FOX- Glee Season 4 Castings

Glee- FOX
Glee- FOX

FOX will be providing aspiring GLEEKS the opportunity to audition for the show via a new audition reality series it will air beginning in June 2012, the New York Times, reports.The series will be a “casting call for new singers” for GLEE, which is in the midst of it’s second season on Fox. The reality series is one part of a multi-tiered deal with Twentieth Century Fox that includes allowing the FOX is set to air the show.

For all you Glee fans out there post your comments to let us know if this something you would be interested in learning more about and we’ll be sure to keep you posted on all the breaking news on becoming apart of GLEE! Anyone will be able to apply, provided they can sing, dance and look like high school students. Talent should have a prepared resume and comp card for auditions. Auditions may have talent read parts depending on the versatility of the part you are auditioning for. Make sure all of your information is clear.

Keep checking back for more information on castings location and dates and as always please leave us a comment.


  1. Hi, my name is Patricia St-Amant-Boyle. I’ve always been a movie lover and had wondered about being behind the scenes, and got this opportunity not too long ago and I was bitten by the love bug!! I simply adored being behind the scenes of a mega production such as the x-men, and wish to continue in this path. I though this was a great opportunity. I believe I am a natural actor, and have also been told this many times after doing little sckeches here and there. I love to imagine and create a character and play it according to how I believe I would react in his shoes. I am a peoples person and love to work with different people, to learn from their background and experience. I am not afraid of hard work and long hours. And I am also very at ease in from of cameras and other people. I believe I could really bring a character to life in your show with passion and determination and be a great addition to the team as I am very enthousiastic, creative and driven. I also have many talents, such as singing and dancing, and work as a nurse and barmaid, domains in which I’ve gained experience, which could be useful in terms of making my character come to life. I speak fluent English, French and German. Please contact me for further information and pictures. Thank you so much for your consideration! :)
    Eye Color: Hazel
    Hair color: Dark Brown
    Hair length: Very long
    Height: 5’4
    Weight : 110 lbs (slim figure)
    Age: 25
    I am often told I look like I have Spanish and/or Italian background.

  2. Hello, I am an aspiring singer and actress.Its been my dream since age 7. I love it. And glee is awsome

  3. Hi I’m Dayna I would love the opportunity to work with these amazing people on the glee cast
    one reason is because it would give me really amazing help and technique in singing and I love singing
    It would also help me start acting and singing

  4. Hello, my name is Emily Iannucci. I am an aspiring model/actress im 20 years old. I have taken modeling and acting classes at John Robert powers in tampa florida. I have a bubbly spirit and personality I am always friendly and love being around people. Im about 5’0 with hazel eyes and brown hair. My phone number is 8134120963. Thank you so much for considering me.

  5. Hey I’m Katelyn I’m 18 years old, and I love dancing and singing. I use to be a dancer but couldn’t afford It no more…

  6. Hello, im 16 years old from Phoenix, Arizona. I have been singing for about 10 years now, and I have been on the big screen during the X factor Season 3 as a solo male vocalist. I out did 20,000 other boys who were in the running and I made it to top 40 on the season. I’ve always loved glee since the first episode, I always keep in contact with all of the casts social media. I’m a super fun, and outgoing person. You’ll never really catch me with a frown on my face, I can say im good looking and kept in pretty good shape. please click on me to review some info :)

  7. Hello,
    My name is Hayden. I am a 17 year old mixed raced British boy with short curly brown hair, dark eyes who is 5″10. I absolute love everything that is glee, what it stands for and who it allows people to be and encourages people to be. Me being straight but being perceived as gay has made my life incredibly difficult, however finding myself in performing (acting, singing and dancing) in amateur dramatics and talent showcases at my school has help me to be fierce and confidence in today’s age. I watch glee and my eyes immediately are locked to characters like Mercedes, Unique and other fierce members of the Glee club, even Sue and Coach Roz Washington. It elates me to see them on the show and it drives me to continue to be unique and different. To be given an opportunity, to even fathom the opportunity to be on glee and become a role model to people that can relate would be a dream fulfilled. I believe that I could bring a fierce, ghetto, confident, loving, boundary pushing, water troubling fire to the show, almost the same spark Mercedes and Unique give to the show. My passion which drives me and empowers me comes firstly my Lord Jesus, and secondly from people such as Amber Riley, Beyonce. I can guarantee that my level of determination, passion and dedication I will deliver will not be matched if blessed with a role and I would give everything I have to be a very valuable asset to the team. I hope you will consider me to become one of the cast, even if that means starting afresh and moving to America to do it.
    Thank You.

  8. Hey guys(: my name is Corynna Roberts I’m 18 years old, I am a female, I have brunette hair, dark brown eyes, I’m 5″2, and am African American, Japanese, Filipino, Guamanian, and a little bit of French. Singing has always been a passion of mine as well as acting. During middle school I was apart of the choir and continued to sing in the choir during my high school career. I love singing so much because it makes me forget about whatever struggles I’m going through in my life.The first time I watched glee I fell in love with it. I love how relatable each character is and how no ones afraid to be themselves. I feel that with the passion I have to sing and become an actress I would be an excellent person to add to the already amazing cast. I’m willing to be fully dedicated and put forth 150% of hard work all the time because I have never wanted anything more in my life. Being chosen to play in glee would truly be a blessing. I really hope you guys will consider me! Thank you for your time(:

  9. hi my name is keilani beauville i am 12 years old but people think im 15. have dark brown eyes i am chinese and black and have jet black hair i am 5’3 and i love to sing. the reason i want to be inglee is because i am a total GLEEK i love glee so much and for me to be on glee would be amazing. i hope you consider me.thank you for your time.

  10. Hi im Tyler, im 22 and I am from a small town Sparta, Missouri. There is nothing more I love to do in life than sing and I have been doing it for as long as I can remember. Whether its been in a school choir, or a national stage, or even at the local bars, I have made my way around doing what I love whenever I can and even have a entire shoulder tattoo dedicated to music. Being in such a small location it is very difficult to try and make a name for yourself so I would love nothing better than to take the next step that I have wanted of for so long and the show has only shown me from the story line itself that anyone from anywhere can make it to where they dream of. I know I have what it takes to be not only a star, but the star your show is looking for because I would bring something you dont have. I not only have the perfect look, from being in choir but also basketball and other sports in school, but also the more natural lower voice that would make the show perfect. I sing many things from country whether it be Josh Turner to Billy Currington and about any artist in country who is popular right now all the way over to Jack Johnson and John Mayer. I am also a big fan of the classics which is what drew me to the show in the first place like Journey, Foreigner, and all the way over to Lynard Skynard. I feel if given the chance I could show you exactly what the show needs and be the perfect fit into what you have going on. Anyway I love the show and to hear from you would truly be a blessing, thank you.

  11. hello i’m lucy i’m about 5 ft tall and i’m south korean
    i’m not totally skinny i weigh 49 kg.
    i’m not so white i’m kind of light brown but i get tan really easily
    i enjoy playing sports: tennis. squash, track. football. iceskating etc
    my eyes are light brown
    i have black natural hair but now when it gets the sunlight its red wine color
    I’m a hard worker and i’m willing to do anything to reach my goal in life. My idols are Bruno mars, Chris Colfer, Darren Criss, Jamie Cullum…
    I want to be free with music and i want to make this world a better place to live as these idols helped me
    Music means everything to me. it was the only thing that was there for me when i was sad, loney, happy and etc.
    Also i’m born in June 1st 1998
    I love singing and anything that requires art and freedom. I used to dance but i can’t afford to dance things anymore. but i still sing
    i take guitar lessons. and i play little bit of piano. i’m a fast learner and i have a talent in understanding. also i’m an international student. i lived in wichita kansas for 5 years and can speak english well and korean.
    i also know how to play trumpet…
    I would love to be on glee because it would be a life changing moment and because it’s my dream to be there really. it would be amazing. i know i’m young but i want the chance as much as other adults do. I love the show and it inspires me to keep singing and do better on everything i do. Darren Criss and Chris Colfer’s voice and music inspired me a lot these days. and i feel like i’ve got it all. and someday i want others to feel that way about me too.
    So i hope you could give me the chance.
    I love Glee! <3 Thank you for everything

  12. i am at 12 years of age and i love the arts i can play some guitar and i have won piano competitions. at school i sorta stick out like a sore thumb. many girls at my school have the beauty and fashion but instead i wear sweatpants and t shirts to school. while other girls do modeling and are cheerleaders all the while talking about boys 24/7 im more into sports music and acting. we never had the money to send me anywhere special except for my piano for the arts but i can sing dance and draw. my family dosnt have cable so when i found a website called megashare i decided to search up what everyone was talking about at school. GLEE. as soon as i saw the first episode i was onto it because the glee club is exactly the type of place i want to be in. where everybody respects you for who you are and dosnt judge you by that. then people started to notice the difference in me. i realized that you only get bullied if you show your weakness. glee has taught me alot especially with putting tina into the show. i am also asian and i dress differently than other girls but dust when i wass starting to dress differently i met glee i saw how tina took it into her own hands and decided to stand up for herself. because of glee i have learned so much and glee has really helped boost my confidence and made me not afraid to sing in public or dance. i have had not much experience but i take 2 hours every day to sing and dance and practice the arts using online free programs. i want to be a part of a show that could change many peoples lives.
    my hair color is black
    my eyes are extremely dark brown
    i am 5’1″
    i really hope you consider me please contact me @

  13. Hi I’m Nao and I’m from Japan. I’m 17 years old.
    I watch glee quite a lot.
    I’m dying for gleek at my high school but it’s hard.
    I love glee so much. It’s my life.
    I know how they feel losers and the fear the future.
    You know I’m not good at speaking English so it seems difficult to perform with glee casts, but I want to seriously.
    I go to an academy high school in Japan and I have to study for exams, but all I wanna do is singing. I’m not good a dancer actually.
    But I’ve never tell anyone. It’s a big secret.
    I hope you all understand how I think.
    Thank you for reading. Nao.

  14. I’m currently at a Safeway stealing the Internet just for a chance to audition for this show. I’ve fallen for this show and I’m just crazy loads of fun and bizarre. My antics include singing whatever songs are being played in grocery stores and looking for music to sing in the shower or while I’m cooking. I’d like to perform for people to the point I sing at weddings while my friend Connor plays violin. I’m not in my hometown because I have an amazing sad and wonderful story to tell. I hope I’ve reeled you in.~ Tristan

  15. Gosh, all if these girls have so much confidence! I’m 14 years old, I don’t even know why I’m even posting this, I’m just an American girl living in Paris France. I play the piano religiously and am teaching myself whatever I can on the guitar. I love singIng and acting, and dancing too, even though I haven’t taken classes in a hill so idly is NOT to be considered as a skill. I have been through a lot so I have become very expressive of my emotions, when I want to.
    Brown hair, brown eyes, I LOVE GLEE.
    Thanks to anyone who read this.

  16. Hi my name is Norvasha, I’m 17 yrs. Old. singing, dancing and acting is my life! I think you should pick me for glee because I live for this I feel like God put me on this earth to perform and be in front of a camera doing what I love. I promise you I will NOT disappoint you! I am a hard working dedicated person who strives for success. I’ve been singing since I was 3, dancing since I was 1, and I’ve been a dram queen all my life. I am very experienced in each genre of dance. I’ve to class in all departments. I am a force to be reckoned with. Please contact me!

  17. hi my name is Emily and i come from England and i was introduced too glee by my cousin. Glee is so inspirational and has made me want to come on this show Im a loud person i can get along with anyone very chatty too .I can sing and act and dance at the same time i have know dancing practise in me and i am not a professional but i feel like there is something there. When i was 3 or 4 i used too dance to every single bit off music even whistling and have got videos. I have never really shown my voice to anyone i want this chance to stand out and really show the real me this would be an amazing opportunity to have thanks for your time Emily ..

  18. hi iam Emily im from England i watch glee quite alot. I got introduced glee by my cousion i love glee its so inspirational i have just started college im 16 years old and will be turning 17 this year. I have never really thought of myself into singing acting ect but i just feel that there is somthing there. I love to sing but no one actually knows. Im a very condifant person but i have that hidden talent i think. when i was little any music at all i used to dance to and have videos of me dancing when 3 or 4 i havent got any dance practice in me at the moment but can put on a show i havent before but i feel like i can inside me if you get what iam saying i was in a play for mary in year 6 and a little one in year 8 and my teacher was very impressed with my expressions i just want too show the real me and show people what im made of thanks.

  19. Hello, i have been in acting classes for about 2 years now and have a very unique singing voice and can dance: hip hop, jazz , and slow
    i love glee and please keep me notified if you have auditions in the CA Los Angeles Area

  20. My name is Angelica.Lee I’m 22 years old, I am black and plus size and i love to sing and dance. I would love to compete on your next, “The Glee Project” because I would bring something new to the table.

  21. Hello there :)
    Instead of bragging about my singing, acting, and dancing talents, I would much rather state that Glee is purely about who a person is and what they believe in; what they have struggled with and overcome. With that stated, I must admit I have surpassed many obstacles in my life no one thought I could get over. Although I have been performing since I was 3 years old, there would be no emotion in my performances, if not for the simple fact that I have been through quite a bit. Glee has inspired me to want to promote being different; that it’s okay to be a little overweight and Jewish; that it’s okay to feel vulnerable every once in a while. But most of all, that it’s okay to belt out a song and sing and dance in a crowded hallway, even if people are staring at you like you have ten heads. In all honesty, without even being on the show (which I hope I have the opportunity to experience), I feel more comfortable in my own skin. Glee has taught me to be proud of who I am and to stand up for what I believe in. Glee is Amazing, and just recently, at 19 years-old,I realized that I am, too.

    Thank you. (:

  22. Hi I’m sharia Philadelphia I’m a singer,dancer,and actress I do AWOL all walk of life inc for 4 years Im 12 years of age I have dark brown hair ,brown eyes,african American Ive sung in a choir .i also took a work shop with kimmie gee beyonce best background dancer ,I’ve also done a workshop with the alliance company in atlanta I’ve been performing since I was 3 years of age and all I do is sing and dance also act I’ve done it my whole life I hope you consider me on glee thank you! :)

  23. “Being apart of something special, makes you special.”

    I wanna be the next Glee new directions. I am 25 female, white live in San Pedro cali. I have been singing since I was born. Everyone of my friends n family want me to audition for american idol or x-factor or the voice. The show I would love to be on is Glee. I am a huge fan, I am extremely talented and I can see myself on the cast of glee. (=

  24. I have a pool of over 75 dancers… 10 of which I manage and they are awesoome.. Having been in this industry for the past 29 years and owned my dance company for 10 years I know what to look for.. I have your winner!

    please contact

  25. Hey! My name is Elizabeth Evans and i’m 14. I have dirty blonde hair thats down to the center of my back. I also have blue-green eyes. I have no experience but I am willing to learn. Hope you consider me as an option. Thank you. (:

  26. I wished my singing matched my dancing
    I can not sing I sound like a pregnant cat having contractions right before giving birth, but my dancing makes up for it.

  27. heey, my name is jennifer hampton and im cumming up to 15. I have long brown hair with blue eyes. I have gone to acting school and i have experiencem on tv. ive been singing all my life and Ive gone to sining compatition and I have represented my school. I would love to be on glee and i hope you will consider me, thank you :)

  28. Please consider me for the Glee Audition. I have a passion for singing, dancing and acting. My experience is school based. I sang, danced and acted in most of my High School shows. Currently, I am enrolled in Young Americans College for the Performing Arts in Corona, CA. I am honing my skills in the craft, I am very driven by my love for performing, and I would love to be considered to be part of the Glee family.

  29. Hey there, I should be on glee because I am in LOVE with mercedes (lol) but seriously i love the glee cast and it would be an honor, blessing, and great opportunity to work with them all. I’ve been singing since I was in the third grade and 2 years ago I realized I could act , haha I havn’t stopped since then. I am a very outgoing person who also stands for what I believe in. So take a chance, believe in me, and you surely won’t be disappointed :) thanks, God Bless!

  30. I should be considered for Glee because I am in love with Mercedes (lol) but seriously I would love to work with the glee cast and finally branch out and do what I’ve been loving to do since I first performed in 3rd grade, which is sing and give people a show and time to remember. I am a very outgoing person who also stands on what I believe in. Just reach out and put a little faith on me and you surely won’t be disappointed. God Bless ! :)

  31. I am 19 years old from the beautiful island of Hawaii. Probably you guys hear this all the time, but I honestly love glee and I know I have what it take to be a cast member. This glee audition reality show will not only be a turning point but a show that will motivate young people with undiscovered talents. I am transgender and I believe that my character as a transgender will make the show more interesting and YES I can sing, act, and dance. I hope this will reach you guys in good health.
    Thank-you very much

  32. i believe i should be considered, because i love to sing, act and always dreamed of being on glee as an actress , but never have the opportunity to show the world how talented i am.

  33. I can sing but i would like to sing better…i would make a great add to the show…as a person with hardships and emotional outbursts for the drama…singing helps me release tension…which i have alot of….

  34. Hi! My name is Kara. I am 16 years old. I am a singer/songwriter, actress, dancer, and musician (I play guitar and piano). I am a member of my schools Glee Club and drama club. I have done many dance and voice recitals. I am enthusiastic and hard working. I am determined to hit every note right! I have gotten many compliments on my voice and on my songs. I am a hit through out my whole Junior class. I have been in a few school plays and talent shows. I would love this opportunity. This is my dream and I am going to go and take it!!!! Thank you!

  35. Well!
    Lemme jus start by saying I am a triple threat!
    I sing dance and act, I have the most bubbly personality you will ever see.
    I work at build a bear workshop. I have amazing people skills and I am very hard working. ever since I was like 6 I had dreams of being a hollywood starlette! My idols were marilyn monroe, elizabeth taylor, audrey hepburn!..I jus love it all(:

  36. Heyy!:) Im Shon I feel that I should have a role on Glee because im funny,i can dance,sing and act really good:). Although I must admit singing is my altimate favorite.I also feel like I should be on the show because I have a fun personality,and Im defenitily worth you all giving at least one of the parts to:)so please keep me informed thanks alot!:)

  37. Hello my name is Stephanie and I was born in brooklyn but raised in South Carolina. I was moved alone down south during my parents divorce and through prayer and music is how I relieved my pain. That is just a dent of my back story and even though I won’t dare let it define me as far as my past ,but it is part of who I have become. I would love to be considered for Glee. I believe I have the heart and the passion for this opportunity. I’m open hearted and I find joy in everything. I love to laugh and besides God my family comes first. I’m 22 years old and I would love the honor and the opportunity. Thank You

  38. Hello, My name is Mackenzie and i am 13 years old. I have been singing and acting since i was 7 years old. In 8th grade i became part of my Highschool choir and preformed around the state. i Love singing and its my passion, from singing to my baby cousin to lull her to sleep or preforming a solo on a stage in front of thousands the sky is the limit for me. i’m looking to broaden my career as a performer and this is a opportunity i couldn’t Pass up! Thank you very much for your time.

  39. Hi I’m Rena, I’m 23 years old, black (jamaican) about 5′ 2″, and small frame. I love to dance, sing and act. I’m from Long Island, NY but live in NC currently serving my country overseas been in the military for 5yrs. I believe and have strong faith that I could do this role and will not let Glee down. Please consider me for this role.

  40. Hey ! I LOVE glee and singing and acting have been a part of my life since I was five ! Singing and learning lyrics come to me easy , though lines take at least two or three days for me to learn . I love to meet new people and get along pretty well with everyone ! I enjoy to entertaining other and making them laugh . I also loooove to make music and singing . So , please ! Call me !

  41. I should be on Oxygen-GLEE auditions. I have great vocal skills and with the right teacher (who fits with me), my voice can become a sound amazing!! I’m all about getting down to working hard and making my career happen. Thanks!

  42. I am a huge glee fan and i also watch the glee project ever time it comes on because its so cool how they perform like that and i would be shy at first but then i would lossen up and get down to bussiness because i can really move around and look really entaining.

  43. I have four years of theater experience specifically musical theater, i am easy to work with and learn all my lines perfectly,i give everything my 100% i can sing and have been my whole life i play up to five instruments,i learn songs,lines,dance steps easily i am 5″6″ bilingual green/blue/grey eyes and have dark brown hair. i am 16 but i can look older as well as younger. i am hardworking and motivated this would be the perfect opportunity to start my acting as well as my music career.

  44. I believe I should be considered for glee because “My names eliza deed, and I love candle lite dinners” LOL, naw My personality alone will attract others and make glee a success! I am not an overly competitive person but I have extreme confidence and believe that it’s a “destined” opportunity for me. Glee is a passion of mines. I live there passion as my personal passion everyday. Glee is extrodinary. I love the show! Ryan has an eye for gifts and knows how to place the puzzles together to make success, has he has. I truly believe I can add to his creation and my “eye” deas can help increase success above and beyond! Not just money, but true talent, and gain the eyes of people and seek out greatness In every area of fame and broadway.

  45. I love to dance I’ve been dancing since the beginning of elementary i always dance with my twin sister Elizabeth sometimes me, her and my other sister Kristie, I am also athletic and flexible so I include some of that in my dancing. I Also love to sing, i sing with my sisters every Sunday, i sing at other places that invite us to sing or dance for them!

  46. I love to dance I’ve been dancing since the beginning of elementary i always dance with my twin sister Elizabeth sometimes me, her and my other sister Kristie, I am also athletic and flexible so I include some of that in my dancing.

  47. Hello, I am Rose Cox. Yes, I believe I should be apart of Glee Because in my Opinion Glee needs a little twang in this thang. You need a southern bell to rock those mics, and I am just the gal for you. ever put Miley cyrus and martina mcBride together and you have me. Please keep me Updated I would highly appreciate it.

  48. I think everyone should have a chance on accomplishing their dreams. I have been dreaming of being a actor on a TV show or movie since i was a little kid. Me and my friends keep a crowd laughing because that’s just what we love doing. We live to keep smiles on faces and making people laugh. So I just want to prove to everyone that dreams do come true.

  49. I would love to be informed if you need anyone for extras or anywhere in the background! It is my dream to be an extra on Glee! I live in Washington state.

  50. I am a Senior at NYU on a full scholarship in TISCH. As a triple threat, I am open to broadway, movies and or dance reality tv shows. I can range in ages 16 to 23, although technically trained as a dancer, my favorite style of dance is hip hop. Also, I currently belong to a singing group called B’Sugar, a three girl pop group. Thanks Bebe!!!!

  51. Hello All Im Aaliyah And Im Not Going To Sit Here And Brag On Myself ! I Sing Well And I Just Need Help Im A Willing Participant And I Will Do What You Ask.
    Thanks For Your Time
    Aaliyah White!

  52. Hey im 15 i love music,acting,and the arts. People say im funny. I have wanted to act and sing since i was 5. im different then most teens. Im myself and i really want to become an actress. One of my dreams is to Act with Reba Mcentire, and to sing with taylor swift,Dolly Parton,and my idol miley cyrus. Please let me act and sing i wont let you down. :)

  53. Hi, Im Adriana H. Im 15 yrs old. I love to sing! My prefered genras Are Pop, R&B, Soul, Country Soul, Blues, And Contemporary R&B! I listen to GLEE’s Versions Of Tracks Such as “Forget You By Cee Lo” And i know you all would LOVE me! If you pick me youll be very pleased! im a hard worker, and well trainable! :)

  54. Hey guys My name is Frank Lucero and I am 21 years of age. I dnt act, i dnt sing, i maybe dnt hve the look for television, im all me some people found me very funny in a good way, i dnt take life so seriously, I laugh when i can. im just very simple guy that have a huge dream which is to be part of the Glee.

  55. I am a really good singer, modeling & Dancing
    am a very fast learner and energetic, proud, nice, sweet, friendly,and easy to get along with It has
    been my dream for as long as i can remember to do what i love Reason why I love to sing, model & dance
    It feels like i was born to be on TV When i was little i use to be really shy, but as i grew older i
    started to open up and get in front of people and make them laugh. i been interested sing, modeling
    & danceing for a long time my mama love to sing i grow up on music i just feel like this is what i was
    put on earth to do i just know it i just feel it Hopefully my dreams come true:)
    just want to show the world who i am in what i could do ;)

  56. Hi, Im Racquera Brantley from Jenniongs, Louisiana. Im 16 years old. I start singing when i was 11 goin on 12. I didnt no I had such a voice bc I never really talk much but i have been in talent shows a state competitions ever since. I think I have the talent and the voice to be on Glee. I also like to act and have fun workin and learning. I am a very out going person and i put alot of effort in everything i do because anything can happen.

  57. I would love be informed if the auditions travel to the Portland, OR area or anywhere close by!!! Thanks!

  58. hey im only 13 years old but i love to sing, i literally get home from school and just play glee and sing along with it. its my favourite show and im in love with it. I went to a dancing school but quit about a year ago, it is my dream to act and sing. Im in year 8 and have level 6a for drama. I love all types of songs especially ‘proud mary’ by Glee. im in high school now and know about bullying, ect. its hard not being that popular. anyway just wanted to have a chance being on my favourite tv show.

  59. Hi! My name is Tess and I would be and I would love to audition for this show! I am 22 years old and a choir nerd! I love to sing, act and dance. I work hard and would be perfect for this show!

  60. hi my name is tenisha and i would love to be on glee thats my dream to be on there not because i want to be on tv or anything i dont care about that stuff i care about reaching out to people and helping people in life and if i get the chance to be onthereitwill changemy life.I’vebeenthrough somuch ithank god for everythingin my life.I wantto teach people and reach out to them from my voice that god gave to me to do that…. i believe if i can help someone from a car accident that i can reach to someone with my voice that god gave to me to be honest i dont care about the money the fame only thing i care about is to spread gods word and teach people about him and reach out to people… i know why im here on this earth is to help people im 19 and in college im studing mental health counselor because i love to help people and i want them to realize that whatever you go through that they are not alone in life… i have a heart which god gave me that im different from everyone which god made methat way i made some bad decisions in life but i didnt let those things get in my way.. i really want to be on here so that someone or anybody can hear me for me and hear my story hear what i got to say if i get to be on glee oneday i would do something positive and do so much in are community that you can even emagine it to be.. godbless and thank you for reading this…:)

  61. To Whom It May Concern:
    My name is Adrianna Nicole Carrion and i am 16 years old. I am 5’6″ with big brown eyes, and dark brown hair. Unfortunately, i was born with a bad skin condition called Eczema. Luckily, i am starting to grow out of it. I am half Cuban half African American. I was born in Manhattan, New York, but raised by my wonderful grandparents in Mobile, Alabama. I have a great talent in music. I play piano, flute, guitar, and I sing. I played many lead rolls in our class plays, and was also a background dancer for our major play, “Bye Bye Burdie”. I write my own songs. I am currently working on my 15th song. If i were considered for the new show Austin & Ally, then this might be a great opportunity for my music to be heard by the millions of people who watch Disney Channel. Please contact me if you think that I may be suitable for the part at (251) 545-6996. Thank you.

    Adrianna Nicole Carrion

  62. Not gonna say that I’m far better than anyone; however I am talented. I have what it takes to succeed-I attend Savannah College of Art and Design, I sing, act, and dance, and I wanna be one Glee! That’s why I should be considered for Glee’s Audition Reality Show.

  63. OMG I AM A GLEEK!!!!
    And i am a huge fan i can belt out like christina agruilara and it would love to be apart of glle it would mean the world to me !
    thank you!

  64. First off i will just say that Glee is theee best show on the planet! I consider myself a huge gleek and if i had the chance to be on the show, that would be sooo sooo great! I never really came out of my shell when it came to the whole acting thing. But, singing i can do. I was in show choir and unfortunately we never had guys try out like Glee so it was an all girl group. Now that high school is done im really going to miss it and if i were chosen for Glee I wouldn’t have to miss it then because its something that i would be doing all the time. Please consider me =)

  65. Hi, I’m Paige i am 11, but I’ve always had a dream to be on Glee.I know most of you would say I’m too young to be on Glee, but it has always been my biggest dream so I’m gonna go for it.

  66. I should be considered for the Oxygen-Glee Audition Reality Show because I love to sing. I wake up singing and I go to sleep singing. I love the show; it has a very positive message and it is a great form of expression. I enjoy the characters on the show and I would like to be one.

  67. My name is Sarah Malik. I have always had a passion for music. I have worked with a number of producers who have promised me the world but at the end robbed me dry of money. I want to be part of glee because I know I will shine. I am outgoing energetic, loquacious but not annoying. I am a friend a major in psychology who just graduated. I did like psych but what i love more than anything in the world is singing. I get a chill up my spine when I hear the singers on glee. I can act and sing. I know I will be a great part of the team. Please consider me . This is everything I’ve ever wanted in the world.

  68. My name is Becca Robinson, I am 18 years old and a recent high school graduate. I am from a small town in Alabama and it’s far from being overly populated. . I’m VERY family oriented, my brothers and parents mean the world to me. I am a dancer, I have taken dance for 15 years and I’m also involved with theatre/acting groups. I was voted most talented from my senior class. I have always had dreams and goals of performing -dancing, singing, and acting. I am a triple threat and will work my butt off/do whatever it takes.

  69. hii im the one you are looking for! i can sing love too dance and i love the show glee. When i watch the show i see myself as one of them i think i could fit in with that group of people and i have been dancing and singing since i could talk i really would love to be on the show so please consider me!!! It would be a dream come true ✭

  70. I love to sing. I was in chorus for my school for 2 years, I was in a singing competition and came in 3rd place with a 96.5 while the winner got a 97.5. I am a gleek I have watched all the episodes and even have a glee shirt. Singing is my passion and I always wanted to become a actress. I may be young for the part I am 11 turning 12 going into 6th grade but I really want to do this. I relate to the show because I have bullying and family problems. I may be young but I can play a young part in GLEE. I can also play like I am older like the actors play like thier younger. If I get picked this will also help my self esteem. I also got most improved singer and I am really smart. I live in Florida and it will help if you let me know when you’re casting here. Please pick me. : D ; ) Thank You!

  71. Hi, I desire to achieve and live my teenage dream of being a musical performer. I am 33 yo and thank God I still have my youthful look and personality. Music came back to my life after 15 years of not using my gifts and talent. I still have my voice, dance and piano skills so why not use it for good and make people happy. Entertainment allows us to escape to a world of human possibilities, places we never knew, and connecting with the human heart.

  72. you guys need more diversity more drama and another peron people can relate to you guys have the gay kid the lesbian the bitch the girl next door the big girl and so on.. you guys can use a characther like me that can bring real everyday life struggles and problems to life on glee. Glee can use a charather like myself that people can use as a role model some one that uses thr Glee club to break out of his shell and grow stronger and gain self esteem as i did while in high school.

  73. My name is Trevon Robinson and glee is my entire life…i love everything about glee. the show reminds me so much of my chorus room here in Mobile, AL it welcomes the people who aren’t “regular” please please please consider me for a roll in this reality show…i believe i should be considered because i dont take anything for granite…most people who left comments bragged abouth their singing, acting, and dancing skills but i believe no one can truly be a great singer, actor, or dancer unless they make room for improvement. Now i can sing, dance, and act quite well, but i have the mind set of wanting to learn more…i am a very patient and understanding person…i should also be considered because i believe the greatest gift someone can get from watching an episode or production of any kind is inspiration…i believe i can inspire people by focusing in on a character and making the audience believe in what they see and feel…please consider me in a role for this reality show…i will give you what you are looking for :) Thank you…

  74. oh and please keep me posted im a New Yorker but i know how to travel to phila., im kind of lower class but i can make auditions to make myu dream come true!

  75. i wuld love to audition for glee im 21 and its been my life’s dream to be a singer! i go by the nickname Niko really its my middle name but, more to the point i’ve always been told i wasn’t going to make it. 2 broken deals later and im still stronger than ever and here to make a name for myself. im not asking for much just a chance to be noticed for my uuunique voice considering only one famous person has the voice i do(John legend), juust give me a try and i wont let you down! thank you

  76. Hi! my name is Adriana J. but I also go by (AJ). Ever since I started singing that’s all I can think about doing, is just sing. I believe I have the voice and the talent to be part of “GLEE.” I believe what makes me a perfect candidate for this show is that I’m one of kind I dont have many dreams nor goals in life but one thing I do know is that when I start singing all my problems and worries go way. I feel right in the world when I sing because for once in my life I feel like I’m actually good at something.. I put my heart into singing and spend many hours rehearsing. “Music isn’t a hobby. Music is life” <3

  77. Hey even being considered would be cool but being actually in glee would be awsome. I have always liked singing and music. I have been acting for about 8 years. Thanks :)

  78. I should be considered for the Oxygen – GLEE Audition Reality Show Audition because I have a passion for music. Ever since I was small, I’ve dreamed of singing and being on tv. What better venue than GLEE? Ever since I saw the first episode, I knew I would do anything to have even just the chance to be on the show. The way the show addresses actual issues that come up in high school and the way it teaches to be true to yourself, no matter who you are, really speaks to me. It would be a dream come true to be a part of that.

  79. I’m a very passionate artist. I’ve had so much experience on stage and I would love to step it up on screen. Not only I’m experienced in acting, but also in music and dancing. It’s been my passion to perform and I would love to present my talents to the world. I’ve been performing since I was 4 years old from doing to The Nutcracker, to high school musicals such as Joseph and the Technicolor Dream coat (lead dancer), to conservatory&university opera productions such as Mozart’s Don Giovanni (as Zerlina). I’m classically trained singer under former Metropolitan Star Marilyn Mims and will be studying under Dr. Moon-Sook Park. I’ve studied classica piano since I was 5 years old under Julliard Alumn, Roxanne Stevenson and studied classical ballet under Magda Aunon, Magaly Suarez, and studied at Miami City Ballet. I really dreamed of just performing all my talents. Once I started watching Glee, I knee from the start that I wanted to be on the show. I can work hard and I know I have the potential of being a very successful artist/actress.
    Age: 21
    Height: 5’2
    Weight: 130
    Body: Petite/Athletic
    Ethnicity: Pacific Islander

  80. Hello my name is Alli and I am a 19 year old student from New jersey. I am currently a student at The University of Maine. My friend at school introduced me to Glee at the beginning of the school year and I have been hooked ever since. I love the GLEE, and it would be a dream for me to be on it! I would really love to be kept up to date on any casting opportunities on the east coast. Thank you and have a nice day (night) !

  81. Hi, I’m Silvia and I’m 21 years old. The reason why I know I should be considered for the The Glee Project, is because I can truly relate to the show. I know how it feels to be an outsider in high school. I wore the worst clothes, hardly fixed my hair and put make-up on (until a few years ago. Now it’s my daily routine lol). I was always picked on by the “popular crowd”. I’m still struggling to be comfortable in my own skin. I’m also not ashamed to say that I’m a chubby girl. I’m not the best dancer but I try. Though, I’m confident enough to say that I sing very well. I can also act decently. Those strong points helped me through my struggles in high school. They also help me today. I’m not saying that I’m better than everyone else and I completely REFUSE sympathy, but I for once, would like to be treated as an equal by receiving an opportunity to audition for the show. Thank you very much for reading. :)

  82. Im suppose to write to you and tell you why i want to be on glee the audition reality show; for me its more then just singing and dancing and acting but its about telling a story through yor character and thats what i want to do. I can sing and i can dance and i act everyday. I know i have what it takes to make the show and be really good and even win it. Each glee cast member has a story to tell and i want to make a story of my own. Im not your typically guy or anything like that but i am someone people can relate to in so way. All i ask is for you to hear me out and give me a shot and im sure i will suprise you.

  83. my name is isabelle im about to turn thirteen but people say i look forteen. i love glee and watch it every tuesday.i look forward to it every week. i love to sing and act.i have been in cheerleading for 3 years and choir for 2. Also i realate to some problems on glee. i would love to be on the show . it would be an honor!

  84. Hi my name is Grant. I am 18yrs old and i think it would be amazing to be on glee. I would just need an audition around Arkansas. I really love to sing however my favorite thing is acting. I have preformed in the last three of my scools musicals with a main role in two of them. Keep me posted!!!!!

  85. I am not an actor, but I have played a lot of roles in my life. I have been hated for being a nerd, for being a cheerleader, for being prude, for being the opposite of a prude, for being too friendly, for being too mean. I think it is interesting that one person can be so many different things to so many people at the same time. I have been judged on a lot of levels and I feel that I would fit in perfectly with the cast. I am 22, Indian, I was raised catholic, I speak Malayalam and Spanish and recently just graduated from Purdue. I have been told I have a very unique look and I am looking to become an Actress/Rapper/Comedian/Entertainer/Icon.

  86. imy name is ana. i am almost twelve but ive always goteten phrases like” Are you thirteen or fourteen” or “are you excited to go to high school next year” or what school do you go to, YOU’RE IN MIDDLE SCHOOL-What!!!” so i know i look old. i watch glee every tuesda and i have taking singing lessons. glee is a chance for people who have talent, home problems, love life and bullying problems to heal from that. the drama helps us understand the real thing in life. i have been through all that and i can sing dance model and act so i think i can make the script come alive and sing songs i like with the beauty of my oice. i just want to put fun in others life. that’s why i should be considered for the show

  87. Hi. i like to be called Avery. Unfortunately I’m a minor, but I’m a very talented actor, singer, and dancer too. Oh… and i can make accents. Its all on my resume! I didn’t hear about glee until one of my friends told me about it. It seemed to be so interesting. So, I just watched the whole thing from the beginning to the end. Ah! I loved it i could see me all in that show singing, acting,and dancing. And i want that dream to come true so… I really hope by already reading this you will consider me. Again, Love Glee! I wouldn’t ask for any favor but this. I cant give my # but i think i can swing in my email HA! This is going to be a blast!!!!

  88. I would love to be apart of GLEE im only 13 but ill be 14 this year and i am i an awsome singer i am a big fan of Glee SO KEEP ME POSTEd!!!!!

  89. Hi. My name is Danny Chavarria. I’m 19 years going on 20 soon. I can sing, act, and dance. I would have to say that singing and dancing are my biggest passions of all. I think if I were to be a part of Glee, there would be no doubts about me because I would give my all. I love the feeling I get when I sing. I feel like I’m in heaven. Music is definitely something I can call my best friend. Wherever I go, I’m always singing to whatever I’m listening to on my iPod. I imagine myself on stage all the time and making people smile. This is something I really want and I hope I get the chance to be considered for the Oxygen – GLEE Audition Reality Show. Thank you! =]

  90. I would be the perfect candidate to be on GLEE. Im can sing, dance, write, model, and do whatever it takes to make the rating go through the roof. I was born to entertain. I have previous Acting and Modeling experience and i would love to utilizemy talents on this show. With that being said pick me pick You’ll be very happy you did. Thanks again. Toodles.

  91. hi my name is kimberly shiann adams im 13 and i just LOVE glee i LOVE singing and dancing and if i get a chance on glee it would be the most amazing thing in my life it would actually change my life so i would LOVE to be on glee.if u need to contact me plzzz send me a message on facebook my screen name is kimi adamz and send me something. thanks.

  92. hi im kimberly adams my friends call me kimi im 13 im a good singer i LOVE glee. i just love singing and sometimes dancing so plzzzzzzz pick me i mean i really LOVE glee and me being a part of glee will change my life i mean seriously it will change my life for ever and if you need to contact me heres my number and some others i might be at- mine-606-398-2006, 606-560-3570,606-272-7177. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz put me on glee it will be my dream come true.thanks.

  93. I hope and pray there are going to be audtions in Atlanta, Ga. There is a lot of musical talent in that city and I hope and wish I get the chance to show you what I can do. 23 but def look younger and I have an RnB soul to me. Please keep me in the mix when it comes to auditions.

  94. hi im keirstin im 12 and i love glee i know alot of the songs they sing and i will do anything of acting to get on this show all my bff’s watch it. i will do thjis for the producer i swear

  95. Was up im jayden im 11 my mom always tell me that i should use the gift god gave me and i feel like i need to be herd i think everyone should be herd i sing in my school chior and my teacher is mrs.miley she is the best and if i get this opertonity it would help me stay out of any trouble thx u can call or text at 513 237 2401 and can u move some of the auditions to the midwest like ohio indiana kentucy thx

  96. i should be considered for the GLEE reality tv show because i’m young but have a raw talent that u don’t see everday. i can sing dance and act please please let the auditions come to Atlanta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  97. I should be considered for the GLEE AUDITION REALITY SHOW because i love music and i love to sing. being knowlegable about different genres of music helps when doing this show. I sing on my job, walking down the street and even on the bus. I have little background in acting. Music is my life

  98. I just need a chance. I’m 18 years old and I’ve been in love with singing and acting for as long as i can remember. I want to be able to show people what i can do and have there input. I love Glee and I feel like it would be a perfect fit for my age and ability.

  99. I’m Sabrina . I’m thirteen years old and , well everyone thinks I’m at least 17 . The highest note I can sing is a high F not in my head voice . I live in Pennsylvania . I go to a performing arts school in West Chester, PA and take musical theater classes an acting class and also modern dance tap dance and hip hop dance . I am currently in training at Barbizon in Ardmore , PA because I will be attending IMTA in New York this summer . I have lots of experience . I’m very talented … and well this is my dream . I would love to be on Glee because I sincerely want to be a be a part of a sensation like this . Thank you :)

  100. My name is Camille and my daily routine onTuesday orbits around Glee. I am 16 years old and I have been singing and writing songs since I was six. I know a bit of piano and guitar, but I practice everyday afterschool. Glee has been such an inspiring show for me because it sends out the message that music really can change somebody’s life. Music is the only thing I see myself involved with until the day I die. Please consider me for such an incredible oppurtunity.

  101. I love this show. It involves the two things I love doing the most, singing and acting!! I would love to be apart of this show!!

  102. i think i should be considered because im 13yrs old i have dirty blonde hair, and green eyes, and im 5’3. I have always have sang all my life and when i sing its like nothing in the world matters anymore im in my own little world i like to dress up in costumes and i like to dance, and sing so please give me a chance.

  103. I am a really great singer, Ive even sung at the white house! I’m only fourteen though, and an african american. But I’m very good, I let noone down. I’m even being considered by a famous music producer! I love singing and acting!

  104. My name is Maria. I’m always up for a challenge, I enjoy being on TV and the Radio and am full of spunk. :) Singing is my life and I would battle Rachel Berry any day! I enjoy performing and this would definitely prove a lot of people wrong in the small town I live in. I was really excited when Glee began because there aren’t any shows like this. I want to be able to say I’m proud to be a Gleek! I am a wonderful singer and would love to be on the show.

  105. I love to sing. I’m 16 years old and I’ve been singing since I was 4. Singing is my passion. It’s all I want to do every second of every day! This would be the opportunity of a lifetime to me. I’m a fan of GLEE and I would love the chance to be a part of it.

  106. I know that I should be considered for Glee because I can feel it in my bones. I am 18 and soon to be 19 years old in July. I feel the need to sing and dance whenever I hear a great song. I have mastered coreography and song of and episode of Glee where Santana and my favorite character, Mercedes did a duet together and I only watched it once. Everyone I meet tells me that I remind them of Mercedes and I think that would be a episode of Glee waiting to happen. I might not be the greatest singer in the world but I will sure as God knows, TRY!!

  107. It’s always been my dream to make music. My life hasn’t presented me with a lot of opportunities to do so. I want to be on a stage… In front of a camera. I need to make music. I love the concept of Glee and the music on it is phenomenal. I would love the chance to make something of myself and get my name known. I love being on stage.

  108. Hello. I’m LaSha but everyone calls me Shay. I am 18 years old, soon to be 19 in less than a month. I was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. I would love to be apart of Glee because I love to sing and act. It has been a dream of mine since i was very young and i would love to fulfill that dream by becoming apart of the Glee family. I hope that you will consider me in being in the cast and if I dont make it, I thank you for the opportunity anyways. Thanks and have a great day. :)

  109. I should be on Glee because I have talent. I am 22 years old. I have my BA in Sacred Music and currently teach voice and piano. I want to be famous and share my gift with the world and i think this could be my start to doind just that!

  110. I am a singer, dancer, actor, songwriter who wants to do all of those for other people’s entertainment. I have an extremely outgoing personality and have a lot of fun with life, yet when I need to be, I can be competitive. I play the piano, I can play any role, I can pull off any style, and am willing to do whatever it takes to pursue my dreams. I am 23 years old and extremely dedicated to my passion of music and acting.

  111. Hi! My name is Hannah and whenever I watch Glee and really anyone does, you see the differences in the people in New Directions. Artie in his wheelchair, Tina in her style sense, and the cheerleaders. I think a new addition to those differences could be me because I was born with hearing loss and it would be cool to express myself with that fact. Also, I am a cheerleader and I absolutely love it. Singing is a plus for me when I practice, but without it I can be off-key. Also, I am really good at gymnastics which I think would be a good addition to the show. Yet again another person showing their “shine” even with being ‘handi-capable’ as so mentioned in your show. In one of the first episodes, New Directions was intimidated by Vocal Adrenaline and they had a serious tumbler up there. Hope you will consider me! Thanks for your time :)

  112. I am SUCH a huge Glee fan. I watch all the episodes, I am constantly singing all the songs. My biggest dream is to be an actor and singer, I can never stop singing. When I saw Glee for the first time I wanted nothing but to be on this show. This show is more than inspirational. I would love to be on this show and being apart of the Glee cast. It sounds perfect for me. Please keep me informed and update with details about where and when I can audition. Thank you so very much. -Allisyn.

  113. Hello my name is Floreka. I love watching Glee. I have always dreamed of being on the cast. I always dreamed of being an actress. I have a great personality and characteristics. I can play any role that I am tasked to do. I am very talented and I put my all into what it is I am doing. I am a 23 year old female and I am a down to earth person. I want to get a jumpstart on my acting career and I know this would give me the opportunity that I need. Have a great day!!

  114. Please keep me posted! Would love to audition for it because I love performing. I a dance too. Been doing this since I was 5 years old and I think I have it, I just need someone to give me a chance to show what I got. This would be great experience for me. :-)

  115. Hi I live in san dimas California and I love acting, please let me know when and were auditions are its my favorite show please consider me :)

  116. Hi I would love to audition for the show! :) I live in san dimas please send me updates :) and auditions

  117. Hello! My name is Leandra! I love Glee! I am very excited and enthusiastic to jumpstart my acting career, and this is an amazing way to do so! I am a 14 year old female, i look about 16 though. I love the arts! I am a fun, bubbly person! I am very versatile person though! i can be rocker/ punk, or sweet and innocent.. whatever really! I’m a down-to-earth highschool student, and i would love to be considered for a role! Thank you! Have a wonderful day!
    Contat info:

  118. I can sing, I can act, I can use some work on my dancing (haha). I am very outspoken, I am underestimated way too much and I would love to be able to show certain people that I can do anything and everything they said I couldn’t.

  119. well i really need to be informed anytime, all day, everyday that you have any type of auditions in tacoma,washington please let me know also in seattle,washington. please and thank you:) luv:D

  120. I would love to audition!! I live in Las Angeles, and I have been dying to audition! Please keep me as updated a possible ~

  121. Hey I think I should be considered for GLEE because I have a passion for acting, especially in musicals. I’m 19 and I must say that I do not really have a lot of experience with either acting, dancing, or singing (unless you count in my room by myself haha) but I would love a chance to get out there and just try. Please consider me.

  122. Hey Hey Hey!!!
    My name is Marveale Williams, I am 22 years of age. I honestly think I should be consider for the GLEE Audition Reality Show because of the way the show is shown and put together takes me back to my past. My life starts all the way back over when watching every episode of the torture from bullies, but the desire and enjoyment of singing and being lead in different school roles! i was in every play, musical, dance recital, show choir and etc. I am a hard worker and I dont give up very easy without putting up a fight. I am the type of person that always have my goal set to WIN! I am also a STRONG competitor. My music teacher always told me that I had all of the potential to go far with music and acting but I never really wanted to pursue it until i watched the very first season of Glee. This opportunity would be the best thing of my life. I really hope that this could make my dream come true. I hope to hear from u guys soon…GOD BLESS!

  123. Hello,
    I am 19 years old but have always looked younger than my actual age. I have been apart of acting, singing, and dancing my whole life. I am a person who gives 110% if not more into everything I do. My work ethic is great, I’m very easy to work with and get along with everyone. I’m a professional at all times on the job; I’m very responsible and reliable. I’m mixed with black and white fair skinned with a hint of olive, I’m 5’2 feet tall, Have naturally curly hair that is naturally blond, but i have dyed it burgundy; my eyes are hazel and i have a slim body type.
    Thank you so much for your time. I’m hoping to hear from you…

  124. Hello! I am 18 year old almost a graduate from high school.
    I am a singer, experienced in dancing for events at school and church. Acting I never really tried for anything official. But I want to challenge myself, and this is a chance given to me and many other fellow followers. I should be considered for this audition because I want to show the world that someone small (not that short.) as me, can bring it on! Not everyone has to start off big, some stars begin, by taking step by step.
    I have experience singing as a group (girl’s chorus/praise team/church easter choir) and individual, (solo praise team songs).
    Hmm. That is all for now, GLEE the number one place to test oneself, and overcome anything!
    (\ /)
    ( . .)

  125. HI!! I know my chances of getting on Glee are very slim but i have to start being positive so i think i can sing really good but you can be the jude of that, i’m not a professional at any of it but there is a glee club in my school so i do a bit of singing
    singing is a passion of mine i love it when i sing its like the world disappears and its just me and my voice and i can act fairly well, i dont know where to put casting tapes up but i will soon enough but i think it would be awsome to be a Gleek and not just for the fame but just to show my love of singing (overly used i know but still)

    My name is nadia belfon, i live in trinidad i’m 15 going on 16
    i really hope you choose me cause where i live a girl has to dream big to become big (trinidad is a very small country) so FINGERS CROSSED!!! ^.^

  126. HI!! I know my chances of getting on Glee are very slim but i have to start being positive so i think i can sing really good but you can be the jude of that, i’m not a professional at any of it but there is a glee club in my school so i do a bit of singing

  127. To me, acting, singing, and dancing has always been my passion! I do it everywhere and at any time. I can cry and laugh right on the spot! I don’t have a hard time doing any dance moves as long as I practice. I never went to a real school, I taught myself how to dance. I have never taken any professional singing lessons but I’m part of a band and my school choir. I would do anything to get on to this show! I love it and I feel as if I belong there. I want this more than anything in the world. I have support from both friends and family and I know that if they believe in me then I can make it. Please consider me. It would be the most amazing thing ever!

  128. heyy im Tina, im 17 years of age :) if the glee cast could use something different – an INDIAN with a voice that can shake the nations, acting skills that can move you, some amazing dance moves and much much more, then here i am :).On stage, is where i belong, because I dreamed a dream – to inspire people with my voice! Consider me and i promise, you will not regret it :)
    btw i LOVE glee!!!cheers!!!:)

  129. Omg I love glee! and would LOVE to be apart of it. Please do keep me informed :)
    I love to sing and perform & being part of glee would be amazing ! <3

  130. Hi im Aisha.i live in India but my dream is to be a singer and actor.i have been told i act better than almost everyone i know.i can cry on the spot,laugh,anything you want on the spot.i dance contemporary and people can really see the passion in my dancing.i sing as a karaoke jockey and i have been compared to the likes of shakira,dido,hayley willaims and such..i drum too but not on a drum,on tables mostly or any hard surface i can find.

  131. My name is Tyler bueno and I should be accepted for glee because glee has changes my musical life. I have learned every song on glee and could tell you a summary of every episode. I’m a singer songwriter in Missouri and alot of my inspiration is from glee. I can sing and dance and also act. I’m a little on the bigger side but i feel that’s what glee needs.

  132. Hey im Jah-Nii im 15 Dominican, Puerto Rican, and Black I can sing dance and play the saxaphone, and I excel at everything I try. Im outgoing and random and ive moved 9 times and being so diverse I fit in anywhere. I watched Glee and fell in Love imediately

  133. hey, im Stephen im 18 years young and quite interested in becoming on the hit tv show glee, as is my sister. we are talented on many levels, mainly singing, and acting. we reside in the awesome State of North Carolina and want this for each other. we can succeed hit me up with an email thank you for your time.

  134. I have been singing since I was 12, play guitar, and write. I have been attending college as a commercial music performance major and absolutely love it! In the last 6 months, I have been noticed by Nashville as a singer/songwriter and am currently co-writing with some amazing writers. I have been in a local rendition of High School Musical and it was the most fun I have ever had. I perform live as well and I am looking to expand my experience. I come from a small town in Texas but I am moving in the next couple of weeks to the Houston area. I am super excited! I am a major Gleek and would LOVE the opportunity to audition and possibly be on the show!! If you could let me know when and where they may have auditions either online or in the Houston area, it would be greatly appreciated!! If you would like to know more about me, you can check out my profiles on twitter @KristenRau, and also at these websites.,, and where you can hear my original song “Frayed” that has been played on! Thanks so much!!! ^_^

  135. Hi. I’m Kayla and I’m 14 years old. I’m an alto but I can reach some moderately high notes. I love singing, especially along with the cast of Glee and Phantom of the Opera. I love watching Glee on Tuesday nights. I love singing and acting. It’s my life. Thanks for considering me!

  136. My name is Michelle. I think I would be great from glee.
    I have an amazing voice. I did musical theater in High
    School. This has always been my dream. To sing and dance I think I would be
    A perfect fit for glee. I’m not your average skinny girl but I have great talent.
    Im only 19 but I been fighting for my dream to come true. Please consider me!
    Thank you.

  137. I am very interested in auditioning for Glee. Please keep me updated on auditions going in in Washington state. Thanks :]

  138. Hello, My name is Blake Williford, I’m a 20-years-old female and I would most certainly love it if you would keep me up dated on this. I love the show Glee it sends out a great message to teens and even adults. It also just shows you if you want something bad enough and give it your all your a winner any way. I think I could bring a lot to the table. Thanks!!!

  139. Hello there!! My name is Iwalani. I am 22 and been dancing and performing all my life as everyone else has. I am truly looking for the next door the opportunity has opened for me. I adore Glee and would love to be any part of it. I am an artist that is ready to give all she has to something. I dance, act and sing. I am also ready to learn more. Please let me know about auditions. Just the chance to audition is a blessing. Thanks!!!

  140. Hi there! :)
    My name is kaitlyn Robertson and I am a 16 year old junior. I should be considered for the Glee audition because, I am very outgoing, friendly, and I am VERY passionate about singing and musical theatre. I absolutely LOVE to sing and I love the show Glee. I am actually in a Glee club right now, and i am enjoying every second of it. My life is full of singing and musical theatre productions.
    Thank you so much for considering me! :)

  141. Hey!!! My name is Whitney and I have been in love with musical theatre my whole life!!! Everyone I know thinks of Rachel Berry when they think of my talent and determination towards my dreams of being on Broadway. I used to sing and dance on the porch (it was the size of a small stage) on the front of my house which was located on a busy street when I was about 5 years old. Random people would give me money and tell me to never give up on my dreams. I need to perform for people to feel good about myself and that’s all I want out of life.

  142. Hi my name is Tevin Jones, im a male about 6ft tall, mixed (black/white) and im about 165lbs. i think i would be greatfor a glee another mx guy on the show to stir drama would be very funny! i think i should be on glee because ive been singing since ive been able to talk, im funny, i can dance any style, i can act my butt off. im definately willing to learn anything and everything. I live in Cedar Rapids, IA so you can guess theres not alot to do out here in the corn fields so i would love to travel else where. I hope you keep me posted on some auditions cause it would be great to just tryout

  143. Hey I’m Jesse and i would absolutely die for even an audition for glee! i love the show and i could only dream of being on it. I love to sing and act and dance the whole nine yards. I’m very outgoing and its really hard to embarrass or make me feel awkward. I did musicals in high school and wanted to keep singing into college so i am in the concert choir at Washington State University as a freshman. i live to make people happy and laugh and i am very energetic. I’m from Washington so any information of auditions in the Seattle area or even down to California I’m very very interested thanks :D

  144. my name is coreyannia i love sining and acting i sing at church and i take sining lessons and i also sing at school people tell me at school i have such a strong beautiful voice and i should try out they say they think i would make it so can you tell me when they come close to mississippi

  145. Hey I actually just started watching Glee through Netflix and I love it. Personally I love acting, dancing, and singing. They are my passion and I would love to be part of the project. I’m 19 year old and I would much appreciate it if you update me with audtions/casting calls in Los Angeles/San Fernando Valley area. Thanks :)

  146. I’m Becca and I’m from Utah, where there are seldom casting calls. Please keep me updated on any in my area or in LA, where I go the most. Also on any new information involving Glee auditions. I’ve been a musical performer for years and would love to be on the show.

  147. Mi name is jesstia and i am 15 yrs old, 16 in july and i should be considered for the Glee auditions because im a very talented young female. I am very mature and dedicated to what i do. I love to sing and act. i am not problematic and i am very confident and i know how to perform, i can get lots of references to tell you the same. I don’t want to be on Glee just for the fame, i would love to be on Glee because it’s something i’ve always dreamed of and i would really appreciate the opportunity.

  148. my name is gionna and i love singing,dancing and acting. i dance with alvin ailey and american ballet company.i traveled to africa and india to dance. i have such a strong passion for dancing ,acting, singing.i am the captin of the cheerleading,volleyball and soccer team. i can do whatever is asked of me and love to learn new things


  150. Hey! I should be on Glee because I’m young, hard working, and devoted. I hav been singing and acting scince i was in Kintergarden. Serriously. I would be the best addition to the Glee cast and I would add some youth and spunk. Hope to see you soon!
    Christ’s love,

  151. Hello I’m Colleen Dallons. I’m 19 years old and I attend The University of California Riverside. I watch glee every week and it just makes my day to you guys sing and dance. I love to sing everyday so much that my friends often think I’m an ipod with no off switch. I’m also only 5′ 4” so I get mistaken for high schooler a lot because of my face and height. I’m of mixed race of both chinese and Belgium. Please consider me for the next glee auditions.

  152. I am 19yrs. old and I was recently casted as an extra in some other new films being shot which is LOL and Detroit187. I have a lot to bring to the table which is high energy, very motivated and very well spoken, a five star personality and attitude, very flexible, outgoing, with leadership skills, as well as being confident in the spotlight.

  153. I LOVE to sing and perform..I’m a hairdresser to make ends meet but would love to be a performer. It’s my dream.
    Please inform me of upcoming audition dates!
    I work and go to school but i will do ANYTHING to audition!

  154. I am 18 years old, very outspoken, and very underestimated. I know I am destined for greatness. I’m ready to give them all a run for their money. I’m willing to travel to audition. Please email me any further info.

  155. Hey! I’m Kyle and I enjoy Glee so much. I love to sing and dance, I’ve also had plenty of experience in acting. I would love to get a part on Glee because it would give me the oppurtunity to realize what I can truly do in life and where I am going. I am very outgoing and enjoy making people feel better no matter what the situation. As previously stated, I enjoy singing, but I sing what my heart wants not what the lyrics “require” (so to speak) and I think that this is similar in numerous ways to how Glee changes the lyrics or styles of music. I often find myself enjoying the Glee versions of music more than the song from the original artist. I would love to stay updated on the auditions in New York City.

  156. i would love to try out for this. i’m having a lot of trouble with life these days so a break like this could really save me. the problem is, i’m only 13. but i’ve been mistaken for much older, so maybe there’s a chance “) but if they need a certain age for a certain character then i already have my own character and story plot planned in my head. i’ve been dreaming about this forever. music, dancing, acting, and singing especially is my passion. if anyone knows anymore details about this then please help me out. thanks! “)

  157. I’m turning 16 in a month always dreamed about being a actor,dancer,singer. I’ve been in a performing arts school before for dancing. I’ve been in choir since 4th grade, and I have a nice syle,I have a bubbly personality, Im very diverse in music, and people. Im ready to show my talents that I have to offer and this will be a great experince for me to actually live my dream.

  158. Im candace and im 16 years old. I LOVE glee and this would be the best opportunity ever! please keep me informed about casting calls, i am located in cleveland

  159. Hey guys,

    I am committed to getting as much information possible out there for actors about the reality show – Glee Auditions 2011. I have done so much research personally about the auditions so I decided to start a post that is specific to Glee Auditions 2011.

    We can share tips, experience, knowledge, songs and everything else required to kick butt in the audition.

    I also managed to interview experts and pull together a bunch of top tips about what it takes to get their attention in a reality show.


  160. Hi! My name is Claire and ever since I watched the pilot episode of Glee I knew I wanted to be a part of it. I have dabbled in acting and dance but my true passion lies in singing. I have been a part of choirs throughout middle and high school and have joined my community choir since graduating. I even performed Rachel’s part of “Somebody to Love” in one of our recent concerts. I know I have the raw talent to be a part of the show and the determination and passion to work to make myself better in whatever ways necessary. Being in Glee would literally be a dream come true and I cant think of a more fulfilling opportunity. Thank you for your consideration.

  161. Keep me updated on auditions in Virginia and D.C. Huge fan of Glee and every aspect of the arts. Acting, singing, dancing.. I love it all!

  162. Young, energetic, funny, excellent vocals and acting ability, MT major. Lives to sing and act. Voice is different from what is already on Glee cast.

  163. I have been singing for 11 years now and I think I’m pretty good at it. I love performing and bringing good entertainment to people. I always try to push the limit to try something edgy and different; changing up popular songs to suit my style. I enter a lot of singing competition and usually make it to the finals, so I would like to take my chances at competing for a spot on glee as well. I’ve watched every episode and I really adore the show. It would be so surreal if I ended up being one of the characters. I think I’m quite an interesting character to be a character on glee. Thanks in advance.

  164. Although I do love glee and everything, it doesnt necessarily about the show or being famous, its more about what they do. They inspire kids like me to go for things they have a passion for and never give up. I think its a great message. I wanna be one of the people that can say “Whatever obstacles your going through, ur heart and passion can overcome.” Great message. I never sang in front of anyone but I’m willing to.

  165. Heyyyyy!!! My name is chaz as stated in the ”comment from” area lol Im a nineteen year old community college student whos ALWAYS at work at my job *second home* Walgreens or doing homework SO YES I NEED A BREAK FROM REALITY. I have ben trying to find a way to audtion for GLEE since i was in the 12th grade. It is everything i am, what ive been through and what i stand for. I have wanted to sing and entertain since the day i can remember. Notice i said entertain and sing not make a lot of money and become famous, i just want to sing and dance like nobodys watching. I have always wanted to be in plays but unfortunately my high school either didnt want to or not got around to producing them. To make this a little shorter and simpler i now no audtions are coming to Virginia..nobodys comes to virginia. For some reason the industry doesnt think we have any talent here.Well i have talen along with personaity and charisma. I just want a chance to prove my talent and prove t everyway who doesnt beliieve in me that i can do other things than what they expect of me..or dont expect to say the least. Keep me updated plz!

  166. Heyyyyy!!! My name is chaz as stated in the ”comment from” area lol Im a nineteen year old community college student whos ALWAYS at work at my job *second home* Walgreens or doing homework SO YES I NEED A BREAK FROM REALITY. I have ben trying to find a way to audtion for GLEE since i was in the 12th grade. It is everything i am, what ive been through and what i stand for. I have wanted to sing and entertain since the day i can remember. Notice i said entertain and sing not make a lot of money and become famous, i just want to sing and dance like nobodys watching. I

  167. I prayed to God that the opportunity to audition for Glee will happen soon. I just turned 22, and I have been singing since I was 6, and acting since I was 13. I am 5’5, blonde, 118lbs, blue eyes and I was born and raised in Cape Town South Africa. My family actually moved to The Land of Opportunity when I was 12 in order for me to further my singing/acting career. Music and entertainment is my absolute passion-to be able to compete for a spot on the Glee reality show would be such a blessing. I live in LA and I would be willing to go the distance for an audition. Please keep me posted on any upcoming casting calls. xx

  168. My name is Carleigh. I am sixteen years old, seventeen in April. I have been in a handful of musicials including CInderella, High School Musicial, Sweeney Todd (twice), Back to the 80’s, and I just got cast as the Wicked Witch of the West in the Wizard of Oz. I love to sing. I am involved with show choir and chamber choir. I would love an opportunity to audition for Glee, the show I’ve stuck with since it first aired, and I would appreciate it if you kept me updated on any casting calls in Texas, Pennsylvannia, West Virginia, and Virginia. Thank you!

  169. Very funny out going pretty smart love to take pictures and be on camera but even better on TV I need a shot to show the world what I got I’m just looking for that chance I’m 22 years old from Brooklyn Ny and I wanna be FAMOUS!!!!!!

  170. Hi, I am young but tall. I am a cheerleader so I am fit and can learn routines fast. I can sing very well and I am a huge fan if glee. Thanks for your time!! 8)

  171. Hi, I am a massive fan of Glee it would be a dream come true to be able to audition! Could you let me know where exactly the auditions will be taking place and the Terms and Conditions? I am English and don’t live in the States at the moment, but i think i have a lot to offer :)

  172. I am a very energetic and outgoing person. I learn fast and have great comedic timing. I’ve been singing and dancing since I was three. Glee has allowed people who are either being bullied or feel like outcasts to have a group of kids to look up to, and it would be amazing to be one of their role models.

  173. Hi, I would love to audition in new York and I should be consider for this new reality show because I have great vocal skills, great personality and I believe i will win that spot to be on the show. In addition to that, I’m young competative and always looking for a challenge.

  174. Hey! I would love to be updated for auditions in New York. I would be a great addition to the Glee class because I am very exotic and talented. I learn fast and work hard. Plus, I haven’t seen a Hispanic on Glee yet! =) keep me posted!!

  175. Hey!! Would there be any auditions in West Yorkshire?!?!?!!! Most big auditions are always in New York, and California etc…and I think there’s so much talent to be found else where!! LET IT BE NOW!! I’m such a Gleek! I’ve had THEE biggest passion for Musical Theatre since I first ever watched a Musical which was when I was about 3yrs old! My family have taken me to see shows since then and I fell in love with them instantly. I have been in MANY shows and given the lead roles as my passion for singing gives me that extra edge!! I have been told so many times how my voice has “such a tone” to it and was extremely pleased to have been told this by ‘NODA’ after I performed as leading lady ‘Debs’ in ‘Boogie Nights The 70’s Musical’!! I write my own music and have created an album in which one of the songs came runner up in a competition to be made into a charity single. I love to dance and act and always open to new things! I can pick up direction easily. I feel I have something new and different to give therefore I believe I would be a great addition to the GLEEKS helping to make it through to sectionals!! xxx

  176. Hello! My name is Mary Michael and I’m 19 years old. I have been singing since I was 5 years old and have had a GREAT deal of training. I have a strong background in dance and musical performance and would love to be considered for the Oxygen – GLEE Reality Show. I do nothing but sing every day of my life and I have no greater passion than to sing with the GLEE cast performing popular songs of today! Thank you for your time!!

  177. I should be considered for the show because I love to sing and act. I’m 18, so I still can pass as a young person. I really get into my part when I act and have sung for different local events. I don’t overdramatize things. I am a young adult who loves to perform and I’d love the chance for something like this.

  178. hi mi name is jesstia and i would love for you to keep me informed. Ive been in a number of musical plays and i love to dance. Being on Glee would be so awesome.

  179. Hi I’m Danielle, I’m 20 years old (but look a deal younger, and can play a younger role), mixed (black/white) about 5 ft. tall, spontaneous and love to try new things! I love to meet new people as well as to dance, sing and I would love to add acting to my
    repertoire. I’m from the south, Atlanta, GA born and raised. I believe I’d be perfect for any lead part, and would be just content with any extra part as well. Please consider me for this role. I’m really trying to break out here in the industry, it is my destiny.

  180. i should be on this show because i can sing i can dance and i can act just let me prove it to you and you will want me on your show

  181. I think I should be considered for the Oxygen- Glee Reality Show Audition because, I’m young, hardworking, and dedicated. I’ve been performing my whole life and I want to make somethig of myself. I think i have what it takes for hollywood or show biz. I attend a performing arts school, and take vocal lessons. I performed in musicals for high school productions, and public events. I am also a member of the drama club in my school and sing in show choir. I would love to audition for this, and would make it worthwhile. I love performing and i’m a quick learner. I was born to perform and that’s what I want to do with my life. I dance,sing, and act.-Thanks for your time and patience.

  182. Hey!!!! My name is Tanaee Crosby I am 19yrs old and I believe I should be considered for GLEE because I just love to perform. To me all the performers on Glee have that spark about them and I believe so do I. Growing up in Bronx NY the only music that was all around me was RnB and Hip hop but as I got older I learned their was another whole world out there such as rock and country and having danced ballet hip hop modern african and salsa dance I knew no matter what it took I was destined to just perform because it was the only thing. That made me happy. So hopefully you take me under consideration and I’m just happy this opportunity came !!!!!!!!!!

  183. Hello, my name Is Rachelle and Coming up to 13 years experience and a passion for dance, singing and acting i think i would be a fantastic cast member of glee. Glee would be an amazing opportunity and bring out the best in all my talents i do many different styles in dance so feel free to get in contact with me and thank-you for you time.

  184. Hello I’m Jessica . I should be chosen because Im different to anyone else you could audition .I’m new , fresh , viberent ,full of life and full of energy . I sing and dance and act . I would make a great addition to the cast . I’ve got something special and I’m ready for it .

  185. Hi I’m Caty! I’m 16 years old and Im from Virginia! I have a heart in music! I love singing! I also love acting! I take choir, theater and I’m even in art classes! I love “The Arts” It’s something that I’ve always been intrested in! I think me being in Glee would be awesome, because again I love to sing, dance, and act! I really wish to persue somewhere in the Arts, its always been my dream! I hope Glee could also be my hope to achieving my goals!

  186. Please do keep me informed when you have casting calls in New York , New Jersey Philadelphia area for singing talents… Thanks very much. Jeann.

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