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Bravo TV The Peoples Couch

Bravo TV The Peoples Couch

Bravo is going after the big networks with their new reality television show The Peoples Couch. The half hour unscripted series will start airing on Bravo in October and will be based on a popular UK television show Gogglebox. In each episode of The Peoples Couch, cameras are turned on real TV viewers, as audiences get a glimpse into viewers’ reactions to shows like TLC’s Untold Stories of the E.R and many other popular network shows. The casting directors at Bravo are now looking for families of all kinds with huge personalities; groups of friends or roommates; long-term couples, anyone who will make watching people watching TV a blast. If this sounds like you do not miss out submit your information now!

This half-hour comedic documentary series turns the cameras around as everyday people at home watch and comment on the buzziest shows from the past week. The show will portray an unfiltered view into America’s current TV viewing habits. Bravo is now looking for “families of all kinds with big personalities; groups of friends or roommates; long-term couples…basically, anyone who will make watching people watching TV a blast. The only catch: you must live in the greater Los Angeles area”

This is a great opportunity for families that want to be apart of a new hit reality TV series. If you are interested in auditioning for The Peoples Couch please submit your information to or call 1-424-732-6349. Please keep checking back for more information on casting dates, locations and times and as always leave us a comment and let us know why you think your family would be a good fit for The Peoples Couch.

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  1. Hello I would love or you guys to come to new Jersey it’s sad that you don’t do NJ . but when you do be sure to look me up

  2. Myself , my daughter in law , and my sister in law have a ball watching television together. And we love the people’s couch as well. We would love to be on the show. We are hilarious

  3. My aunt and I were so upset to see that you have to live in LA to be on this show. That’s so limiting. We are huge fans of Gogglebox and would be perfect additions to this show.

  4. My husband and I love the Bravo channel and all of the housewives, flipping, below deck, plus many more shows on the network! We are a quirky gay couple with a special cat with a strange personality. Love to be on the show to entertain the people who are on the couch :)

  5. My family is Albanian we are very very loud and have lots of opinions and have some funny characters in our big family.

  6. Hi my name is Lesly and I am 23 years old. I am currently engaged and my fiancé and I have dated since we were 13 years of age. He is my best friend and we have a blast doing everything together; including watching TV. We both have great personalities and we are very outgoing. I believe we would be able to be a great asset to this show and would work extremely hard to exceed your expectations.

  7. Hello,

    Guys I will make all viewers glue to TV ! When I will be on lol garanteed ! The only thing your gemstone located in Boston,Ma, BUT will love to relocate to LA!


  8. My mother of 72 and I (19) love to watch shows together. We both have different senses of humor and she thinks that a lot of the things I find good or funny are inappropriate or stupid. She tells me all the time too. I love to talk through TV shows and talk about what might happen or what is going to happen with characters and so does my mom but only with the shows I like to watch. It can never be vice versa with her which is something I have to laugh about every now and then. But that doesn’t stop us from watching things together and we definitely love watching the people’s couch and even talking over that show.

  9. My mother and after are free spirited trio. Moms a hippie from
    Cuba. Obviously a huge fan of bravo. My father on the other hand thinks we are all crazy. Boston guy. Musician(drummer) and me and my mom can’t get through an episode to just gossip. It’s an amazing way to see me::single:: and 30 living with my parents and we watch all the shows. We just adore to put ourselves in situations. It’s a sh*t show. Cuban mommy. Boston “ughhh” this and that and I’m just no filter nor my mother.. Welcome to my family. Or to be in our life. Hope you can appreciate it and understand how great it would be. Best wishes!

  10. I love watching tv and my husband and I love ‘Peoples Couch’. We’re always commenting on how silly some of the characters act and putting our “two cents in!”

  11. Well my sister and I (who are in our early 20s) said 2015 would be our “judgment free year,” but this is essentially our life calling. Our celebrity obsessions, who we dub “our people and friends” would definitely love to be critiqued by us. We have bigger than life personalities and never miss our favorite Bravo shows. We are not afraid to be blunt and honest with a comedic twist that will have people laughing for hours, or I suppose the half hour it airs.
    Oh and P.S We are Team Queen Stassi for Life.

  12. After reading the comment directly above this reply box, I see you have to live in LA. That is a bit limiting in the type of responses you get. Let me remind you that culture and values are different across the United states. Thus, to get a better sample of responses you’d be better off with a wide range of diversity. Just saying. My group is me and my two sisters. Ages 28, 25, and 18. Hispanic/Italian. We all speak English and know ASL. Each of us is funny alone but are hilarious together. I’m a scientist doing Cancer research, my older sister works for a jewelry company, younger sister is in Highschool. We’re pretty awesome, all get along extremely well, and talk constantly. Good luck with your search.

  13. Hi, my sister and I are huge fans of the show , every time we watch we always say how we should be on it. We’re always full of jokes, you cant have one without the other. Our friends and family are always saying how we should have our own show radio or T.V. We are Italian and full of life and good spirit. Once you get a taste of the Randazzo sisters and our comic relief your gonna want to cast us. Hope to hear from you, ciao from Toronto Ontario:)

  14. Me and my roomate should be on the people’s couch because she never stops talking and I snap at her every 5 minutes. We’re also really funny.

  15. Hi I am leaving this comment to let you know that me and my two co-workers will be the best fit for People’s Couch!!!! Every morning before checking our emails we share our raw uncut views on the latest & hottest show. Empire, scandal, Housewives, Kosher Souls, ,fresh off the boat& more. We all view things from they young new college grad in the working world, a head CEO a community developer & a sharp raw tounge accountant. Pick us to sit on this amazing Bravo couch!!! because we are the people!!!!!

  16. My friend and I are so upset that you must live in the LA area!!! We live on the East coast near New York and we would be PERFECT for this show!!! I debated on even looking into auditioning but all of my friends who have seen the show tell us how perfect we would be!! When you come to the East coast area let us know!!!!

  17. I am a young gifted comedian from Memphis, Tennessee. I’ve been a comedian now for 3 years. I’ve opened up for several celebrity comedians, to include Mike Epps on the “After Dark” tour. I’ve studied theatre under the instruction of Levi Frazier. I can do several impressions of singers, rappers, and other comedians. I am disciplined, full of talent, and ready to showcase my talents to broader audiences.

  18. I am on the east coast but me and my bff would be perfect for this show. We have seen it and done it. Who doesn’t watch good tv shows with close family or friends over a glass of wine, liquor and food critiquing it, laughing, joking, crying, etc.. I would def have the viewers laughing with my point of view!

  19. As a college student, my friend and I love sitting on the couch and sharing our opinions on some of the popular shows on tv right now. we aren’t afraid to share our honest opinion, and love giggling and making jokes which always leads to an entertaining time

  20. My roommate and I have watched the show several times. But we have not been entertained by the people on the “couch”. No offense.

    We believe we are entertaining, funny, and honest. We love to talk about the shows and share our opinions. We watch many bravo shows, abc, cbs, nbc, and many others.

    Please give us a chance to make people smile and share in our lives.

    Thank you for your consideration.

  21. Wow this is the best fit reality show for me and my fiancé , we literally follow 90% of the shows that’s on television and always have , we are absolutely opinionated , outspoken and funny individuals….this would be an awesome opportunity for us.

  22. Me and my daughter and our friends would be an absolute HOOT watching funny shit like this…. we have huge personalities and love to laugh….. even if it is not funny, we find humor……

  23. I am a 17 year old high school student in Louisiana but a small group of friends and I have always wanted to do something like this. We’ve talked about setting up our own YouTube channel and everything. We all have a crazy sense of humor, stupid remarks to everything, and are just completely overwhelmed with energy. We’d love this opportunity.

  24. Bob and the 2 P’s. We are each comical in our own right, but the 3 of us together is a complete comedy series. My daughters (2) and I are able to play off each others idiosyncrasies and every palpable nuance of each others personalities. In other words, we have a great time watching TV shows and movies. Your internet will LOVE us, we GUARANTEE!!

    We also come with a cast of extras (Mom 89. grandson 12, granddaughter 20months and a few friends and significant others that drop by on the random) that add more delight to the mix of laughs.

  25. I would love to appear on this show. My girlfriend, my sister and I would be a great combination. We are funny together. It has also been my girlfriend’s dream to come out on this show.

  26. WAHHHHHH. Holla at cho’ Wisconsin girl here. We got some attitude and opinions here too and happen to love this show too. Our group/”family” is polite yet still outrageous. You guys need to reconsider and call up Wisconsin!

  27. I am just a little upset that you have to live in the Los Angles area. My family is a diverse, crazy and insane family that is full of all finds of strange and unique drama. Getting multiple reactions and conversations about what is being watched happens all the time. The problem is that we live in Pa, on the other coast. We have people tell us all the time that we should have a show just about us we are just that dysfunctional.

  28. I’m ready. I have a group of friends that lives here in Atlanta but all of us are from Saint Louis, Missouri.
    Contact me and u will give you guys my story. Thx in advance. Its so juicy it will top the rest of the shows.

  29. Hello Producers!!!!!!
    Let me start off by saying I love this freaking show. I would like to be casted for this show because i show all the signs of a true tv fan. Emotions,anger,happy,fustration, and tellling someone what’s going to happen before it shows. To go along with this I have a TV partner which is my sister. We have a full week of shows that we watch and give some harsh feedback on and show raw emotions. My sister gey’s made when they draw the shows out which is funny. When I watch a TV show for a long time I get attached to it. If someone die I’ll cry like a big baby because it’s like I’m using someone close to me lol. It would be a pleasure to hear from you all. Thanks for the time.

  30. Hailing from NY, now residing in Miami my sweet and sour attitude and point of view would be something I know viewers would love! I’m a combination of all of the previous cast members and we havent even started on my friends!!!

  31. First off, my sister mother and I, love this show so much. We always joke and laugh when we are watching anything about how we would be perfect on the show. I consider us all very witty and have a lot to say :) We have always been told our family is hilarious and would be great on television. Our family Is from Omaha Nebraska, and would love nothing more than to get a chance to share our humor with the world.

  32. My cousin and I would be the perfect candidates for the people’s couch. We are constantly judging people (in the nicest possible way of course). We become really involved in and emotionally invested in television shows…and we love wine!!! Television is so much love fun with alcohol! If we could send you a video blog we would, you must see us to love us!

  33. Me and my partner watches this show religiously. We love the diversity, and would like to be a part of the show. I’m retired military and my partner works with mentally challenged kids. We both look at a variety of programming, and is always commenting on them ourselves in the privacy of our home. I think it would be wonderful to showcase two black married gay male couples to show the audience that we are people just as anyone else. We both are funny as hell and are equal opportunity assholes. (no pun intended…….well maybe a little) We would bring viewers to your show because we already have friends all over the country that know us and would support us and your show. It would be our pleasure to present to the world and you the Jackson-Jeffress household. NOW LET’S WATCH TV……….AND ENTERTAIN AMERICA

  34. My family would be a great fit because we ALL are NOT seeking to be actors. We just have the “IT” factor when it comes to being “REAL” and being real is funny. We are 42(me) and 38(wife),(son 24) We are funny and not because we think so everyone says it… My wife and I get, “I never seen a couple have so much fun together” or laugh so much or “Are you guys always like this?”… I personally got ” I’ve NEVER met a person like you before” or “You make us feel like we arent even here”(we were in jail, and not for anything major, dont panic..) To make people feel like they weren’t in jail is HUGE. I make my family laugh even at funerals I know how to kill a very somber moment but everyone left there saying Thank You… so it was cool, and not disrespectful.. I kinda bought the life back into my poor old uncles corpse..(who was also VERY funny also)(RIP EDDIE).. My wife is supremely funny and witty…. She is American Irish/German/Lithuanian and I am American Puerto Rican(not born there, so I have NO accent, my mom was born here too as well as my fada), I have a south Bronx NY accent I suppose. So I would cover the Black and Spanish “cultures” (point of views, because thats who I was raised with) and my wife would cover the white “culture”(because thats who she was raised with)..and they ARE different whether people like to admit it or not. Many times Spanish/Black people dont get white people and their humor and vice versa so WE BRIDGE THAT GAP. We brighten rooms, we are are the people who you wait for to show up at a party. I figure I would speak from a American Puerto Rican, raised in the hood(the south bronx in the 70’s-2000’s) point of view…sinceI have a treasure trove of life experience that I draw my wit from. Too much to list. I usually say what people are thinking, but dont dare… but in a nice and witty way….And as for my big headed wife.. she is white and can speak from that perspective. You cannot go wrong with us. We are grand parents thanks to our son who couldnt wait..He’s 24 and we have a 6 year old daughter. We are ALWAYS laughing ever since we were sent by the good Hare Krishina to bring joy/humor and realness to the world. One thing you can gurantee if we said it its REAL at a minimum….Its always real. :)

  35. My daughter and I would be great on the People’s Couch! We are best friends, and love watching TV together. We have something to say about every show and every one. Sometimes nice, sometimes mean, depending on what the truth is! :) We also make ourselves laugh. People already love watching TV with us, so I’m sure America would, too! We live in CO, but are willing to move to LA if necessary!

  36. Gail 60
    Emily 23
    Mom and Daughter
    We watch a wide variety of shows and would definitely try new shows!
    Yes we are in AR but come on now our town is home to a nationally recognized art museum….look it up Crystal Bridges!
    I’m an Elementary school teacher living at home for a year with my mom. Gail is recently divorced but as sassy as ever. I hate when people say “aren’t I funny?” No. But I actually do seem to humor people with my dry sassy southerness.


  37. I watch a ton of television and am NOT an actor, but have a huge social media following for my opinions of television as well as movies and current events.

  38. I would be awesome on this show HOWEVER I don’t want to be I just want to know when the new season starts? Why the episodes aren’t always an hour long!?!?! Why is the season so short!?!?! And lastly why aren’t there multiple episodes a week!?!?! BRING BACK MY FAVORITE SHOP NOW!!!!

  39. I live in Nashville,Tn my Social Club (The Color Girls ) watch all the shows on Bravo. Why not expand the couch? We are working women,housewives, and motorcycle riders. We love Andy and his Big Ideas.

  40. I think me and my long time friend kendra would be great for this show we are very different from each other we are always debating about things sometimes we might get upset at each other but it goes no further i think we would have a lot of people watching the show if picked we would be perfect for this show

  41. My name is Devin Bashir..I just turned 26 12.12.14…I’m a people’s person…I love to laugh and make other people laugh…I’m an up coming actor and model that brings life in a room….I have so many ideas to pitch

  42. I’m obsessed with The People’s Couch! I love it! I know two couples that would be perfect for the show (both couples are very funny when they interact) but they live in PA/DE. Please start an East Coast version. Andy’s in NY, why not?

  43. Hey! i’m Claire im fourteen and my sister Erin is sixteen my parents are Jim and Chris they are divorced but get along great. My family has very strong opinions and are very loud but they are lots of fun!

  44. My name is Cooper Tinsley and me, my sister, and my mom love this show and love watching all kinds of shows today. I am a openly gay guy and don’t care what people think about me and I always say what I believe and think. I am 13 about to be 14 and my sister is 16. My mom is 39. She always says what she thinks about a show and doesn’t care what others think. I enjoy the Real Housewives show and other reality shows. My sister and mom love crime shows and murder shows the are very suspenseful. I believe we are a perfect group for this show and are just what is needed. We would love to be on the upcoming 3rd season of this show and look forward to hearing from you. Can’t wait to hear from you!!!!

  45. My name is Cooper Tinsley and I really love this show. I think me, my sister, and my mom would be perfect for this show because we always speak our mind about what shows are on no matter what people say. We live in Florida and may I meantion I am a out gay guy. I don’t care what people say about me and always say what I want and believe. I am 13 about to be 14 and my sister is 16 and I think we would be just what people want to watch and hear. My mom is very funny and always says what she thinks about a tv show. We would love to be on this show and look forward to hearing your response and really hope to be on your show for the upcoming new season. Love to hear from you!!!!

  46. I’m not an aspiring actress or Internet sensation, and I definitely don’t want to be. I am a waitress and a bartender in a local restaurant in Colorado and it’s awesome and I love it. My roommate (25), Boyfriend (24), and I (30) get off work late and smoke a bunch of weed (it being legal and all) and sit around and watch trashy tv and have the most entertaining conversations. We LOVE the show, and always wonder why people don’t watch us watching the show and other shows because we are hilarious. Or at least we think so, and think you’ll think so too.

  47. We would make the perfect family to be on the People’s Couch. We fit the Bravo channel demographics perfectly, I am a 43 year old working mother, my husband is a stay at home father 45 and our daughter is 13, the perfect age to give her Gen X parents advise on pop culture. We are an interracial family and we live in a middle class neighborhood in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and we LOVE TV. TV is our get away from the daily stress of life and we appreciate all forms of TV, reality, sci-if, sports and just plan old TV. Please give us a chance to audition.

  48. I believe that I would be a great addition to this show because I am very opinionated and animated! I talk to the television as if the individuals can hear me, especially when it comes to the Real Housewives!

  49. OMG!…My two girlfriends, gay friend and I will be great for this type of show. We have such a high energy in speaking our minds while we watch reality t.v. We don’t hold back and sometimes even confuse ourselves on the things we say. Which will be great for your show. Give us a chance and you won’t regret it. Hope to hear from you soon.

  50. Hi I am a young 64 year old and think I could be a natural for these types of reality shows, I hope I will have a chance to audition for them.

  51. My name is April. I’m 21 years old and think my family (specifically my grandmother) would be PERFECT for this show! She is hysterical! So blunt, she’s often confused by so many things. She’s honest and just so relatable. Honestly just a funny person. She laughs at her own jokes and her laugh alone will make you laugh!
    Would love to hear from you and have the opportunity to spread my genuine family humor with you and the rest of the world.

  52. I’ve just watched your show for the first time and l just want to say that your couch potatoes are not very funny and you need that in order for the show to make it. Now my family is crazy enough to bring you the highest ratings in Bravo’s history. Too bad the window has closed :( … We would have been a great fit….. All the best! Mo’s Family

  53. Please dont cancel this show, :( My teen and I love this show and we watch it every week. I even applied to be on it because Im a smartass and he gets me going cause half the shows I cant understand why they do what they do. I’m constantly screaming at the tv and he thinks it funny. Please, Bravo if anything pleasre keep this show on because the couch families are hilarious and they make the show. Keep it going, we never even knew it existed until 3 months ago and I’m a constant Bravo watcher. Thank you for your laughs and time! Namaste Bitches ;)

  54. My friend an I sit on our couch an talk about the shows we love, it gets quite heated an loud as we throw punches an talk about what just happened. I would love to be a part of this show, laugh, cry, curse an dare anyone to call e while I’m watching these shows:). I love this show, DARN!!

  55. We want to be filmed on peoples couch while watching/commenting about people on peoples couch. My best friend is a bravoholic. My brother snap chats us the entire time. We are constantly eating/arguing/ making snide comments and have no problem holding back what we want to say. We are not couch potatoes we are people eating potato (chips) enjoying the peoples couch.

  56. Love, love, love your show!!!
    If you ever film families from Georgia I’d love for you to capture my silly and crazy family on film responding to shows.

  57. I LOVE LOVE LOVE The Peoples Couch! My GBFF (Gay Best Friend Forever) and I watch pretty much every popular show and ALWAYS have plenty to say. Him being gay, hes very dramatic and actually more of a girl than I I wish you would cast in other places. We’re in KY and would love to do this show!!!

  58. Hello,people say that we need our own TV show because you really can’t understand our relationship, and I tell them don’t get involved, we just have a love and hate relationship, been together for 30 years (17 married, 13 dated) we will be good for the Couch, but we have guest that drop in to watch also!! My son and his friends are comical so is my husband we dance between commercials!!! We will be an great addition to your couch!! But better on ours!

  59. My family and friends have the biggest personalities. When me and my sisters get together…let’s just say we are either getting in trouble with our mom because we have no filters or we’re making other people laugh…because we have no filter. I feel we will be a great asset to your show.

  60. Who wishes this show would expand to the east? My roommate and I watch this every week and would do anything to be on the show! We cut out time each week to watch this loyally and find ourselves commenting the funniest things on everything! I hope that there is an opportunity to be a part of the show in the future despite being on the other side of the country!

  61. I love this show my sister an I would be perfect for this show we spend so much time talking about tv shows even when there not on I love tv sitcoms reality tv is my favorite I have a great point of view on tv shows and my sister and I are freaking hilarious together so come on to Michigan and crack up with us

  62. I think my family would be fantastic for this show. Me and my family are always cracking jokes. It always becomes a fun time when we watch t.v. I know we would rise your show to the top!

  63. I love in NYC – am a New England wasp with a Pakistani daughter with a Pakistani/Puerto Rican grandson; our life is hysterical – would make an incredible reality show.

  64. Im 20 years old and my names Jesse. i have been told by many that i should have my own tv show! im that lesbian that everyone adores and me and my girlfriend are two peas in the pod that watch all the hit tv shows. when we first watched the peoples couch we looked at each other and laughed knowing we would be prefect for this show! We are addicting people who others cant get enough of. We would be honored to be apart of this tv show. Me and my girlfriend make silly vidoes all the time have made put people in tears with our many vidoes. We could bring a whole new light to your show. i would love love to hear from you!!!

  65. I and my family, are constantly watching Bravo. We are so outgoing, and don’t hold back on what we say! We’re practically Peoples couch, without the cameras at home! We would be great for this, all our friends and family tell us we need our own reality television show, and I know we would be the perfect family for this!

  66. Please pick my sister and I!!! We are bubbly, fun and have an entertaining personlity! We both know we would be a hit on the show :)

  67. My son and I watch this every week and would be great on the show cause we are funny, crazy have awesome personalities and love to react to the shows. I am 36 and he is 19, we are a riot when we are together!! :)

  68. My friend and I have always watched old black and white movies when we were hung over and so ad-libbed on them. My favorite memories Park Ave Apt, in Syracuse, NY were us watching an old B&W on a crappy 13″ screen and making up our own lines. And then my husband and me, do the same thing but much nastier and dirty.

  69. People who are posting “I think I’d be great at acting in this show”, are idiots!!!! Its NOT ACTING you ditz! Its filming real responses as you’re watching shows! What a dip sh*t!

  70. My family would be perfect for the show all we do is set around talking about people, and especially when watching television, if they can hear us they would hate us or laugh to death.

  71. Me and my twin sister watch different reality shows and we commentate each and every one. We are have great personalities, and would be a great fit for this type of show. We love having fun, and joking around. We take TV watching to a whole other level, and if we miss an episode of our favorite shows then we will spend all day catching up Walking Dead, Real Housewives, The Ex’s, Love & Hip Hop, and etc. We like watching all types of Tv shows and movies.

  72. I think you would be truly thrilled if myself and my 2 sisters where on the People’s Couch. We are all in our mid 50’s and have very different views on things. My younger sister is a sports fanatic and my older sister is a beautician by trade. As for myself I work in accounting and if there was one thing I could do for the rest of my life is watch tv and be able to make express my opinions. The three of us would be a hoot to watch and laugh at (wine included) Please give us a chance to empress you with our thoughts and outbursts. Cheers!

  73. my sons / and friends of mine are so into reality TV, we would put so much energy into this show. Please give us a chance.

  74. Hola!

    I’m not an actress nor have I been in the entertainment industry. I’m just an average girl in her 20s that LOVES watching TV. I have a group of friends that I’ve been best friends with for more than 10 years. People who know us KNOWS that we’re silly, funny, and have big personalities. We love talking about TV shows that we’ve watched and our reactions are priceless. We love joking around, making fun of each other, and joke about whatever we’re watching!

  75. I work at a restaurant in Tucson az, so you know I have a fun sense of humor. my two girl friends and I would be a great addition to your group. I’m an innocent wide eyed girl, my friend is completely opposite of me, and the other gal is just pretty to look at.

  76. Omg! We die laughing with this show every week because we do the same thing while watching tv…we are cracking jokes at the funny shows and scream at the scary ones (as if we are part of the shows) we Can be loud…we are cubans! We live to be on here!!!

  77. At work, a coworker of mine and I are always told we should have our own TV show or Youtube channel because we’re so funny together when we are with eachother. I have considered creating my own youtube channel, and I even talked with him to see how he felt about doing our own youtube channel together and see if what our coworkers say is true. But we never made it a serious thing, but thought I’d try it out here and see what happens. If given the chance I think he’d be up for it if I asked him nicely. If not I’d gladly try on my own. either way, heres to hoping!

  78. OMG. Dudee! Being on tv and watching TV
    Talk about a sweet ride on the upscale si xDde! I’d give anything to do that

  79. Hunnie! My family and I loveeeee T.V!! We can break down a show and people as if we’ve known them for years. I’m the one giving the “T” and “Now She Know She Wrong For That O.O”…My husband thinks he’s the Director. my 15 year old daughter goes in on the look and story line of the show. Together we cause all kind of Riggahmarooness ( MY Word #GetUrOwn & Confusion from the beginning to the end of the show…#WeDoTV #SHOWTIME #SNACKS #Family #Fun

  80. OMG…I just discovered this wonderful show!!!! If you guys ever decide to do a season in Chicago, please notify me. Me and my family are ridiculous when it comes to TV shows!

  81. Hi my name is Pamela Jones, I’m a 41 year old mother of two with a crazy husband that has alot to say but in a good way. We love to talk, laugh an joke about everything especially television shows. If you pick my family, Im sre you will not be disappointed and views will love The Jones family;)

  82. I am a 30 year old with 12 year old twins and a two year old,my son has aspergers and is always entertaining, I am battling a rare disease, and our family has more personality then the little town of Kremmling Colorado can handle. You want us!!!!! Guaranteed you won’t be disappointed once you experience a day in the life of the Sharps!

  83. I am always commenting while watching tv! And the ones who are with me say I should do a YouTube show because of the things that come out of my mouth.

  84. I am someone who gets very into the shows and communicate with the people through the television. I am a home critic.

  85. My sister and our best friend would be perfect for this! We’re a close-knit group who get passionate (often too passionate) about all things pop culture. We have weekly movie nights that usually end in screaming matches about the unsatisfying ending or bad casting. The best part? My friend and I are talkers, we discuss everything happening all through out whatever we are watching. My sister on the other hand HATES this and has been known to walk out of movies when we get too out of hand. Definitely a good fit for something like this.

  86. My husband and I are addicted to Reality TV, our channel is usually Bravo or E! We always watch the shows together, and have pacts that we cannot watch shows without each other. He is 55, I am 43. We have always said since we are addicted to Peoples Couch, that we would be the perfect lil fam to be on this show!
    Here’s hoping. We have A LOT of opinions and our relationship really thrives on watching other peoples lives LOL

  87. What about canadians? I’m perfect for this show! I have non-stop commentary every time I watch these shows! I was born to comment on crazy reality shows!!!

  88. hi im not interested in a part but if you need some new music to start of your new seriwites I think I can help you with that my song is like a look at me now song if it wasnt for you I wouldnt be here where I am now so if your interested please contact me

  89. I am super sarcastic. I have no filter but I am not mean. People are always laughing around me and I thrive off of that. I LOVE TO LAUGH!! I’m open to the world and what it has to offer.

  90. I would love for me and my 2 best friends to be on this show we critique the celebrities on a daily basis and all reality shows we are pros at it and we don’t miss a beat were like our own tmz I’d love to be a part of this movement.
    Brent chiddick

  91. Well we are not from LA buttttt that’s bias and not fair! We’re not trying to become aspiring actresses, we’re completely somewhat normal and are watching Dating Naked as we type this out! We watch reality and drama shows religiously and are pretty quick on the puns and ask the questions that most wonder. A blonde and brunette, completely opposite, yet best friends! Venture out of the boring LA stereotype area and come sit on our old school blue wrap around couch. We even dress for the occasion, you know the normal prom dress and what not! WE are your girls :)

  92. Bravo People’s Couch. I am not an Aspiring actor, but believe that with the addition of me and my roommate to your show would be a great benefit. Our comments seem to always amaze me and I sure would be just as amazing and refreshing to your audience. It would not surprise me that after one season of us on the People’s Couch it would result in a spin off with just us.

  93. My Fiance and I are VERY Funny, Opinionated, Talkative.. we just watch every show and always have a opinion on what’s going on in every seene lol

  94. I think I’m what your looking for.I’m young, no kids, 26 yes old, 5’5,120pds, I’m a dancer looking for simthing bigger n better. Ready to move on and everyone tells me I have that IT factor. I will move or go where ever I’m needed. Nothing holding me down. If I’m your girl I’m ready. Thanks… you can see more me on Facebook under krystle butler

  95. I am a 21 year old Aspiring actress from Kansas with a huge personality and a great sense of humor. I have a big heart and even bigger dreams. I am currently studying theater and music at a community college in Overland Park but am always looking for performance opportunities and ways to get out of my hometown of OP that I have loved in my whole life. Would love an opportunity like this !

  96. People are always telling me I need to be on TV. They have asked me why I haven’t moved to Hollywood!!! I am looking for my big break to be recognized or discovered!!! Hopefully I will get my chance here!! looking forward to hearing from you!

    Fredy Brooklyn

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