Brown Hair and Brown eyes. My dad is Arabisch and my mom netherlands. In The netherlands i often work as à model but Then i where little. I watch Nickelodeon all The time and i love to be An achtrisch

    Let me please know

  25. For casting for my little daughter son. She love sing and dramatic. She a model and like dance please contact.

  26. Hello,
    My name is Austin Toque and I am 25 years of age. I have acted for many year, but recently on a hiatus. I am very confident of my abilities and have the blessing of fitting many major male roles. I give my all and take nothing for granted. Thanks.

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