“The Real Housewives” on Bravo Auditions

The Real Housewives on Bravo
Casting for new wives for Bravo Network TV Show "The Real Housewives".
The Real Housewives on Bravo
Casting for new wives for Bravo Network TV Show “The Real Housewives”.

The infamous reality television series “The Real Housewives” which airs on Bravo Television Network is looking for new housewives for a brand spanking new season of the show! New city! New wives! New drama! The claws come out! The Real Housewives are considered bourgeois housewives and professional women in the suburban and urbam areas of several American cities. Right now the show broadcasts wives from Orange County, New York City, Atlanta, New Jersey, Beverly  Hills, and Miami. They tried the installment of The Real Housewives of Washington DC but after too much political turmoil and unlawful events went down the show and their wives decided not to go forward with the filming.

Andy Cohen is the executive producer of the series as well as he is part of the After Show and Reunions. He does a lot of promotional work for the TV series as well. The reality television show got broadcast syndication back in 2012 and has been popular ever since. With some of the cities dying down, and a lot of the housewives ratings going down due to low content and low drama, where in turn audiences don’t tune in as they did usually. The show is based off of the ABC popular TV Series “Desperate Housewives”, but some of the women do not live in the same neighborhood. Some live miles apart while others are neighbors. Their social circles are what overlap and that is how they remain close friends.

If you or your friends or your social circle are housewives, some can have part time jobs or somewhat of a career and are battling with serious and realistic issues such as suicide, divorce, broken relationships, bankruptcy, infidelity, family feuding, alcoholism, deadbeat dads and foreclosures that this may be the show for you. Make sure to send in your information and a written paragraph of why you and your friends should be chosen for the next Housewives or your city. You may be the next stars on Bravo TV! Make sure you are over the age of 21 and have the consent of the other Housewives you are submitting out as well. Casting call will be over the next few months and each wive will be auditioned with only if casting directors are interested in working with you. The casting department will contact you with more information after.

Fill out the submission form below to get more auditions.

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  1. Hello,
    I am a 44 year of age I have been married for almost 17 years with so much drama I don’t even have enough space to tell my story.I am an own of my own virtual business and work a full-time job with two teenage boys born and rise in Chicago.I have a group of lady friends that have just as much drama as I do.I feel we can bring the heat to bravo and make this a great success.we will be an asset to bravo and most def, not a liability.

  2. I am a 25 year old lesbian that has been married to a mature 22 year old woman. We have been homeless together sleeping in cars etc. We both have had deaths close to us in each family and we do not label ourselves anything less or more than lesbians. We both have mental illnesses and series of bad luck that we have dealt with. I, Christina, have been accidentally shot by being at the wrong place at the wrong time. I have a BAF degree & do not work. I have recently lost my dad and it was my first death. My wife, Drucilla, is the one making ends meet. I have trust issues with her bc of her sex addiction and my lack of interest in sex period. We literally met on my 23rd birthday by my ex boyfriend and hit it off that next might at my birthday party (drunkenly with a video) and the third day we made dating and moving in official. That was 3 years ago but we been through so much it feels like 10 years ago. We have been having problems with finances, stability, mental issues, emotional issues, trust issues, and infidelity issues. But through it all we bounce back through everything and let love conquer all. We are the REAL back lesbians ??

  3. As much as I am a fan of ALL the housewives – I watch all of them, I think “The Real Housewives….” is a bit of an unrealistic title. These women are already successful (lawyers, actresses, socialites or have married well) and aren’t really portraying genuine housewives lives. Once they are on the show invariably whatever success they have had is instantly amplified and more success is thrown their way with offers of book deals, recording contracts, product launches etc. Why not actually get a group of REAL women, who have ordinary lives, perhaps someone who has a physically disabled child and has to rely on one salary because their husband lost a limb in Iraq and can’t work, etc who after one season will be catapulted to fame and be given opportunities that they wouldn’t otherwise have ever had a chance at getting? Now that’d be REAL!!

  4. Dallas or Collyeville which is called ColleyeWood! Houswives! Do I have some ladies for Bravo! Whoa! These ladies are Real! I own a Salon and I know and hear it all! I Cannot believe Dallas metroplex hasn’t been picked! Please do not pick All Plastic Blondes.. Real means Real housewives with real stories like the other housewives! I’ve seen and heard of some of the Dallas socialites trying to get on… It’s not about socialites is about real housewives! I know Bravo knows, want to make sure others know!

  5. my name is T’Tonea I’m an inspiring actress and writer out of Louisiana, yes the bayou state. I enjoy being in the spotlight and center of attention however my character is beauty and brains. yes I’m a housewife for sure but also I run a few businesses from home, being married to a teacher can be a task and coming from a family of educators can be quit difficult trying to live life to the fullest and keeping it classy at the same time. all my associates and friends are teachers and wives and we are some true southern bells that earned our strips. you will absolutely love us as we bring empowerment and we stand for success, we love traveling to colleges,sorority events and charity events, and I love throwing parties out of this world. highly hope my cast and I can be considered on changing the world with a new spicy type of tv…..

  6. Hi my name is Tonya Walker I stay around the Chicago area I have a group of successful women that are ready to become the next housewives we all have a daycare business we all get paid from the state when they want to pay us we all have been in the business over 10 years dealing with this type of business you need to have a lot of patience but most of all the DRAMA NEVER STOPS from fighting with daycare parents about paying us to someone running their car into one of the ladies daycare center she just opened to messy divorces bankruptcy finding out one friends husband is sleeping with her sister for years nervous breakdowns from feeling like were nothing to our so called friends its a lot of back stabbing people among us who calls dcfs to try and get our business closed down cause we are full in our business their is NEVER a dull moment with us we cry we pray we laugh together we are all friends who grew up together that love and support each other in everything cast us and your ratings will go through the roof thank you

  7. Hi I’m Independent Artist and me and my 3 girlfriends want to be The Next House Wives for Bravo Atlanta or Alabama ! We are what’s turnt up we are a combo of cool fun classy artistic crew. We will bring the drama of real life and show the world how southern girls get down straight house wives style.If you want to r take this ride with us Message me back . The show is our life and our life is a Show.

  8. I am 13 years old and in love with theses shows! I think that there should be a teen show that is like the real housewives! Our problems could be chores, not being able to drive, drink, party, or not having enough data for our phones. Me and a few other people think that this would be a very realistic show for teens. I really don’t care if you see this or not because I think it’s a great idea any way! Please respond even if you don’t like the idea thanks
    ~ KOLBIE A.

    • I would love to be considered to be the new housewife of Atlanta, I am legally married but separated presently i am thinking of moving to Atlanta and what better way to break into the scene than being on The Real Housewives Of Atlanta show, I would use the platform to promote awareness of my chronic illness Polycystic kidney Disease/P.K.D and also my new beginning.

    • Bravo needs to do a Real Housewives from Nashville. TNT did a wives type show but casting was off. They had great potential in 2 of the women but the rest weren’t personalities you could connect too. It was produced by a company that produces some of the Housewives franchise. I’m a music producer in Nashville and could help them cast Nashville properly! Noes the time too!

    • Love the real housewives, but you need to do a show about who kids are getting ready to go to college or are already in college! Many kids will be able to relate about the challenges that kids face when it comes to applying to college and all the decisions they have to make about their majors and which college they are going to!

    • Pleeeeeeeeezzzzz!!!! Do a Real Housewives of Seattle someday!! I would love too have a chance to go too a casting!!
      I’m a real house wive and stay at home mama! After all this the home of Microsoft, Amazon, Starbucks, Hawks and Macklemore just too name a few things! Thanks, A:-)

  9. The above link is just a “Taste” of my lifestyle. I have always wanted to do a housewives show in “Duval” county. I have reached out to a group of ladies about a “Real Housewives show” and they are READY! I have completed the audition form. However, I am not sure where you are to post the information. Can someone confirm where to send the information my email ; ambitiouscynthia@gmail.com Thank you!

  10. I am a new Jersey housewife. I stopped working 3 years ago when our daughter was born 3 months early. My staying at home has cause financial strain and we are working very hard and facing some real issues. my husband is 9 years younger than I. we love and support each other very much but have some very different points of view. Since the beginning of our marriage we have faced hurdles that we have always seemed to over come. I know we are going to over come the issues that face us now and believe that viewers would like a chance to root for people like us who have been working hard and sacrificing. we are on our way. our lives are never dull!

    • Hello,
      I’m curious, would bravo ever consider doing a show on real military housewives?

    • Extraordinary TV Personality in Detroit, Michigan
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  11. Hi I’m a succesful PsychoTherapist and Life Guide currently looking to be the voice of reason or the voice of Shaaade. I have a no nonsense down to earth personality and good sense of humor. I’m originally from the South Bronx. I currently reside in a very affluent neighborhood Pacific Palisades with my significant other a very succesful Doctor. Our family is multiracial, very beautiful, funny and multi talented. I believe that I can bring laughter, excitment and Bravo drama to your housewife franchise. I’m flexible and willing to travel for an opportunity to be considered for one of your shows.


  12. Hello from WV! Andy, I think you should come to Huntington, WV to do a housewives show! WV always gets shows that do not truly show the beauty and culture that’s actually available. There are many educated people and a lot of money in our town. I have a great group of friends all who work and are really involved in community activities. We have great local boutiques and places to eat. Please come and show what all we have to offer! You will not be disappointed!

  13. I am a divorced mother who lives in Birmingham, AL. My first husband and I divorced- although we have three children together. My second marriage was brief and a catastrophe. It was annulled. He took his child with him. Since then, I met the man who I knew in elementary school. We fell in love and married and have a beautiful 10 month old daughter. With my original three kids and his two original kids.. we have a family of 8. None of our in laws like each other – so that leads to tension and would create dramatic scenes . I have a Master’s degree and work for the Social Security Administration. I have two friends who I would also like to be in the show They are dealing with being single parents and other issues. One woman has issues because she was always mistreated by men and got into bad relationships.They have consented to be in the show with me and I have a video that I can send. Give Real Housewives of Birmingham a chance . You will not regret it, and you will get a new segment of viewers. The show would feature my life and my circle of friends will also be a part of it. You will get real reality that your viewers can relate to and a story lines that will make Bravo more profits . Give me a chance; you will not regret it.

    • I am a divorced mother who lives in Birmingham, AL. My first husband and I divorced- although we have three children together. My second marriage was brief and a catastrophe. It was annulled. He took his child with him. Since then, I met the man who I knew in elementary school. We fell in love and married and have a beautiful 10 month old daughter. With my original three kids and his two original kids.. we have a family of 8. There is constant drama friends. The white girl only fates abusive black guys and we are trying to find her a nice white guy. She is like Kim Zolchiack before she met Troy..My other friend just got out of a divorce. She is trying to tart over but has to find herself first. I have a Master’s degree and a government employee. I have two friends who I would also like to be in the show They are dealing with being single parents and other issues. One woman has issues because she was always mistreated by men and got into bad relationships.They have consented to be in the show with me and I have a video that I can send. Give Real Housewives of Birmingham a chance . You will not regret it, and you will get a new segment of viewers. The show would feature my life and my circle of friends will also be a part of it. You will get real reality that your viewers can relate to and a story lines that will make Bravo more profits . Give me a chance; you will not regret it.

  14. I’m Uktainian woman married to Irish – American for 17 years , who I met in Donetsk , Ukraine , we have 4 amazing kids – 11, 8 and 3 year old tweens – all of them are very theatrical and funny , I’m in fantastic snd sexy shape (110 pounds) due to my commitment to kids and dancing as well as passion for new experiences . I would love to have an opportunity to be on a real housewives show cause I’m a real housewife behind a successful men :)

  15. Would love to see a show on real-life issues. Being an anxiety “survivor”, and being able to keep it from people for many years, I think exposing this medical condition on national TV would be a great show with a huge following. So many people suffer from anxiety and depression, and I believe that a T.V. program on this subject would be like a free doctor’s visit on a weekly basis, and would act as a support group for many people.

  16. Good Evening Bravo family-

    As a young black engineering professional that currently resides in Atlanta GA, at the age of 28, I have tackled a number of avenues, including modeling and acting; outside of my day to day career choice. I also am the founder of Jada Elize Coordinating and Promotions and currently pursuing Real Estate as an additional source of income.

    I’m a go getter, I’ve always been referred to as such, or Crazy K (thanks to college). But I haven’t had much success in the dating world. We all know dating in the A is a struggle….. hell the men all want what we want, making us experience a shortage in quality prospects.

    Any who, I believe that my eye catching personality, no filter having self would a perfect fit for next season. I have a way with word, that will cut ones throat with a hint of class, providing that right amount of drama and speculation.

  17. Hi I’m 29 and live in no. My husband is an entrepreneur I am a counselor and next year hopefully going to law school. We don’t have children yet but we do have a fun life and travel. I am Portuguese and French and he is Italian. I have done commercials and modeling and was mrs Camden county. We would love to be on the show

  18. Hello,

    There is no shortage of interesting, smart and successful women on long Island. It is a melting pot of city meets home town girl. I am married an amazing man and I have spent the last 9 years with him supporting me. I am not rich in money but I posses a wealth of interesting things about my life. One being I run a 80ft party fishing boat and am third generation Captain in my family to hold a 100 ton master Captains licence and I am one of Long Islands few active female captains. It can be a handful trying to balance being a good wife and still trying to climb to the top of the food chain in a male dominated industry.

  19. Howzit Collin
    my name is Tan-ya Dulay-Teixeira from Kaneohe hawaii and I have 3 other best friends that are perfect for a Hawaii Housewives show 2 of us are married and the other 2 are single well 1 is engaged we put him threw a test that only best friends would we back round him faked a melt down to get her over to tell her and we have done the craziest things to each other. were not rich but are real we drink after a days work and have fun when its needed. But we are the light of our town when we go out we always draw a crowd and sometimes we dont get waited on cause were outgoing and Beautiful well some of us LOL. right now theres drama between us but things will be fine after awhile will see hahaha. we all benn friends since 1994 and knew each other since middle school they were good friends since then the other 3 of them for me I was a good friend with one of them and came into the group. I am the Bad girl of the group and feel into a good girl group. We laugh all the time about this but I think we could make Bravo a whole lot of money cause we real and if you guys like the real deal this crowd is the one to work with it Dramas real life thats us ….Aloha

    Tan-ya Dulay-Teixeira

  20. NeNe Leakes is basically my spirit animal. I think you guys should focus on real wives with real issues. I watch the shows but I feel like the women do nothing but bicker-it gets old. I’ve been diagnosed with Melanoma Skin Cancer, Anxiety and ADHD and I’m facing 5, count them 5, lawsuits based on private student loans-talk about a story. I have 2 small children and my husband is in sales working 50-60 hour work weeks. Not thinking much will come of this-but it’s fun to dream.

  21. My name is Mary and I think that they Should do a show called the real house wives of West Virginia, I really don’t that many people but willing to meet new people and I’m someone that will speak my peace and tell it the way it is, I also like to meet new People. I’m Married I have a Daughter and Granddaughter I love Deeply and I have a lot of struggles in my life Even if it isn’t a housewife show I’m willing to do some sort of Show, I have come over a lot of obstacles and still going through some obstacles I have been pretty much a loaner all my life Please pick me so I can learn new experinces and meet new people

  22. Hi, I am married and we have a story for this show…and my girlfriend who is also married name Kim needs to be on the show with me…. We are both tell it like it is ladies! And please believe me this would not be a boring show, When you choose me I would be happy to give you more details, We really need our on show! With all this drama going on…. So I would love a chance to audition for the show.

    Thank you,

    Debra johnson

  23. Divorced, bankrupt art dealer and single mom. I can say without exaggeration I have issues with everyone, including all family members. I am confident and opinionated yet quite affable.
    I would be happy to make new friends.
    Consider me!

  24. My name is Dianne, but people close to me call me DeeDee. Originally from NY, now I live in the northwest suburb of Atlanta for thirteen years. We have an interesting beautiful family of Caribbean decent with sisterly dramas, and the likes. I’m married for 23 years with two handsome sons. I am very ambitious and career driven individual and hope to start my PHD in Education and Leadership real soon. My husband is a successful salesman and I travel extensively with my career. I am looking forward to be grounded home to mend some issues in my relationship with my husband. Two years ago my husband’s mother died from cancer and we haven’t had the best friendship since then. I love him dearly and would like to get him help from his inebriation. This problem and issue that I’m dealing with will platform how to get back into a healthy relationship. Despite those woos, I’m a proud wife, and mother of my oldest son who is an engineer and youngest son in his second year of college studying engineering.

  25. I have a friend that has been engaged for seven years and she still doesn’t want to walk down the aisle due to infidelity issues. She has a 20 year old that refuse to leave the nest and plenty more drama from there. I on the other hand has been married for 9 years. We have had infidelity issues in the past and I hope that is were it stay (if I can do it) smh. Another friend is separated but has not filed yet. What is the hold up?? IDK. The other friend has been in an interracial marriage for 8 years and is the ideal family. She’s a soccer mom. Last but not least this friend is a wife that has been seperated but of course hasn’t divorced. She is back with her oldest child father which is married and has been for years… Imagine the drama all our lives hold. I’m scared to dish it out, but hey someone has to do it.

  26. I was wondering if you were still looking for house wives or back ups. I someone you wanna meet, I make you laugh, cheer you up and keep it real with you. I’m married have four kids a eight yr ,three yr, two yr( who were born in the same year 2012, My niece Sophia who is mixed black and white and a 10 wk baby. My husband works for NOV the major oil company and he travels alot. I am working on being a plus Size Model and a comedian.

  27. Hi my name is Kandice Jackson and I am 37 and I was once married before which ended up in a divorce and now married to my ex- husband sister baby daddy. When I tell u its stories on top of stories. I hv 2 children of my own and my heart is pure. If giving a chance u won’t be disappointed. I love to be honest and speak my mind. I am who I am. I have no family here in Houston and I was born in Harrisburg Pa. So this is my life. I’m trying to find me.

  28. I’m not looking to be on the show but I think the next city should be San Francisco, Nashville or Seattle for obvisous reasons.

  29. I’m a transplant from Chicago to Atlanta. We moved almost 4 years ago and continue to explore/find parts of Atlanta not seen on the show. I’ve watched the Real Housewives of Orange County since the first show aired and love watching the Beverly Hills and New York ladies. Atlanta has a lot going on with nice mix of interesting people. It would be great to expand Bravo’s viewpoint of Atlanta and the folks that live in the city as there is a growing culinary scene (Krog Street & Ponce City Markets (as seen in Food & Wine mag recent issue) Linton’s Cafe), movie/TV series making, amazing modern homes, technology start ups, etc…

  30. I grew up in the shadow of the refineries in southeast Houston. I danced at Gilley’s before John Travolta. Fifth- generation Houstonian, my fraternal Great Grandfather Cooper Brenner, participated in removal of the bodies from Galveston. My maternal Great Grandfather, rode in from King Ranch to marry my Great Grandmother, who was Cherokee. On my third marriage, to Terence Murphree, Chairman of the Board, of United Steel Structures. We own a home in Montrose, and a ranch in Bellville, Tx (60 miles west of Houston). My beautiful daughter, Maggie Yewens lives on the ranch at Bellville. We have a new business flipping properties, which provides plenty of conflict. My son, Sargent Robert Yewens, is stationed at Ft. Bliss. Harry Yewens, my ex, father of my children, has stage 4 lymphoma, and is a patient at MD Anderson. We Are Houstonians. We, are Texans. ,Tennessee, Alabama and Cherokee. We are as dynamic as Houston. We are Texan. We ebb and flow from the Buffalo Bayou to the Rio Grande.

  31. Hello I am a transgender female in a committed relationship and I feel with today society that everybody is more acceptable to things and different idea.There should be a show in which transgender female in a relationship so be accepted to everyone in the world. I live in Baltimore Maryland and want to express that transgender people as a whole are just like people in any type of relationship status.

  32. Hello Andy! You need some down to earth housewives on the ATL show, not seeking a husband housewife j/s! :-) That everyday housewife that is really making it happen as a housewife with many hats.
    That would be me (Tracy) and my family! I am newly married of 2 years. Me and my husband (Shelman) got married, moved out of the country and had a baby. Now, it don’t get no more real than that..We lived in Atlanta GA before we moved to CUBA for my husbands job (nope not in the military). Now, we are soon heading back to the states this summer (2015).
    Atlanta is our playground!
    Welcome us to the TEAM of Housewives.. Hope too meet you and the crew!

    All the best,

  33. Hi my name is Grace, I live in Prince Georges County right outside of Washington D.C., My residence is the wealthiest county for African American in the nation. I have Masters degree in Acquisition and Procurement. However, I love fashion, beautiful and in great shape. Me and my handsome husband are a great couple for a housewives show in my area. We currently have two boys…whom keep us busy. My life is great and fun, following the daily activities of my and my well of friends will be “Show Keeper”.

  34. Hi, My name is Kim and I am a huge fan of The Atlanta Housewives. I’m currently in the process of moving to Atlanta. I’m a financial entreprenuer, with a witty, sometimes dramatic personality that I feel would fit right in with the current circle of housewives. My father recently passed and I’ve gone through a particurlarly eventful divorce. I’m extremely popular and I love to get out and be the talk of the town. I’m the one to bring it on hopefully during the next season! I’m a people person and I love to be the center of attention. I can’t wait to get together so that your staff of casting directors can be as excited as I am. Your next Housewife is here!

  35. Hi, well my name is Farrah and I’m dating a millionaire and well I think i have the perfect group for this show there’s about 10 of us we are all from Hawaii but we will get together once in a great while due to the drama that goes around in this group.I can tell you right now that we will bring the most ratings for the show this group has so much drama and we all known each other for about 10yrs+ everyone of these girls will bring something to the table for this shows everyone that we know tells us if we had our own show we would get lots of ratings so please choose my group thanks

    Farrah G.

  36. I’m Jillian, a single mom to two pre- teenage girls. (I’m 31 and Dominican/Jewish) I’m in a seriously relationship for the past 4 years but HE Wont freekin marry me! (he has personal fears) I’m in Boca Raton, FL – I’m a real estate agent and I run my boyfriends construction company. You need a show called ‘Boca Bitches’ or aka -Real housewives of Boca Raton. :)

  37. I currently live in NJ with my husband who just started his plumbing business, and we have a daughter who is 3 and my son who is 10 months. My husband would love to have more kids and I would to, but don’t like being pregnant. It’s a challenge with two under the age of three. I was working full-time as a makeup artist, but I am now part time. I’m thinking about getting into the fitness industry since it’s always been a passion of mine. Between my husband and myself we can bring plenty of drama. He’s stressed working long hours and I’m left to pick up the slack. He has a few family members that don’t get along as do I and it makes it hard when planning parties and other events. If you want to know more email me. Thx

  38. Hi
    I am from Chicago, but living in GA. I am the housewife you are seeking. My life is very entertaining from being in the healthcare field, entertainment industry, a mom of six kids, blended family and trying to balance all together. My life is a roller coaster. My husband is obsessed with strippers and big booties. My older children need Jesus. My husband family don’t like me and we are planning a upcoming vow renewal. I don’t know if they will even come to the wedding. We have issues to workout. My husband and my family are from different walks of life. My family think his family are hillbillies in the deep south and broke, like they have big money. My mom and I don’t have a strong relationship. She keeps comparing me to my sisters. Sometimes, I think my own mom is jealous of my success. My husband and I are business partners. That is not easy, because we have to learn to separate our personal life from our business life everyday. The end!! If my story don’t work, I have a hot show idea we can sit down and discuss.

  39. Greetings, I am a day late and a dollar short because I am just finding this post. I am an owner of a successful performing arts organization that houses a professional dance company. I am an artist and surrounded by people with issues and concerns. I am divorced at this time. However, I have friends and associates that are something else. For an example I know a woman who actually purchased her own engagement ring. Her fiancé told her to pick it out and he would pay for it later. Well less than 2 years they have divorced and she is paying for the ring. I know women and people from all walks of life and that keeps it interesting. Well, I have been told that I am comical and full of ya ya (you can’t even measure a ya ya). I ready to bring some fun, frolic and provocative television seen through eyes of a worker. I live in Houston Texas.
    Sherese Campbell

  40. Hey Hey Hey…My name is Diana..Princess Diana that is…from the soon to be cast Housewives show: The Real Housewives of MD. I am a successful working married mother of 3 and a grandbaby! I know I can give them what they want. I am not phony with it…I am 100% straight to the point. I feel that people want to put on a front because they came from rags to riches etc. NO NO NO that is not good at all. I grew up rough and Never acted like something I wasn’t. I think my situation created the word ROUGH. LOL! I made it through a rough childhood and fought my way out of the hood. Meaning I was so determined that I was going to be successful. I paid my own way through college and was able to accomplish 2 associates, 1 bachelor and a Master’s degreee in 4 1/2 years. I graduated College without having to pay a bunch of loans. MY school bill was $0 at graduation. I went through several rough relationships and married my husband in 2004. I treat people the way I want to be treated. I just created my own T-shirt line called: INFINITY FAITH. I came up with that name cause I have an enormous amount of FAITH that never ended as far as my determination in LIFE. My company will put money in a pot for every shirt sold on: INFINITYFAITH.COM in order to give back to people all over the world. I want to help families go on family vacations for those that cant afford it, help kids with college payments, buy the less fortunate clothes and food just to help the next person get ahead. Through my rough life, all I had left to give me hope was my FAITH. I feel that somebody helped me and I want to help the next person by GIVING BACK. I was diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure and I never let that stop me from doing anything in life. I ride roller coasters and believe in having fun at all times. I said if I am going to die, let me die doing what I love. I graduated to the big girl section a minute ago cause I am not doing all them stupid diets. LOL! I still look good cause I stay looking fly at all times. Some big girls don’t know how to dress cause they are not as skinny as they use to be but I don’t have time for all them STUPID DIETS. LOL! (Aint nobody got time for that!!) I am a size 14 but I have to bring it down a notch although I am NeNe leaks height. Thats the problem with yall shows, Yall need some BIG GIRLS on there that are doing BIG things. LOL! (#DEAD SERIOUS THOUGH) I USE to be a model in my Younger years. But anyway…I am a nice person that don’t play with putting people in their place immediately. I don’t let them take my kindness for weakness. I am a giver!! I never mind helping anyone!! Thats just how I was raised! People think I dio not know that they were trying to be slick..but I CHOSE to give them whatever it was that I gave them from the kindness of my heart knowing they were not going to give it back. When you give, you can’t expect it back cause then you will not be mad if they really don’t give it back. I am Smart, Cool, Fun and look great for my age. People tell me all the time that I do not look like a grandma. I keeps me a weave in my head 24/7…but I tell people all the time: I wear weave cause I WANT to, not because I HAVE TO…DON’T GET IT TWISTED!! I know that I could make one Heck of a show cause I will show people how to be successfull and REAL at the same time. I host a lot of parties at my house cause I believe in LIVING LIFE and ENJOYING LIFE. Have you ever met anybody that died and told you what it felt like to die?? Me either!! Thats why I am enjoying LIFE as much as possiible. My Heart condition does not define the rest of my life …it made my HEART that much bigger. I do not live my life like the next person..I live it like ME!! I inspire me!! Now…LETS GET THIS SHOW ON THE ROAD!! WOOP WOOP!!

  41. Bring back the Real Housewives of DC!!!!! I have two friends as well as myself that will make for a great cast!!! The first and last season of Real Housewives of DC was boring and did my city no justice! Get us and the views just might like us just the same of not more than RHOA!!!!!!

  42. Hello my name is Carralyce, I’m 29 years old, single mother of two fabulous daughters, and I live in Orlando FL. I am the owner of Red Carpet Couture & Gems in Winter Park FL. Winter Park is one of the most elite and exclusive cities in Orlando houses range in the millions. Park Ave. is the place to be and be seen in Orlando and to own a business on Park Ave is a very big deal. I own a boutique on Park Ave where we specialize in selling high end designer items to the elite. From Chanel, YSL, Givenchy, Prada, Oscar De La Renta, etc. I am very involved in the fashion scene in Orlando that I know people in every fashionable circle. From models, photographers, makeup artist, stylist, editors, you name it. My business is going great, my family life is doing great, and my social life is great. While I am not married, I use to be engaged to my daughter father years ago. We separated for about four years and now we have reconnected and making our family life work. My boyfriend currently runs Adult Gentlemen’s clubs in Orlando and Miami, so when I’m not being supermom, or businesswoman, I’m either with my girl friends having a drink and getting into trouble or I’m partying with my man and supporting his business. I think Orlando would be a great city to add to the Housewives franchise. Orlando is usually only looked at as a tourist city where Disney World is but there is more to Orlando than meets the eye. The night life, high society, money, scandals, beautiful scenery, and drama that resides in this city is simply entertaining and the diverse group of women here is limitless. Orlando is definitely an ideal city to choose, you have your southern traditions, arrogant opinions, Orlando Magic, Harry Potter and so much more. Welcome to Orlando Florida!!!

  43. Hello, I am 33 year old (but look 25), extremely attractive (fake boobs, big butt), Korean-American attorney-mediator. I suffer from anxiety, ADHD, and have anger management issues. People either love me or hate me, and I never blend in and always stand out. I just recently took over my family business on the beach in LA. This restaurant is an institution in Southern Calufornia and a tourist destination. The tensions between my mother and I at work are high, but we love each other. My husband of 2 years is a State court judge and we are trying for our first child. We live in the Westside in a beautiful home. My brother is an alcoholic and black sheep of our family – we constantly fight. I have a great sense of humor and can bite my tongue in most situations, but if you piss me off, I would recommend that you sleep with one eye open. I have called into wwhl live many times complaint to Andy about the lack of full Asian housewives (Lisa Wu being the closet thing to an Asian housewife). Let’s do this people!!

  44. Hello my name is Jessica and I live in san Pedro CA. San Pedro is a port city located in Los Angeles. We are a very territorial city primarily made up of Mexicans, Italians and croatians. My group of friends is unique in a way that can only be described as…. well….. We are all connected by our one friend CM and the rest of us kinda just tolerate each other. All of our husbands are mechanics down on “the docks”. The docks refers to the port, it is filled with mechanics and long shorman, basically a huge floating dock consumed by ego and testosterone. Back to my little group. We have one girl who thinks she is too good for her husband, one who won’t give her boyfriend kids so they are constantly breaking up and the other rekindling her marriage after years of not living together ( long ass story). I think between my group and my town alone would make for some juicy television.

  45. The show takes a deep look into the lives of a blended family—two adults (recently engaged) and seven children. In the backdrop of Southern New Jersey (metro Philadelphia), reality will take on a new twist as entrepreneurship, politics , college life, family bonding and challenges, and newly found love all collide 24/7/365. The show will have multiple complex story lines as the two adults, Patricia and Scot attempt to balance their love in the midst of their own personal battles: single parenthood, reviving a once lucrative business, starting a new business, divorce, estranged family, and learning to accept true love. Each of the couple’s children: Cinasia, Benee`, Cinque, Cehki, Cyela, Chandler and Preston have enough youthful exuberance and captivating personalities to soak up an entire show on their own. Amid being beautiful looking children, their storylines take the show into the life of a hardworking college student aspiring to become an orthodontist, a standout high school football star in the midst of his senior year as college recruitment begins, an aspiring r&B artist who’s talent is only overshadowed by her desire to have a relationship with her father—who is Wanye Morris one of the top selling R&B artist of all time (Boys to Men), and four “keep your cameras rolling” elementary age children who are always a thought away from mischief, but know how to tug on Mom and Dad’s heart strings.

    This family sets itself apart from other reality families with a no holds barred approach to life, love and laughter, as well as correcting past failures in order to enjoy a brighter future. In a time where extreme reality television trumps good reality, Scot and Patricia will lead this family, as well as viewers on a ride that will match the values of Run’s House, the glamour of the Kardashians, and the drama of the entire Housewives franchise.


  46. Well, Well Well…………let me see where do I start….hmmmm? I am 38; mother of 3 (21, 11, 4 month old), been married to a cheater for 3 years whom pretty much in his own right is a entrepreneur (few trucks he operates with his drivers)! I would leave his ass if the money wasn’t so good, but unfortunately I am stuck with him until I am in a position to make more money for me and my kiddos! My work profession consist of a straight 9-5 office job (senior administrator analyst) by day and my side company (virgin remi hair dealer) by night! Nothing special about my personality accept I am truly a realist who tells it like it is no matter who you are, what you got going on, and if you like it or not. My tongue is to slick to bite down on, so the shit just flows out and sometimes the flow is not nice! Thank you for your consideration******

  47. My name is Qiana Henry and I am a divorced mother of four and I believe I have what it takes to be a
    Real House wife. I am 39 Years of age hold a dual Masters Degree in Hospital Administration and Nurse Practitioner. I am not tied down and can relocate any place in the world.
    I have followed the RHOA series from the beginning and I would love to participate my life is anything but boring. I have experienced everything from a broken home to being married to a self made millionaire and now that I am divorced he has withheld finances from me and I am in a cross roads in my life. I am ready for the next adventure I live for labels love and libations. My world is a stage and I can bring it. I know this is more than a single paragraph bit it is impossible to place all my fabulosity in a single paragragh.
    I am at a time in my life where it’s my turn. My mother and I have a crazy dynamic and I want to be the overcomer. I may not be known or a celebrity however what I lack in fame Iake up for in loyalty entertainment and sincerity.
    ANDY I believe the viewers are ready for a relatable housewife and I know that’s who I am
    I know what it’s like to go from having a nanny maid driver and family to food stamps and now coming back
    You’ve heard the rest now see the best.
    Qiana Wednesday Henry
    your next Real Housewife

  48. INDIANA. Honestly I’m embarrased to say I couldn’t point out where Indiana was on a map before I moved here for medical school at 30. Then I met my fiance who is one of the most renown commercial contracters in Indiana and I started to meet the women that accompany his clients, friends, and business associates. I am now 35 finishing medical school , about to become a doctor, and surrounded by some of the most incredible, loud, genuine, dramatic, pretencious, colorful yet amazing women I have ever met, There is such a variety! Included in this list is my own experience: there is cheating, alcoholic ex wives, born again christian ex wives who have literally brainwashed their kids to hate their very sweet dad whos family probably owns half of inidana who married a millionaire oil rig owner good friend of mine, to a family who owns one of the most successful mall companies in america, to husbands who have killed themselves, trips all over the world, big time gamblers, private jets, travels to exclusive resorts, and this is only my experience! Indiana is definitely a diamond in the rough with many sories to tell. A must look into!

  49. Hello, my name is haley page. I am 20 years old & this is really interesting to me! I am from a small town, tupelo ms! I have always told my mom that our neighbor hood of friends need to be on the show “housewives” our neighborhood is full of drama, something is always going on. My mom &
    Her neighbor hood friends always have parties & some one is always not invited bc of some sort of drama. I promise you, you will not regret this!!! Ahh, I really hope you are interested! I could tell you so much more! There is divorce going on, cheating & she found out, overly drunk, husband not having a job. All sorts of crazy things. Oh & my moms 2 best friends in the neighborhood are named Julie, as hers as well. You would love to film us/them! Thanks, Haley

  50. In 2002, 3 years before the bravo enterprise began their journey-our group of LA COSTA, CA socialites contacted a ghost writer to write our book for the great FOXY FIVE adventures; our self-proclaimed title for our stories about our exclusive experiences. We are the group of women who own our own business, raise our families and/or are simply “wealthy” due to good fortune. Some have experienced a financial reversal while others have created a financial future. None-the Less, google the La Costa Resort and Spa. This space is a world-known location where the rich and famous retreat while visiting competitive sports as in pro-golf and tennis championships where the most famous “play”. Behind the beauty of the course and the community lies an exclusive group of women who really don’t care much about anything other than grabbing the title of the ONE who has the most accurate gossip and being the first to share it. On a daily basis, we may lunch at the resort, spend an afternoon at the spa and move about our own personal agendas, while climbing the ladder of our social status. We have more “dirt” on the clean ladies who may re-gift a present, while enjoying a ride to the grocery store 2 miles from their own home in a $100,000.00 car. The greedy is common in this area and some have NO SHAME to SHARE. Others will commit a crime to succeed in the climb. The Real Housewives of La Costa will be the next Bravo Hit. The eclectic women who survive in this environment and have been here for the past twenty years-won’t hold back in their thoughts of others, who cheated their way in the group.

  51. Good afternoon my name is Brianca WilkinsI am a 22 year old upcoming urban plus size model from NC. I have recently just got out of a bad relationship , the guy I was with cheated on me and the girl got pregnant. I know that majority of television shows are looking for drama , drama , drama and I am currently experiencing this with my former relationship. My friends are the best doing this difficult time that I am going through. 1 of my friends would be a great candidate to go on the show with me she is a vixen model that goes by the name Shaquana Mitchell she has been in numerous videos and she is currently seeking to be in a relationship so setting her up on a few blind dates may help that situation. Also these housewives shows need more younger cast to get the variety of younger viewers. I really hope to hear from you guys I have so much to offer all i need is a chance

    -email : briancawilkins90@gmail.com

  52. Ok here it goes. I am 31 newly wed my husband is 4 years younger. Being newlyweds we live at my house with my mother which can be challenging. My husband and I work for the same company which narrowed it down I’m his boss. So drama is what we have all the time at home and at work!!! We try to live a normal life but yeah right who in the heck are we fouling non one. He wants kids right away ummmm yeah I don’t just in case you never know. My family ummmm yeah don’t really talk to my older sister at all and my younger brother has his own drama at his house that sucks anyone in. So Drama is my middle name. I am Latina but 6 of look at me you would say no way!!! I am a little hot headed!! I love to live the good life and have the finer things in life but which girl doesn’t right? If you want more pick me…

  53. Hello, my name is Sarahi Maximo and I’m 29 years old born in Honduras Central America. I was brought to Sacramento CA in 1991. I have been married for 9 years and it has not been easy. I also have a 9 year old son. I work as a patient care coordinator at a dental office. I can bring a lot to the show with all the drama in my marriage and work. Hope to hear back. Thank you so much for time!

  54. Hello,

    I was wondering who I might contact about being a part of the real housewives of …Las Vegas. ( I know there isn’t one yet, but I think there should be!) We have a very unique and very interesting family that I think would be great for a Las Vegas show. We are foster to adopt special needs parents, and we have adopted 3 almost 4 very special, howbeit, mild special needs children. They were all orphaned and we get to be their parents! Our goal was to give them a very good life with all the advantages we could. I have a degree in film/tv and was a commercial model and have had acting training and experience.
    We are currently business owners for 14 years here in Las Vegas. We are middle aged, but we try to stay in great shape for our kids! We are not super wealthy, but we are very blessed. Could you tell me who to send an e-mail to or maybe forward this to the right person? I appreciate you taking the time to consider this e-mail. We can be reached at 702-807-5883 to discuss more or email!

    ​Thank you,

  55. Hi, I’m a very successful business woman. I live in Tewksbury NJ with my family. We just built a gorgeous new home on 5 acres of property. It is a custom built home that took 2 years to build. We also belong to the Fiddlers’ Elbow Country Club and have a house at the Jersey Shore. Real Housewives of NJ filmed at my shop, Furrylicious, last season. I am extremely friendly with Teresa. We actually became good friends when she did a book signing at one of my shops back in 2011. Both Teresa and Melissa have puppies from my shop and I continue to “bling” them out for them. My husband and I just sold one of our businesses (a technology company) where he will stay on to continue to run things for the company that acquired us. This allows me to concentrate on my other businesses, Furrylicious ( I currently have two shops. One in Whitehouse Station NJ and one in Scarsdale NY. Planning a third in the near future for Ridgewood NJ) and an Animal Hospital that we own with my brother that is a Veterinarian.

    I am extremely thin and fit, I work out daily, dress very well and we definitely like the finer things in life. I have two children, my daughter is 22 years old and just graduated Lehigh University and is working at her first job in NYC. She has been dating her boyfriend of 4+ years that is currently studying to be an Orthodontist at Columbia Dental School. My son is a Freshman in the Business School at Lehigh University and is a Star Decathlete on the Lehigh Men’s Track team.

    We have a wonderful circle of friends and family. Although my married name implies I’m English I am very much an Italian, Jersey Girl.

    Would love to explore the possibility of being on the show. I think you would find I would fit right in.

  56. I live in Kalispell, MT Formerly born and raised in San Diego, CA and lived in the Los Angeles area for 16 years before coming to Montana. This is a great place to live and we have a lot of things to do here. You taped the NY Housewives in Missoula, MT last season which is about 2 hours south of where I live. I would LOVE to be a housewife on one of your new show’s. We have a lot of beautiful women here that are married and have class as well. As I always say “you can take the girl out of the city but you can’t take the city out of the girl”. Just because we live in Montana doesn’t mean we are all country hicks. I myself am a very active woman married to the best man ever, we have been together for 23 yrs. and he is even 14 yrs. younger than me. I am 58 soon to be 59 as of Feb. 29th however since leap year won’t be here for another year I celebrate on the 28th so I am also 14yrs. old as well. I have been told that I don’t look my age and I look around 40 to 45 yrs. old. I am not only a cougar but also a HOT Nana to my three grandchildren. I have only one child my daughter and she is 37 yrs. old and she always say’s I can run circles around her. I love going out at night, dressing up all the time and keep busy with my own company I am in the process of getting off the ground as well as being in the process of writing a book. In the summer we go boating, camping, go for rides on our hot motorcycle and love to travel when it’s possible. I don’t have anything that really ties me down and I am a woman that’s on the go loves being with family and enjoy even being home at time’s. TRUST ME you would not be disappointed if I were ever so lucky to be a housewife on your show. I think it’s time people see how us Montanan’s do it and I know there are other women here that would also love to be one of your housewives. I have also written to you in the past of even maybe doing a show called “The Hot Nanas of Montana”. So Let’s get together and do this!!

  57. I am opening a new chapter/journey of life and ready to spread my wings for a new adventure with providing Bravo dedication, loyalty, trust and hard work. Please take a look at me and let me know if I fit what you are looking for in a new show. Thank you in advance for an opportunity to serve you.

  58. Hi I’m a young married nurse with a 15 month old son. If your network is looking for higher ratings then Boston is the place to start. I’m funny talented interesting and beautiful. I’m of Haitian decent so my culture can get pretty interesting. Also I know some of the wives of the new England patriots and having them part of the show would be a hit. Please pick me,, I love bravo tv:)

  59. 26 years old, 4 years married, trying to have kids (some issues there), husband’s in construction and I’m a hair stylist, we live in JERSEY! ! We’d be a great addition to njhw, becoming more established is better for reviews then already being established, we’ve been on TV before, we’re a great team together!

  60. Ok bravo here’s the deal,don’t waste time looking any further, I am casino cocktail waitress for years you want drama we wrote the book!if that’s not enough my household life is the number one best seller starting with my husband having cancer twice then to follow a stroke and brain surgery and that was all in our 40ties not to mention hurricane sandy destroying our home so we are ready for this break bravo help this atlantic city girl out you ask I ‘ll deliver I’m energetic outgoing out spoken and have one life to live and im ready to start living it now

  61. I have been married for about a year, I have an amazing life and live in PALM BEACH COUNTY! Looking forward to hearing from you!

  62. I would like to be a member of RHOA so that I can bring back my 1st cousin AJ memories because he is so forgotten after all the love, support and care that he shared with the cast family. However no members of RHOA have visit nor mention the good memories of him he just died of set as well as natural life. I will bring support along with ratings to Bravo. Last but not least!! I will become Apollo new mistress by supporting his needs inside/outside of prison. We will change the game on Phaedra Parks honey…. Pick me- pick me!!!

  63. i am from Houston, Tx. born and raised, with 2 kids a 8 months old baby girl and a 26 year son. i have been married for 2 years and been knowing my husband for over 20years. i am in the process of prespecting for a motorcycle club. it is alot that goes on in the houston ara expecially in the motorcycle world i am a working wife and my husband is a project manager also owing his own business on the side.i think bravo will have great ratings if they would have the ”real housewive of houston” so many crazy and drama here….

  64. I am newly relocated to Los Angeles. Single mom looking for a new life. My daughter is an aspiring recording artist and is working on her EP and hopes to be signed to a label soon. She is doing amazing and is incredibly talented. My other daughter is a college student (prelaw). We are known as the 3 musketeers and have a very unorthodox life~ always on the go and up to something and never a dull moment here. I am interested in something new and would be interested in talking!

  65. Relocated GA about a year ago. Married for 23 years. My son is 18 and my daughter us almost 13. Served for 5 years on the US Army as a active duty. See in as a Reservist for the past year. Work as a office manager for a dental company. My husband is a cancer survivor. Recently moved to my own place. Know a decent a mount of people in the area with more than enough drama that can be attractive for television. From my coworkers to my friends I can right a book with all the day to day drama I see everyday.

  66. Hi. I should be considered as fresh blood for the RHof OC. I am 46 and keep myself looking great, a woman with a past , but not nearly as controversial as some have accused me of. I live in conservative OC and am always told myself and my 2 daughters (18 and 25) are beautiful. Born and raised in the OC I understand very well the nuances and undercurrents and dynamics that take place when you live behind the Orange Curtain. I have very strong opinions already formed on the personalities of the current OC Housewives lineup. I’ve always been very popular in my large extended group of friends. I’m not afraid to ruffle some feathers with my lack of fear in voicing my opinion. I was married to a home builder 10 years ago who passed away, losing him almost killed me, but it didn’t. I remarried an Electrical Engineer 2 years ago. He turned out to be a a Bi Polar narcissist – stories of him are legendary. I’m now single again and ready to move on to the next level of my life. I’m am a writer and currently working on a Novel. I feel I have some things to say to the ladies of the OC. Most of them are not interesting women at all in my opinion , but they have potential. I may be able to help them with that. Tamera borders on white trash, Vicki is a hoot but deeply intelligent. I think a bit of intelligent educated opinion, Art and Literature wouldn’t hurt the OC ladies at all. It almost embarrasses me watching them because they represent us. Heather to me is a bit of a pseudo intellectual but a big improvement. Shannon is truth..yet bat – crap crazy. Please don’t bring Jeana K back. She’s hard to look at and doesn’t have intellect or charisma. At least the others have one or the other. Hope to hear back. Thanks so much. ❤️

  67. Hi. I should be considered as fresh blood for the RHof OC. I am 46 and keep myself looking great, a woman with a past , but not nearly as controversial as some have accused me of. I live in conservative OC and am always told myself and my 2 daughters (18 and 25) are beautiful. Born and raised in the OC I understand very well the nuances and undercurrents and dynamics that take place when you live behind the Orange Curtain. I have very strong opinions already formed on the personalities of the current OC Housewives lineup. I’ve always been very popular in my large extended group of friends. I’m not afraid to ruffle some feathers with my lack of fear in voicing my opinion. I was married to a home builder 10 years ago who passed away, losing him almost killed me, but it didn’t. I remarried an Electrical Engineer 2 years ago. He turned out to be a a Bi Polar narcissist – stories of him are legendary. I’m now single again and ready to move on to the next level of my life. I’m am a writer and currently working on a Novel. I feel I have some things to say to the ladies of the OC. Most of them are not interesting women at all in my opinion , but they have potential. I may be able to help them with that. Tamera borders on white trash, Vicki is a hoot but deeply intelligent. I think a bit of intelligent educated opinion, Art and Literature wouldn’t hurt the OC ladies at all. It almost embarrasses me watching them because they represent us. Heather to me is a bit of a pseudo intellectual but a big improvement. Shannon is truth..yet bat – crap crazy. Please don’t bring Jeana K back. She’s hard to look at and doesn’t have intellect or charisma. At least the others have one or the other. Hope to hear back. Thanks so much. ❤️

  68. I am from Pittsburgh PA, I am 23 yrs old and a RN at Magee Women’s Hospital. I am a labor and delivery nurse and we deliver over 11,000 babies each year. Which is one of the busiest baby booming hospitals in the nation!I know the point of the show was originally to be a “housewife” but as the years have gone on the housewives have become more and more successful and independent on their own! I have an awesome group of friends and in Pittsburgh their is something always to do! We are a crazy sports city between the penguins, pirates and steelers. Trust me it would be one of the best city franchises.

  69. I have more drama in my life to last a lifetime. My family is interracially blended. I’m trying to break out and become the next hbic. I can say I’m trying build relationships with family, friend’s, and enemies. But, whatever it is, it shall be. Hope I’m picked. I’m ready to work!

  70. Hi. I’m a 34 year old published erotica fiction novelist residing in Merrillville, In, which is a suburban town right outside of the city of Gary, In, where Michael Jackson grew up. I have 2 kids and have been married for 13 yrs (married at the age of 21). People hear bad things about Gary, but Gary and Merrillville are both full of many men and women who are working hard every day to make their dreams come true. There should be a housewives show centered on this area to show the variety of the many different types of lifestyles of women, and not just how the women around here can be very catty, but also how they can come together when they need one another. A lot of ideas for my novels come from what I’ve seen, endured, or been around living here. I write erotica fiction and my life sometimes seems like an erotica fiction novel. My life may seem perfect and lavish on the outside, meaning family, married life, and friends, but its nowhere near that. I think my life would be able to relate to many other’s who feel like they’re alone in what they deal with on a regular basis. I’m a woman working hard and coming up in life, while at the same time trying to overcome my promiscuity, and the other women in my circle have their own interesting stories.I hope from this, you find some interest in dedicating a reality show to Housewives of Gary/Merrillville, IN, or better yet, Housewives of Lake County. I’m sure we’ll bring in tons of ratings. Trust me! I hope to hear from you in the near future.

  71. I am a housewife in Oklahoma city drama comes knocking on my door which leaves me fearless. It’s plenty of juice honey in Oklahoma city…ok! Yes juicy.. beef for tv you would think its scripted…enuff said

  72. I live a glamorous life in Las Vegas Nevada, from the parties, events, jewelry, cars and handbags. From my controversial past with Playboy to having a fun out of the box sense of humor. I’m divorced but with the same guy 16 years and as soon as we got married we immediately didn’t get alone. We are talking the worst fight in our entire years on our honeymoon. Divorced finalized not many of months later and now back to having the time of our lives. I would say he is an outspoken person and a complete crack up. I’m 44 years old he is 22 years older then me but acts in his 40’s. I feel we have many of friends that would love to be part of this adventure or us to be a part of new friends adventures.

  73. HEY BRAVO!!
    just wanted to let you know you need me on your show. I am very rich ( just don’t ask me where I got my money from am I right) and I also have multiple baby daddies. My life is non stop drama and would be great for tv ratings. My friends are also 95% insane so that’s always fun. We would be perfect for your show so not contacting us is not even an option.

  74. Hi, my names is Halla Kandil. I’m married and have 2 boys. I 32 years old and my husband 39. Our children are 10 and 7. My husband has always owned restaurant in New Jersey. We currently just re-opened or old restaurant that has been closed for a few years. I think my family and I would be great on the Nj housewives show.

  75. I think that Bravo should come to Canal Winchester,OH. I have a group of ladies that I believe that are ready for are own reality show! It should be called the Trucker Wives. All of are husband’s or boyfriend are all truck drivers. Some of the wives work as healthcare worker, Child Support agent, and Manager. I think this can be a good in site on how the wives live when there better half is gone for days up to weeks at a time. With all the on the road cheating and the over the road babies on the side!! Side chicks that might even stay right down the street. full of love and and also full of DRAMA. Bravo should really think about picking this up!

  76. Hello. I am a 36 year old housewife from Long Island, New York. I recently left my prestigious career in the medical field after and am staying home to raise my two kids. My husband is a big shot sales manager which entails work ALL THE TIME. I am not going to lie about my personality, I am shy, reserved and a people pleaser. I think I need that knocked right out of ME. I am also intelligent, strong and resilient. Always doing for others- and that’s ok because I get joy from it. I love to run, bike and buy things I don’t need! My life has always been eventful. Lost my mother at a young age to breast cancer and disconnected from my father. In this life on my own and KICKING A$$….earned my degree, bought my home, cars, wardrobe all on my own. The rich hubby was icing on the cake hee hee!!

  77. I’m a married woman and I’m 46 years of age living in Baltimore, MD. I’m a business owner of 3 Assisted Living Facilities and do pretty well. Everyone says I’m twins of Tika Sumpter that plays on The Haves and the Haves Nots!!!! One thing about me is that I’m very classy, sophisticated, low key at times, assertive and aggressive! However when I walk into a room ALL eyes are always on me. Some may take me as being cockey but I’m far from it……just very very confident! I have a business partner who’s a male and we have a wonderful business relationship! However there’s one catch!!!! His wife who is also a part of the business can’t stand the site of me!!!!! She feels that her husband cherishes the ground I walk on! #OhHeDoes He loves my drive, determination, aggressiveness and I can’t forget my looks!!!!!! Let’s just say he LOVES everything about Donzella!!!!!

  78. Hi, I’m transgender with a career In the Entertainement Industry. I have appeared in a few small independent films. I’m owner of Glam Glorious Ent also Co owner of Uktimate Divas hair salon located in Jax, fl. I fell the world is ready to experience the real life of transgender woman in functioning relationships, and legitimate careers. I’m very out going, eccentric, and gorgeous yet i am very original. I have a very interesting background. I know if giving that chance on a show as such….it will make history! Contact me please! Yours faithfully Q.O.D. (QUEEN OF DUVAL)

    • You, I want to see. In an inspiring show. Congrats on your courage and your business. I hope a network and production crew — that will RESPECT — follows your idea and showcases you. Bravo will not. They want backstabbing, gossip and fights. Which should be way beneath you. You have some teaching and healing to do. Rock on, Dianca.

  79. I would like to talk to someone about appearing on the Atlanta show. I go there a lot and know several celebrities there and elsewhere………including some of the show. So….it’s rather interesting.

  80. hello,

    Please contact me for the show and cast information. it’s not open to public viewing thats why i didn’t want to leave it here. Bravo will definitely love all the drama and excitement.
    thank you, looking forward to sending you all the details.


  81. Hey, I’m kins 26 and a new mom to a 5 month old baby girl. I’m engaged to her 53 year old father and he is a great provider. I’m a stay at home mom but is going g back to school to further my education. Lol you would think life is great. Though my fiance give my daughter and myself everything we could ever want he is very unfaithful. Everybody and they mama is in our business including all my married friends and family. Its a lot of cheating, jealousy, backstabbing misleading going on in the heart of Long Beach CA, I think myself and my city would be great for the next season. You want a beautiful city, sexy people, money, scandal, funny and drama drama frama ? Then look no other way but this one, Long Beach is the place.

    • Yay – a young mommy and going to school! You are doing it RIGHT. Miss Kins, don’t sweat the jerk — concentrate on you and your gift, your beautiful baby. Leave toxicity, build yourself — wishing you lots of love, Miss Kins.

  82. Im a single/divorced mother of three young adults living in Montreal. I work full time after work I get home to my daughters cooking and cleaning after them. I struggle to provide for my family on a monthly basis but I am a hard working woman who fights the struggles and stays strong. What I will bring you to the show is that the viewers will get to see how a single mother spends her days, they will see what a REAL housewife is : a woman that comes home from work tired after 5pm but still manages to cook supper + next days meal,wash dishes,clean whole house,run to the bank to pay last minute bills,get out run errands,prepare next day lunches for the family. All that done, I get to sit down and relax at 8pm for a couple of hours before taking a nice hot bath and getting to bed past 11pm. The same routine continues day to day but each day with different obstacles to battle. I know I might not be exactly what people are used to watching and that I dont have all that glamour/money/bighouses but I think I can surely bring a new twist to the show with my loving,motherly insticts and a little bit of drama.

    • Hey, Jacq, you ARE the true hero, a woman I would want to totally root for. I hope all works out for you. You are truly and totally real and the kind of woman I can relate to and more important — WANT to relate to. Best of luck!

  83. Im an educated African American woman residing in VA! i have a super bold, and outgoing personality and normally I’m the LIFE of any party! i have no children and i have a busy social and work life! if there’s nothing else I can do………. i know how to bring ratings!

    • I follow every season and know that there are a lot of single women now. I’d love to play the part of a recently divorced man who moves into the neighborhood and could possibly be a love interest of Phaedra, Kenya, or Porscha and the new girls joining this season.

      Thanks for viewing

  84. Dear Andy Cohan,
    I have a very interesting story. All my friends say I should
    write a book about my life. I say, who would read it.
    I am 57 yrs old, been a housewife for 29 yrs. I have three adult
    children and three grand babies. My husband cheat and me for
    A younger gal.
    My 21 yr old son lives with me. My 25 yr old daughter lives with
    me with her three babies ( my grand babies ) on and off.
    Right now my 21 yr old is in a rehab. My daughter says I’m a awful
    mother . Both my parents have past… My dad 15 months ago… My
    mother 2 1/2 months ago. Trying to get their house ready to put on the market…my brother fight me every step of the way.
    And trying to stay in my house …just lost my little part time job.
    There’s so much more going on its crazy.
    We need on Bravo “the REAL HOUSEWIFE’S OF MENIFEE LAKES!!

    Menifee Lakes housewife ,

    • Glenda, I am sending you so much love, you do not need “Bravo,” honey, you need some good friends. I wish I could be there for you, I would help. You truly are so blessed with your kids and your beautiful grandbabies. You just keep being the best Grandma you can … XOXO.

  85. Hi my name is Shari Govender and I live in South Africa, in a small town called Lenasia. I have been married for 4 years and we have had our ups and downs like every marriage, infedility issues, financial issues and so much more, I have a group of friends who are wives and in a similar position, the drama never ends in this town, we are group of dynamic ladies who know how to leave an impression and leave the viewers wanting more. Please give us the opportunity to add a little ethnic flavour to the show as some of the ladies including myself are Indian, but African citizens, so the cultures are diverse as well as the personalities. Our continent needs exposure in this industry and this would create the perfect platform for us to do just that. Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Kind Regards

    • Yeah, Bravo! Do Real Housewives of South Africa! And while you’re at it, Real Housewives of Guam, Real Housewives of Estonia, Real Housewives of Vanuatu, Real Housewives of Latvia, Real Housewives of Nigeria (especially because Bravo LOVES LOVES LOVES scammers like Teresa!) — yeah.

  86. Remarkable problems in this article. Now i am pretty pleased to see your site. Thank you so much that i’m having a look to make contact with you actually. Are you going to i implore you to shed us a snail mail?

  87. I currently live In Laguna Niguel and my current or rather life has been defiantly not within the confines of normal. I have been or rather finishing up a 2 year divorce to a man that was 11 years younger than me. (What was i thinking!! To add insult to injury, I had three children with him at age 42. (1 boy and twin girls) I now find myself back on the midlife older single scene which is interesting to say the least while working at company part time. I am constantly told by other women that I would be a good fit for the OC show. It’s ironic since I work out at the same gym some of the other OC housewives in Aliso Viejo.

    • If you are told by other women you’d be a “good fit” for any HW show — that’s not a compliment. And you should NEVER view your babies as “insult to injury.” What the hell kind of mom are you?

  88. Hello, Bravo you said you looking for the “REAL” Housewives or Nah…Well allow me to set the stage for my group you should consider which I know I might not ever here from Cohen and Crew (lips poked out and I’m rolling my eyes). Any who he goes. I am a 38 year married women. I have been working for the last past 15 years. My husband and I have known each other since high school. We diffidently have our share of trying to maintain our #Blendedfamily Drama Drama Dramahi i have the perfect REAL group for bravo housewives shows…this group consists of 4 to 6 working women..that work 9-5..have kids with no personal sitter.. no maid..either married, playing married, (receiving food assistant and public housing) gets no REAL then this divorced but still sleeping with him…that after a long week of maintaining wives duties and motherly duties (that consist of cooking, cleaning, being the sports mom, handling the bills and taking care of HIM but this all also comes with whole lot of ups and downs,depressing moments,jealous family and friends. But we still have time to live life to the fullest #YOLO which is how we greet each other but in our city we are referred to as the #WivesClub of Montgomery, Alabama or the #BluecollarBallers (a spin off show) lol Ithink that this would be…” THE REAL HOUSEWIVES of BRAVO or Nah…Thanks for taking the time to read this. I am looking forward to Andy contacting me so I can give him the T…

    • “Drama Drama Dramahi” (sic) — like “Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!” NcCole (?) your inner Jan is showing.

  89. Do you need ‘Higher ratings, them I am your girl!!.
    I will tell anyone off ! I am very interested in all your TV’s housewives shows. I am battling with serious and realistic issues such as deadbeat baby daddy’s. I need a job or a career so can you help a sister out. I love reality shows they are my life!
    You can call or email me.

    Lynea Ransom

    • Oh yeah, because “telling anyone off” is such a benevolent characteristic that makes you exude such class and dignity and makes you such a stellar member of society! That plus using the term “baby daddy’s” will really help you make such a positive role model for women!

  90. Check out our family. Better then The Jersey Housewives. We own a Produce Family Business. It’s all about country clubs and second homes. Watching this family especially the sisters and the sister in laws is something everyone should see. Both brothers are crazy at work, come see how it all goes down!!!

  91. Hi my name is Regina Scott I been married six months been knowing my husband for twenty seven years I didn’t know he was a bad drinker I move from Milwaukee where I was a cna I have two sons one that’s going to college and the other in music I now stay in Georgia tryingto pursue my acting I forty one 5″9 brown skin I can send the rates though the roof I would be honor to be cast as a housewife thanks for taking time

  92. Hi my name is Marcie Morris. I am from Omaha Nebraska, and I am actually a real housewife. My circle of friends and I are true housewives fighting the issues of everyday drama. I have 4 kids, 2 from a previous marriage, 1 with my current husband, and 1 I adopted who is my current husbands child from his previous. I have daily issues with my children, an ex and those issues, my dad who had to move in with me and is going through a divorce from a women trying to take everything he has. Everyone who knows me says I should be on a reality show because the crap and drama that circles me is completely insane and just damn right entertaining! I can’t even explain all the drama surrounding me! I own my own hair studio and photography studio as well.. There is never a dull moment. But what gets me through the day is laughing about it and making the situation comical! I am a reall housewife, real issues, real life.

    • Yawn. You and all the other thirsty bored mommies on here who believe that Bravo “Housewives” is the answer to your prayers and boring, sh*tty lives.

  93. Hello my name is Zoleka iam a professional black successful business owner in Tuscaloosa,Alabama . Please put these lovely Housewives on the roll tide map. We are gorgeous beautiful black housewives as well.give us a shot in this lovely town called Tuscaloosa, Ala. My husband and I love and enjoy the many lovely lives we have here. We have two sons only one at home. Please choose us this season.

  94. Hello my name is Mamie Berry I go by Mimi we so love your show and wish you would come to Tuscaloosa,Alabama 35475. This is considered Roll Tide country. We have very good interesting lives right here in Bama I am married to my southern husband. My kids are grown 22. We want to put us housewives on the map I am self employed I have a nice home on lake Tuscaloosa one of the most richest areas in Tuscaloosa. Would like to have a reality show shot right here. I am a former Model as well commercial tv acting also former flight attendant who will start back flying two days a week. Please give us a shot in Tuscaloosa.

  95. I am new to the housewife life. I was in the fashion industry for 13 plus years. 2 years ago I lost my job due to illness and became a housewife. Now I run with a couple single moms newly engaged girlfriends, and 2 housewifes who we share some crazy stories and lives. My life is full of chaos my child lives upstate with her dad so it’s a constant battle between my ex husband and his drama with his family, and my new husband and his family I’m always getting pulled in different directions. I don’t lead a boring life.

  96. Hey there! I’m a 40 year old mother of 5 & wife of a busy physician here in Birmingham, AL. Our home is a circus and there’s rarely a dull moment! I’d love to be considered for a Housewives show-or any show that maybe features moms with lots of kids!!

  97. Hello my name is Ursula Medlock and I am a retired Educator and also own Jackie’s Catfish and more. I’m married to Brian Medlock who was also my high school classmate. Not proud to say after facing foreclosure we filed for bankruptcy. My son in 2011 was charged with a murder and myself and my oldest son was charged for hindering and we now are both on probation and my son is in prison waiting on an appeal because there was no evidence against him and was charged anyway. My life is a tv show within itself. Sometimes I’m estranged from my kids when I don’t do what they want me to do. I don’t make a lot of money but we live as though we are very rich. I just purchased a 2014 Corvette StingRay and also purchased a 2013 Dodge Challenger and own a home worth around 275 thousand. There is drama each week in my family including with my husband and myself. I also have over the top friends who are business owners and have a few skeletons in there closet that will have the world tuning in everyweek. My husband and I love to be around friends entertaining them. People call us the power couple of Dallas and we are refered to as the next Bey and Jay Z. We live in the Suburbs of Ellis County and upscale neighborhood. And my children love the good life also. We were on the Steve Wilkos Show and he after telling our story he said that we were better than Keeping Up With The Kardashins. We are a funny and fall in love with family!

    • Sigh. Another Dr. Phil candidate. I wonder if his producers read this crap? He has a whole season in this thread alone.

  98. Hi I live in an exclusive community in boca raton , Florida. I have a vast amount of friends who I think would make a great show. We are all so different . Living in this town you have a ton of diversity. I’m 100% Italian and so is my husband. We would put the jersey Italians to shame. I ACTUALLY speak and cook and clean. I have to babies and am planning to have another. I gain 25 pounds during my pregnancies and am in a size 2 bikini 4 days after birth! Have pictures to prove it! My family is absolutely crazy wit a dad who threatens to off himself everyday (jus a hot blooded exaggerating Italian lol) my husband is the epitome of hot and we act like 18yr old together even after kids. We live in a beautiful big house but are batting big time financially in these time which I think would hit close to home for a lot. I’m very real and do not care how I come off . I’ll tell you that I can’t afford to buy toilet paper this week and then next week we are jetting to Italy lol. Def very interested on the show

    • “Put the Jersey Italians to shame.” Really? Like there are any differences between Italian-Americans across this great nation? Shame on you.

      Yeah, anyone really believes you get into a “size 2 bikini four days after birth” — without bulimia.

  99. First I’m not a housewife. I’m divorced. I have a 40 year old daughter, a 27 year old daughter , two different dads. and I have an adopted son ( black) that is 16. I have a boyfriend that i love very much. I work 40 hours a week , not wealthy by no means. Just found out a couple of years ago that my dad wasn’t my dad. My mother apperently had an affair and BOOM … the youngest of 6 kids. Of course both parents are now deceased. Not sure who my real dad is. Oh there’s plenty more. Call me , I’d love to talk….

  100. I am military veteran woman. Retired and currently work at the pentagon.Im a 9/11 vet who had to stay in the building that day. Im not married, looking for love, but always in the wrong place. Im very tied to my sorority, college alumni, and many alumni parties and events..a real tight group of people always having a good time..and trying to see whats its like to be a county delegate..Im looking to start a business at the new MGM.

  101. New RHO Atlanta needed? The show was very interesting when we could also follow professional women with businesses. I am CEO of a cosmetics company/eco-beauty expert, college professor, PhD Candidate, former CFO for prominent Atlanta non-profit, married with three kids. Contact me and allow success based drama (ups and downs of a company), city girl in the south, and positive role model on the screen.

    • Well, Ms. PhD candidate, re-learning basic spelling, grammar and punctuation will certainly give you some credibility. Maybe just infinitesimally so because assuredly, there are no real geniuses at Bravo. Yeah, I know you have to look that word up.


  103. hello I am an wife, mother, business owner in Birmingham, Alabama..I think my life would be great for Birmingham Housewives. I keep it real and i have plenty of drama to keep the rating high.Please pick me for birmingham housewives.

  104. I am a 29 yr old educated black female. I have no kids, want no kids, tubes tied, single, yet talk to a few people. I do enjoy talking to celeb men as well. Hehe….I think the Atlanta episode could use a younger chic on the show. I am known to be a follower but yet think being a housewife can and will change that. I am big on respect! I cannot and will not respect you if you cannot and do not respect me. I don’t care if your’re an authority figure, parent, family member, or boss. Simple!!! I am seeking a part time role if not full time. I wanna prove to myself and the world $ will not change me! I am simple and giving.

    • Enjoy “talking” to “celeb men?” What about decent men who aren’t a “celeb?” And yet you declare you are “big on respect?” I somehow doubt you really respect a man who isn’t a “celeb.” Golddigger alert!

  105. I am your new housewife!

    I am a 28 year old, career woman and single mom. My son’s father is a deadbeat, and entrepreneur. I am among the who’s who of New Jersey. I have a very interesting story that I feel will touch many lives. I am dealing with the NJ Court systems battling for support, broken relationships and a feuding family. I am relatable, fashionable, out-spoken, full of life as well as straight to the point.

    I know I would be an asset to the new cast, in fact, my circle would be. Auditioning me and even my crew would be a great move for Bravo! :)

  106. I preferred to be call Diana I am a 43 yr old black married mother of 2 girls, 1 son and a grandbaby. I am very outgoing, extremely funny, outspoken, straight forward kind of girl. If there is a problem, I don’t mind calling you out on it at any given time. I have a group of friends that keep it real only sometimes LOL! Therefore I think my few friends and associates are great candidates for a show in DC/MD.

  107. Oh look no further..
    I’m a divorced eng
    USB housewife that lost over 1 million … Learning nothing out of the marriage apart from boxing I became the 1st independent female Boxing Promoter in the World.. Featuring in Documenatry Kings of the Ring and English national Press…
    I am 5,2 and 120 pounds I am small but mighty.. Now met the man of my dreams in Boston USA… I am the ultimate house wife…
    If you would like to take a look google Nina C or Nina Cranstoun
    I hope to hear back from you..

  108. Hi! My name is Tressie and I am perfect for your show! A trained dancer, skier, golfer and incredibly eccentric. I am very aggressive, in general, and a dreamer at heart. I feel anything is possible and the world is full of amazing opportunities. I live each day as if it were my last. I also love people and am incredible giving. I feel that I am a diamond and tend to make everyone believe it. My husband owns and operates a spring company in Pittsburgh which also invented the Superclip (a large paperclip which we’ve patented.) Our family is very prominent in Pittsburgh and I am the star of the group. I have three children Tresslyn 16, Richard 13 and Taytem 10. I always attract a wide vast of followers. My children introduce me as “barbie,” to their friends. People melt in my presence and our family is often called the “hollywood family of Pittsburgh.” We have homes in Naples, Florida; Beaver Creek, Colorado and Pittsburgh. I am an extremely high maintenance person and my own husband can’t even afford me. My best friend and I, Tracey are a comedy act in itself. We started are own line of clothing called, “Glitterwear.” We will do anything to entertain ourselves morning, noon or night. No holds bar. It is nothing for us to run into Tommy Hilllfiger at lunch, sideswipe Taylor Lautner thru red lights or be picked out of an audience for a party with Taylor Swift. Recently, in Vail, we were at the top of the mountain and Tracey threw her skis at me, cursed and chased me down the hill. Drama consumes our everyday activities. Anything that appeals to me and must be attained, I normally achieve. For a good time call, Tressie Froehlich at 412-977-7861 as my daughter is my personal secretary. You will not believe what you will witness…………..so I’ve been told.

  109. Hi first and for most I’m not a wife YET lol but soon as God send me one I will be in the game. I want to do reality tv I’m a natural i make people laugh & feel comfortable. But I also can spill make & deliver the TEA and through SHADE when needed lmao. Yes I filed bankruptcy before keeping it real and not ashame because I look out for me. Being a leader plays a big role and that’s my motto!! I just want a piece of the pie too, and maybe find me a rich husband :-) UNTIL WE TALK AGAIN CHOW….30 year old beauty.

  110. Please check out YouTube and hear/see Beverly Cason. A great singer and model living in Atlanta area. She is classy and beautiful!

  111. Fawn-Italian & Black
    Ieshi-Black American

    Friends for years. Pam chooses the worst black guys because they a bums. Why can’t she choose a black man with a job. Big dummy. She’s a loud mouth drama queen & needs to be shut down. She talks behind our backs & thinks we don’t know. She thinks she knows everything. Time for a check up from the neck up!!!!!!!

    Fawn chooses real losers that blow with the wind. She needs a big taste of reality. I just want to slap the crap out of her. She needs to wake up.

    Ishia, I just have to have my way because it just makes since to me. All I know is, no pain, no gain, & I refuse to stay the same. I need to bring these girls to there knees. I want to straighten this mess out because its been going on for years. I can bring the drama out & it might get nasty but who cares….it’s real.

  112. There’s Iesha, Pam, & Fawn.
    Pam is Greek, a real live firecracker, and her choice for men sucks. She loves black men which is OK but damn, can’t they at least have a job. She consistently talks behind our backs & thinks we don’t know…. She needs a ‘check up from the neck up’ & I’m the one to bring her back to reality.

    Fawn is Italian & Black. Her choice of men saddens me, she blows whatever way the wind blows. She is very nice but confused about who she is & its time for her to step up her game. Since her mom died, its like “warriors, come out to playyyyy”. She needs some tough love before she hits rock bottom. She stopped getting high….but she needs her face slapped, HARD.

    Ishia, that’s me. I’m ready to turn the lights out and go wild stylel, let me tell it, lmbo!!! All I know is, no pain, no gain & things remain the same. We’ll bring the change to life-time television.

  113. Hello Bravo, I am 27 years old and engaged without children. I work as a promoter in Nashville and I am also a graduate student. Balancing work, school, an aging parent, a fiancé, family, and friends creates a heavy load; but I somehow make everything work. My positive attitude, witty personality, and no nonsense attitude have afforded me great opportunities and experiences. Friends and associates in Nashville have always encouraged me to be on reality show, apparently I’m entertaining. So at this point in life I’m ready to air my story.

    Thank you for your consideration,


  114. I am almost 30 years old and living a FABULOUS LIFE. I live close to Chicago where motorhome manufacturing is king. It is a life where your husband brings home million dollar salaries and the wives are always alone. Infidelity runs ramped because the husband is always gone. You have to rely on housekeepers nannies and your fellow rv wifes. My grandfather played mlb and some of my family are very successful in the industry. The other wives are very jealous of me because I’m younger than all of them and a lot more beautiful. My husband is about 10 years older than I am but he is the boss over men 20 years his senior which makes for bitter feelings toward us both. The story lines are juicy and provocative from Presidents of companies having secretaries lie on stands to judges on sexual harassment cases to other employees taking out their penises to show assistants to husbands cheating on the road and wives cheating with tennis pros. Kids being asked to leave school, dirty looks, broken homes, and funny antics. Some of the people have been approached to star in some sort of reality show and I think now is the time because they are willing.

  115. I preferred to be call Chryssy I am a 36 yr old black married mother of 2 girls. I am very outgoing, outspoken, straight forward kind of girl. If something rubs me the wrong way, I’m going to let you know exactly what and how I feel. I keep it 1,000 and most people can only handle other people keeping it 100. I have a group of friends whi likes to dislike one another. Therefore I think my few friends and associates are greay candidates fora show in Cleveland.

    Thank you,

  116. Call me Jess. I am a hispanic housewife in SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS (where the drama & fun is!) my husband is well known around the city he is known as “Happy”. He is currently being held in federal custody. Waiting to be sentenced the 9th of April. I work, have 3 kids 21,19, & 16 (oldest is married) who stand their own ground strong opionated and VERY BLUNT!! i also have 3 Grandbabies. I am the GLAMa! I am 38 young, fun, and stand by my man. We have been going through alot of downs. I have a nice supper system with other wives and my husbands friends! We have alot going on but we are not going down without a fight!

  117. I always said reality tv was for me, simply because i’m outspoken and my friends tend to hate it when I put them on blast about B.S. for over 10 years I’ve been dealing with listening to chicks and their issues ex- boyfriends, Girlfriends, husbands, ex-husbands, bills, struggles and I can go on. bottom line I’m like the social worker of my family and friends and I always thought the issues I see people threw I should be getting paid. I have a little of everything you want and all I live is drama so if drama is what you want drama is what i’ll give!!!

  118. I’m real bottom line I have been divorced 2 times and on my 3rd marriage at 37 I do not have time for BS and will speak my mind I think I would be a great asset for Houston housewives.

  119. Hello, I believe the real- RhoOhio would be a great addition to your line up because my group of friends and myself bring a lot of fun , laughs and tears to our daily lives. We are constantly hanging out and traveling and creating our own mayhem. We include so much were wives, moms business owners and students and even unemployed. Give us the opportunity and the rest will be history. Great group of 7

  120. Hi I am interested in being a new york housewife. I am a Former Miss America 1984 I took over the controversial year that Vanessa Williams was de troned This was a very controversial happening since she was the first Black Miss Am and I am the second. I am also biracial which adds lots of drama. I live in manhattan and work as an actress and a real Estate broker as well as the mother of two and the wife of a prominent doctor. I’d love the drama and I can make some for you too.
    Suzette kisses to my favorite Andy…

  121. Hi my name is Otisha and I live in Charleston SC. Bravo has just recently filmed here for the First time ( I never thought you guys would have filmed here) any who. I’m a business owner. I own a Bar & Grill, which in Charleston being a black bar owner is crazed by it self. I’m a wife and a mother of 9 ( 4 my own and 5 from my husband pervious relationships) just by hearing that you know my schedule is something crazy. I know Chas has great talent and there’s a lot of strong powerful women In Charleston like myself. I’m determined to beat the odds, and dead set on being the best no matter the term or price (evil eye) On the outside It may look like I have the prefect life but my Story is messy. I got a crazed ex wife ( my husband children’s mother) I got people trying to tear my business apart ( other bar owners) and family who thinks I’m rich as ——-. Lawd my life……. But I’m the best at what I do and I know I can be the next NeNe Leaks or even better.

  122. Hey Bravo.. I was talking to my girlfriends and we think that Housewives of Detroit would be great for TV.. We can bring you Classy We can Bring you Raunchy, We Bring the Drama as well as show that family Love. We all know Detroit is where it is AT.. So Bring your New Episode here!..

  123. Hello my name is Sonya from Baltimore. I’m African American. I’m 43 once married for 10yrs. He was a successful Roofing business owner, & 43 btw, but we lived the good life, I hung with the elite. I also was owner of Sonya’s boutique, Sonya cards and gifts Sonya’s models. I’ve done it all. I’m drove nice cars, own furs and minks . I’m known in Baltimore as the NeNe Leakes attitude, yes that’s me no cut cards. I’m very outspoken, since my divorce I’m been working part time jobs and in college and taking care of my crazy ass foster kids. I gave 1 daughter and she is a crazy spoiled chick. I’m still a local promoter here in my city , a socialite. I need help with my drama relationships 2 men and their friends. I was on the new serch talk show on jan 11th. I got drama with my life. I post the video on my fast book of the show and the city is loving me. I need to be on tv. This is the truth, Baltimore loves me!

  124. I have a great group of women for your next show and its a very diverse group, 2 are second wives with mixed family’s. My husband and I are fun and diverse, we spend a lot of time together and are well know for our crazy parties. We live on Long Island, but not the princesses of long island type of thing. You could do a whole series on just the 2nd wives aspect there are so many of us. I think my husband and I would be great additions.

  125. I’m ready to be a San Antonio, Texas Housewives!!
    I am fun, athletic, crazy and can be serious. I am 38 and married and have 2 kids ages 12 and 9. We do a lot as a family and my husband and I do enjoying doing things together. I do love making time going out with my girlfriends of course :)

    I am a stay home mom but very active in playing tennis. I just love to win. Please contact me!!!

    Thank you,

  126. I live in New Jersey , I’m a 35 years old woman full of life and energy that I would like to share with the world, i have a group of friends very funny , out going, crazy , have thing going for them the only thing missing is our tv show. I believe we are born a star. The world is in the darkness because we are still not discovered yet .Bravo are you ready ?

  127. I live in Prince George’s County, MD minutes from Washington, DC in a gated, golf course, country club community called Woodmore. I have been a bail bondsman for 15 years and have my own business in Upper Marlboro, MD. My life is full of drama and excitement. I have been training to compete in bodybuilding for 4 years now. Real Housewives of Maryland would be exciting and fun.

  128. Well hello hello!!
    Seriously Bravo tv should be ecstatic now, cuz you just found your next superstar. If you are looking for flaming mix of every single housewife you have , look no further . Here you have young Polish Housewife of Connecticut with super sexy accent, huge personality etc. I think I don’t need to add more , just give me a call and lets start making bank!!

  129. Hello I am 42 yrs old. I own a fitness studio but I am a Houston Housewife. I have no children at home, I am a newlywed this year, and have to deal with the ex-wife from hell. My husband makes 6 figures and does not want me working and we are going back and forth about this (currently he is winning this battle). We go through drama with his ex-wife and half raised kids. I have 1 son 23 yrs old who just moved back home from college and protective of his mother. There is always something and my business is going under. I am a strong willed woman with a lot to say and straight up. My husband hates confusion but he is a drama king in ways. I would be perfect for the show. Friends and family tell me I am funny and would be better watching than the kirdashians. Lol

  130. I have been a fan of “The Real House Wives” since the first season. I know that I would make an awesome housewife, because I am not only a housewife but a career mom just like some of the current cast members (Nene Leakes, Phaedra Parks, etc). I consider myself a don diva, because I have it all together honey!

    If I am selected for an audition, then be prepared to be knocked off your feet, because I am that diva that will give the world what they want to see.



  131. My name is Tiffany and I am not currently married but actively trying to pressure my boyfriend into popping the question. My best friends and I should be on the show because there’s “Perfect Patty,” the “holier than thou” friend, the friend that goes both ways, the friend that nobody likes but no one will admit, and the bipolar friend. Can you guess which one I am? Contact if you’re interested in following our lives.

    • “Actively trying to pressure my boyfriend into popping the question.” Wow. You’re a winner. If he wants to marry you, he will. When you “actively pressure,” boy should run for the hills to escape you.

  132. Hi I’m a single women rising three girls ages 17, 13,9 and a 1 yer old poodle. I believe my girl and will make a good shoe… I’m currently working. 9-5 however I’m getting eddy to open an online store

  133. Hey hey Bravo! My name is Keisha D. I am a fan of the RH empire. I think I would be a good candidate for the show whether it be as an addition to a current housewife cast or a new cast. I am a wife (not girlfriend) who has four biological children and two step-children. I deal with REAL life issues such as adjusting to a new marriage, kids, work life, co-parenting, bitter exes and anything else you can imagine. I can bring a sense of spunk, style, sass and class to the forefront. I am the REAL HOUSEWIFE OF ??? ;)

  134. Well now…me being a part of a Real Housewives of anything cast would be great entertainment. I’m a 24 year old housewife with 2 kids a 5 year old and a 6 month old. I have 3 sisters in which 2 aren’t talking to one and I’m caught in the middle trying to play peace-maker. I have a better relationship with my mother in law than my own mom. My parents are having issues and my mom thinks it’s OK to talk about having or trying to get a boyfriend us while still married to my dad. She sees me wearing something sexy and says she wants one so she can get a boyfriend and I’m like um….no, you need to take several seats. Me and my husband though every where we go we make people laugh because we argue about everything and then laugh because people always take my side and he complains about it. But our relationship has never been “perfect” however not many know that. I guess we are good actors? Never a dull moment in my world. So if you want a new fresh young look at being a “housewife” let me know.

  135. I have been divorced now for six years just got out of a horrible relationship trying to run my own company with beginning a mother of two grown daughters one grown son and four granddaughters with a new granddaughter on the way. I deal with the drama everyday dealing with celebrity personalities my employees and family drama having six sisters one brother. when we get together the room is full of laughs, cries, drama and more. I am a boss with an international business all of my friends are going through drama of relationship problems or family issues. The life of myself and my friends would make for a great reality show with the real life drama of family, friends, business and more.

  136. I would LOVE to join the RHOA cast. I am a successful business woman, I LOVE to have FUN…But I also put the D in DRAMA! I would bring some POWER back to the SMALLS!

  137. Hello, my name is Teresa Kay Phillips ! A huge fan of all housewives on Bravo! I am 50 years old. I have dedicated all my married life to my children whom have grown to be very successful . Houston, my son, is in Nashville and is a country songwriter. He is currently on tour with Tyler Farr as his tour manager . He is a graduate of Belmont university and has 3 songs out by country artist! Tess, my daughter is a fellowship of Christian athletes director over inner city schools! I have dedicated my life to them. They have moved out and live on their own. I am here twiddle my thumbs secretly dying inside. I think it is time for ME and for ME to spread my wings. I have no idea where I will fly, but Andy, I want to fly! We are a mix between duck dynasty and housewives of New Jersey! South style!

  138. Hello, my name is Teresa Kay Phillips ! A huge fan of all housewives on Bravo! I am 50 years old. I have dedicated all my married life to my children whom have grown to be very successful . Houston, my son, is in Nashville and is a country songwriter. He is currently on tour with Tyler Farr as his tour manager . He is a graduate of Belmont university and has 3 songs out by country artist! Tess, my daughter is a fellowship of Christian athletes director over inner city schools! I have dedicated my life to them. They have moved out and live on their own. I am here twiddle my thumbs secretly dying inside. I think it is time for ME and for ME to spread my wings. I have no idea where I will fly, but Andy, I want to fly!

    • Awesome, Teresa! Girl, do NOT “twiddle your thumbs,” please — find something that touches your soul, your spirit, and let it fly. Do not “die inside,” Find your new path and trailblaze!

  139. My name is Benice Dobbins, I am a native of Nigerian from West African and a divorcee with three kids, two girsl and a boy. I resides in Killeen, Texas, recently got out of the army, have my own business going to school, but planing to move to Austin, Texas. I am very much interested to be one of the real housewives with lots of drama which consist of deadbeat dad who doesn’t want to pay child support, wicked and selfish ex housband, friends entagled with dramas and the lists goes on. I am very attractive, classy and I can bring ratings to your reality show. I won’t say I have lots of baggages, but I can assure you there will be lots of drama from my family and friends. My first daughter is currently in Nigeria with my parent, and I am telling you this will be an awsome drama.

    • Why focus on the negative (“Bravo”) when you can focus on the positive? You are strong as heck and have a lot of good to teach.

  140. I am 35 yrs old,a stay at home mom of 4. I have 2 girls in middle school and 2 younger boys, ages 6 and 2. My husband is a successful businessman and we reside in a large home of 7 beds and 8 baths including a hair salon in Middlesex County New Jersey. Since he works very long hours I run the household Mon thru Fri which gets pretty crazy at times. I could be arguing with contractors to breaking up fights amongst the kids and whatever drama comes along. I also support my brother in Federal Prison and visit him when possible. I consider myself to be funny, loud, outspoken, friendly but definitely not one who has tolerance for fake people. People often say I am attractive, I feel there’s always room for improvement. Lol… I have many friends, many from childhood. I am now in NJ almost two years but grew up in Staten Island, New York . So most of my friends come from Staten Island and have moved here or still live there.

    • Rosemarie, you sound like a truly awesome woman. Not sure if reality TV is your place, I can see much more inspiring things for you — many projects that will fulfill you. Many blessings to you, and your brother is very lucky to have a true advocate in you.

  141. Its time to have a show “Women that have it all”! Career, money, husband, family, kids. Aren’t you tired of being a housewife? Go learn something new and become a contributing member of a society!

  142. Andy Cohen…you are an amazing host and run a great show….ever think about having a reality show about just women who are single

    ” X-HOUSEWIVES OF ?” it would draw lot’s of attention to the single population out there…just saying…a different twist.

  143. Im your next ne ne leakes..my husband is a successful contractor here in Atlanta and I’m a social worker for the state. Our life is full of drama with a baby mama who is an ex friend, family drama, and me being a diva all over the city of atlanta. If drama is what bravo needs I have lots of it to bring.

  144. Bravo and Andy I think it would be very cool to have a young engaged guy couple on the Atlanta Housewives or something Similiar. If you check my email I submitted my picture as well. Corn Fed Big Muscles Big Dreams. We are a young professional couple would be a pretty cool twist and we are good looking guys.



  145. Hello, My name is Di Mon,
    First let me say that I’m a huge fan of Bravo TV Network, I swear they have the best and most “Classy” reality shows compared to many other networks. My favorite is ATL HOUSEWIVES AND OC HOUSEWIVES.

    Truly, these woman remind me of my self in so many similar ways. Just events that have happened in my life but it just doesn’t reach the level of drama in my life. The turmoil the pain and infidelity, alcoholism, The many men and the fight for being loved and loving someone else. Last, but not least just being a single mom and trying to still look good while your home is really in so much trouble.
    I’m a government employee and my income was just over the top and alone came reality.
    I’m told so often, ” Your beautiful but girllll you ah trip!” I take no BS and it impacts my life to this degree “I’m another breed, another pedigree!”
    I start you at zero and you gain points until you reach 100 percent! Lifes experiences has changed me and its something to follow.
    My dreams are close I would like to have a baby and get married again! But I’m doing it by my self! It’s going to be done! Most Challenges excite me!

    • So, table flipping, hair-pulling, gossiping, backstabbing, drink-throwing on Bravo is the “best and most classy’ TV? Girl, go see a frigging therapist AND life coach. You scare me.

  146. Hello my name is jacqui I’m 27 a mother to 5 and a Chicago Il housewives I’ve been with my hubby for 9 years :) I think Chicago housewives will be awesome of course we have drama lol I know I will be a favorite housewives I don’t work I am a stay home mom and love to spend my hubby’s money lol my friends and I are crazy America would love to watch us.

  147. HIi i cant tell you my name as i am a housewife to be in Canada that is with a man who works special operations so you understand why my name should not be written as of yet.. I would like to audition for the housewives tv show we do not have that opportunity in Canada . My husband to be will be doing a tv show soon he is presently in Afghanistan military… special operations His group og men have BEEN CHOSEN to fallow them and tape what happens in the days of special operations men you can imagine what these men go threw every day fighting for there country and dying with there friends oh bye the way my man is American i am Canadian . There is another side to this us the housewives who are left home …….Worrying every day stressed with children trying to hold the family together…… With them having there own tv show soon makes US WIVES OVER THE TOP nervous more then originally YES THERE FACES WILL BE HIDDEN ON TV… but we are wives who will worries about the man we love not only for there safety but our own it is hard binge a wife of someone who is in afghan we are stressed to the max on a daily basis and then comes the draw ma of are own lives dealing with teens friends family and the ex never seems to settle … I had no idea that meeting this man would change my life forever the housewives that have applied have no idea what life can really be like we don’t worry if we are going to make it to the shoe store before it closes or if we will be driving a nicer automobile then OUR friends do …. if that is all we had to be concerned with life would be great … no disrespect intended we worry if our husband will be killed today tomorrow and will he make it till his next vacation or home for x mas so divas drama and jealousy is all for different reasons in our world would love to have a housewives show for Canada thanks

    • OK anonymous — choose between reality “fame” and the special op dude you’re only engaged to. Priorities!

  148. A group of Diva’s both family and friends from the Great city of New Orleans born and raised but eventually torn away from their homes and love one’s due to that terrible bitch of a hurricane called Katrina. Which up rooted us to Houston, Texas and its been on and popping every since. Some of us are Housewives/Workingwives/Common Law Wives but we really consider ourselves the Social Circle of H-town… The Social Circle is taking over H-town the place where we now call home. We are a group of motivated housewives/working wives/common law wives and one of us are still desperate to find love. Do believe us Divas are filled with drama, jealousy, envy, back staving and excitement and being that I’m the link to the group it seems like Im always in the middle of their B.S its a lot to handle. We are the next Housewives of Houston or as we consider ourselves Houston’s Social Circle!!!!

  149. What about real military housewives of Chattanooga TN, lots of fun when you bring military wife’s lol and a Bridezilla military wife all together then watch things get fun

    • Because being a narcissistic, entitled “bridezilla” is something to really be proud of as a life accomplishment. Eyeroll.

  150. I would be perfect on the real housewives. As a TV and Internet Host I have interviewed hundreds of celebrities including the Real Housewives of NJ, NY and Beverly Hills. I have even interviewed Andy Cohen twice. take a look at my website http://www.cognacscornermag.com

    I am know in Manhattan and the Hamptons for my signature look a recipe mixture of Ivana Trump, Jayne Mansfield, Bridget Bardot and Mamie Van Doren.

    I am also going through a great deal of turmoil in my family. My father lin law before his death left most of the family fortune to the church and is new family and wife which has led to a lot of friction between my husband, his brother and his wicked step mother.

  151. My name is Kimberly, but everyone calls me Ms. Hollywood or Amazon The Stallion. I live in Charlotte, NC otherwise known as the Queen City or the QC. I have been married twice to both men in the military, I have 3 adult children of which 1 has graduated from college and 2 are still in. I am prior military and now I am a red-bottom wearing, traveling, trend-setting diva with plenty of attitude who runs in the best of circles from athletes to doctors and lawyers. I am tall, sexy, built like a brick house, full of brains and ready to show the world how success looks. Charlotte is a huge place and is overlooked. It’s time that we have some Bravo TV time and I’m just the person to set it off for Charlotte, NC!

  152. I am a practicing attorney with my own practice, married to and attorney with his own practice, living with a married man who has two children. Oh should I also say that we are all separated, professionals who have overlapping circles and are forced to deal with each other. Add to the fact its a beach town, we all know each other, some are swingers…..its crazy! I currently watch the real housewives and think to myself…you need a show that reflects women who work, raise children, party, totally mess up, make things as complicated as possible and have real skin in the game.

  153. I am a housewife with 4 beautiful children under 6 years old. I married to an incredible, successfull man who owns a real estate company, is also a real estate investor/entrepreneur, author, runs a charity, involved in local community, and is in law enforcement. I myself own a healthy air brush tanning company, as well as take care of my large family, which includes my widowed mother. My partner in the spary tanning company, air brushes “celebrities” and has done so for several years. We have ties to Northern N.J. and Philadelphia. Our family would be an incredible addition to your incredible show. If the producers of your show come to our home for an hour you will choose us for your show. We call our household a small “zoo”!!!! We have a great group of succesfull friends that we see weekly at local restaurants, lounges or our shore homes…….We are everyones measuring stick in our area, plus our multi-race marriage will add some great theatrics to our already chaotic life style……..

  154. Hey! I’m a mother of five children aging from age 8- 6 months. I’m married to a successful plastic surgeon and I am a housewife. I have a live in nanny and currently looking for a bigger home- 10,000sq ft. I got a cousin who lives in franklins lakes that I love but drives me nuts. Family and loyalty is huge in my book? i dont want to brag about my looks but i still get carded at the casinos, I look very young and have never had any plastic surgery on my face (just fake boobs:) hey- whattaya gonna do? I have a lot of passion and would be a great addition- talk to me once, and you’ll see! Thanks!

  155. Hello!
    I am a Housewife! Hopefully your next. A mother of three young men 21,17,and 13 that can pass as their sister. I am classy, sassy, funny, and am told that I have a lot of sex appeal with many different looks. Sometimes my husband doesn’t know what his coming home to. (he say’s I’m full of drama) but I have to keep my marriage exciting. I’m married to a successful man that runs 3 Car Dealerships whom is known as “The King Of Credit”. I am always told by friends that I need to be on the Housewives of Atlanta or start my own reality show. Any hoot, I recently moved to Birmingham from Atlanta. I have some girlie friends who wouldn’t mind being apart of the show as well. One that is married and no one knows. Who is always stressed, depressed, sometimes happy or doesn’t want to be on earth but you can’t help but love her, another one that is a young retired single mother who doesn’t need a man…Literally She can build a house from the ground up plus do all the electrical work. I can go on and on about the woman that I surround myself with but the most important thing is right now. I would love to be a part of your show.

    • “I’m classy” … “and I’m told I have a lot of sex appeal” and proudly, “he says I’m full of drama.” Nope. Something tells me “Tia Justice” has no clue what “classy” really means.

  156. I heard The Real Housewives are coming to Jacksonville. I want to be a Real Housewife. I just went through a highly contentious divorce from a man, that quite frankly did not deserve me. I have three beautiful boys who I love and adore. My experiences in life the past two years have made me a stronger and wiser woman. I love being single and am happier now than I have ever been. I would love to be part of your show.

  157. Hi, I’m Julie and I have all the interesting characters for a great housewife show. I have 3 grown children, two who still live at home and one who is married to a Russian immigrant. They got married by a justice of the peace without my blessing and now they come over every Sunday to play cards. You know how hard it is to play cards with someone who speaks Russian? To make matters worse, when he got married I wasn’t allowed to tell our extended family because they wanted to have a formal wedding later and then tell them. She is an exotic dancer so you understand “secret” nature of their union. They have since decided not to keep their marriage a secret anymore. So we will see how it unfolds when they “proper” family finds out. My family has dealt with divorce, bipolar disorder, depression and military life. My work life is real the center of the reality show should be. I work in a small jewelry boutique in an old downtown area and the stuff that happens there is off the charts. My boss is a female and she’s Crazy. Between me, my boss, my coworkers, the store and our families you have one great show.

    • You have interesting characters? Or do you mean “characteristics?” Actually, “Nyet,” you are NOT as interesting as you believer you are. But … keep thinking that.

  158. How about The Real Housewives of Cleveland??

    I am 33 year old wife, mother and teacher who enjoys entertaining family and close friends. I tend to have a core group of ladies that I hang out with who also are young, married and have children.

    People who live in Cleveland, play hard and work hard. We have a blue collar mentality, and protect our own. We have hot tempers, and have a low tolerance for stupid. We have an edge that bends the line of sarcasm and rudeness…But at the same time, we cherish where we come from and the people we love.

    Think of a Clevelander as a New Yorker, but more interesting.

  159. “Hello” I am your next “Real Housewife” ….BOOM! Full of life, personality and class. Married to a minister, but please don’t get it twisted…..POW! I am definitely what you are looking for Bravo….. I look forward to speaking with you soon :)

  160. I am sick of people telling me that I look like a few of these fake housewives. So maybe your show should find me one of these rich men and I will pretend to want to marry them or whatever it is you need to pretend to do for the show lol.

  161. Denise Bien says:
    Hello Bravo!! I am so into The Real Housewives. I have been watching since day one. I have been divorced once and remarried. I have a very big and outgoing personality. I have done some modeling and commercials. I am always ready to speak my mind. When people meet me for the first time, they think I’m this shy girl. That is so far from the truth my love. I am very attractive and sexy and so are my girl friends. Bling is my thing honey!! We love to shop and chat over a glass of wine. I come big and so does my life style. Don’t let my sexy exterior fool you. Some big things are happening under that exterior. One thing I can promise you Bravo, you will not be disappointed. When you see me you will understand!!!

  162. Hey Bravo!!! I’m the realist chick you can meet! All my friends and family know I don’t sugarcoat or put on a facade! My life is anything but simple, quiet, and boring! I live on the edge and love drama! I have an action packed life being a mom, part time career and my husband is a business man and entrepreneur! We fall nothing short from having all the dreams we set out to achieve! I have two young children and balancing out the care for them, my house, time with my husband, my career,my social network( which is made up of a group of the craziest girls you can find) and of course me time is trying at times but more then enough to make me a great canidate for the next housewives show! Pick me and my city of Indianapolis and I promise you won’t be disappointed!

  163. Hey Bravo! How about Real Housewives of Cleveland? I’m living here with my soon to be husband. My girlfriends range from married, divorced to single. All 26-33 in age. We’re hott, love to go out, and we all work together as Physician Assistants at Cleveland Clinic ER. We have quite the show ready for TV!

    Lemme know

    • Famewhore. Learn some skills and get a life. You’re not even married yet; what if he gets cold feet and decides to dump you?

  164. Hi, my name is Luba, and I am 44. I’m originally from Ukraine, but I have lived in the U.S. for almost 25 years. I’m married to a wonderful man, we have four sons, and there ages are 26, 20, 19, and 14. To describe myself, I have sense of humor, I’m outspoken and outgoing. I say what I mean and I mean what I say. I watch the housewives from every state. I would relate myself to Kyle from the Beverly Hills, and Nene from Atlanta. I think I could bring a lot of excitement and diversity to the show.

  165. Hi, I am a housewife and 57 years young and my husband is 41 years old a 14 year age difference and we have been together for 21 years. We have a great relationship and yes I run the ship around here and he knows it. If action is what you are looking for then you need to come to Kalispell, MT. This place and my friends and family are all great but crazy as well and we all have our share of problems and almost meet everyone of them you noted we would not disappoint you. We have a lot of outdoor activities since we are surrounded by lots of wilderness. We also try to get out of town as much as possible to the bigger cities. My daughter is also a mother and is engaged, she has three beautiful children ages 16, 13, and 8. We get along but at times my daughter and her fiance and I don’t. I have a habit of putting in my thoughts of how things should be done and the raising of the kids. Of course my grandchildren and I get along pretty good and of course they love their nana and papa. Sometimes my granddaughter has an attitude and I believe she got that from me. If you haven’t already noticed, yes I am very vein and proud of it. My other housewife fans and I are very excited to become a part of this series and would make you proud if you chose us. After all the Bachelor did a part on their show in Whitefish, MT which is only 18 miles north of here, and if they thought Montana was good for that well then you need to see Kalispell. I am a southern California girl and lived my whole life in San Diego and Los Angeles County, as they say you can take the girl out of the city but you can’t take the city out of the girl. I am very much a girly girl but can also get down and dirty (when it comes to camping). We would love to hear from you and we are excited to be a part of your family. Sincerely, Dennise and the other housewife fans. P.S. If this is not what you want I did send you an idea at one time of having a show called the Hot Nana’s of Montana. Thank you.

  166. Hi, I am a 53 year young housewife who is no longer living in the same house with my husband who has been diagnosed as bipolar mania. I have a 22 year old daughter and a 12 year old daughter. At present, I am a hospice volunteer and love it. I am working on opening a personal care home and reactivating my license in real estate. I and my friend both graduated from college in December 2012 with a BS and is looking for exciting changes. I have always wanted to be on a housewife show and can bring a good representation of the New Millennium woman. I’m doing what I want to, and working at being successful while doing it. All the jealousy and laziness can take a hike. I’m ready!

    • You sound awesome. Not that I want to see a show revolve around only you, but part of a show that deals — respectfully and inspirationally — about these issues, heck to the yeah. I’m in.

  167. I would love to be a part of a Housewives show on Bravo. I think Bravo should have one on Long Island for Middle Class families that work full time jobs, raise families. If they put all different types of families together I think it would make a great show. It would be nice to see a middle class one since not every family has money and struggles on a daily basis. I would love to be on a show like this.

  168. Intetested in being part of a show that looks at the OTHER side of housewives…attractive, single funny moms, like me..who are dealing with the issues mentioned above.
    a comical mom..two teen daughters who are in the midst of creating a RAP with ‘dad-isms’ (funny stuff)all handling daily issues of life with a crazy wit. You really can’t ‘script’ this..lol

    Sarcasm…fun…emotion..arguments…all in a days’ work.
    and THERE ..is your title.

  169. Hello, I’m looking to expand my horizons in the business industry. I am 43 and reside in Canada. I’m very much a risk taker. I own 2 roofing/construction companies, one being an all ” female roofing company” so I know much about drama. I have been approached to turn my company into a reality show from a Toronto based production firm. My stats are 5″11, 145 lbs, in great physical shape, I’m Polish and French which most mistaken me for South American. My personality is very much on dominate side! Total leadership! Call me a dominate diva with much style! I’m business oriented and my motto is ” it’s those who are risk takers that prevail, those who contemplate are left to dream” If its ment to be I will be! :)

  170. Hello, I live in Prince George’s County, Maryland which is right outside of Washington, DC. No politics, no politics here at all in the lives of myself and five other female friends who all are married – a few of us are stay-at-home moms, one is a doctor, one owns a very prominent business, ect. All of our children attend private school but within the five (could be six) of us, there is major drama. Prince George’s County is the flavor of DC without the politics. It’s the place to live! Beautiful homes, wonderful businesses and a dynamite social scene. We have our own style of music called Go-Go and just celebrated the life of Chuck Brown. I myself, am separated and there is so much more drama that goes with our lives that I couldn’t fit here in this paragraph. However, living right outside of the Nations’ Capital, I know America would love to get a glimpse at the juiciness here :)

    • I live in Prince George’s County, MD minutes from Washington, DC in a gated, golf course, country club community called Woodmore. I have been a bail bondsman for 15 years and have my own business in Upper Marlboro, MD. My life is full of drama and excitement.

  171. Hello Loves!!!My name is Shanaya and I’m married to an ex-military man a mother to two beautiful children. I have a sales background and currently assisting my Husband with his Real Estate business. I am the busiest women on earth in my world!! I’m from beautiful sunny San Diego,Ca and moved to Riverside county some years ago. I have camera appeal and I love to keep it real. Life has been a challenge but whats life without a challenge? I am a spiritual soul and will check anyone throwing shade my way! I have worked hard for what I have and unfortunately my biological mother and I don’t get a long at all. I can wait to audition, I’m sure you’ll love me!


  173. Hello my is name is Meme. I am currently engaged and dealing with a stressful family. I currently maintain a 8-5 and also have my own pastry business as well. I have several married and divorce friends with kids and are maintaining their homes as well while. As for me and my fiance we are dealing with ferility issues but are trying. I feel my story and along with my friends stories will make a great television show.

  174. Young 31 year old women that is looking to audition for the role of a housewife. Have performed in school plays and school recitals,but looking to keep on acting… ,

    • Uh, you do realize this is SUPPOSED to be “reality” TV? Is there a “role” for an “actress?” Why don’t you first get real talent, then an agent. High school plays and school recitals! Oh, wow, here comes Meryl Streep — Housewife!

  175. Young 31 year old women that is lookng for a acting career. From elememtary to high school I have perfomed in plays and recitals. I am still interested in pursuing more of my talent.

  176. In Houston, with my circle of family and friends is where Bravo should have been! If you want ratings, drama, lavish and luxury to the extreme, deadbeat dads, young diverse women with careers, etc. Houston is the place. I myself am a 24 year old medical student, recently divorced with a 2 year old son, and going through unbelievable issues with my ex. Even though I’m educated, I feel I’m doing what I should instead of what I want. I want everything and more that comes with Bravo’s Housewives. My circle and I are all sexy as hell, VERY diverse (not just one race), full of excitement, and on top of things. Houston is where Bravo needs to be!

    • I think Bravo need to come to Houston.We have so much to give to reality tv.We are Reality tv.I would love to be on your show and bring better ratings than the other housewives franchise.We will have a blast.

  177. I go by NitaRae, I have a new entertainment company NitaRae Entertainent. My Husband is my Client. He’s a Comedian, Cizzle C. Its tough sometimes being married to your business. He calls me his WifeAger. Learning not to take things so personal when I dont manage his career right OMG!!!!!!

  178. hi i got a perfect group for your bravo housewives shows…this group consists of 4 to 6 hard working women..that work 9-5..have kids with no personal sitter.. no maid..either married or devorced…that after a long week of ..maintaing wifey and mothely duties.. cleaning..cooking ..and etc ..also comes with alot of ups and downs…depressing moments..jealious family and friends they still find time to enjoy life…i think that this would be…” THE REAL HOUSEWIVES of BRAVO

  179. I am so interested in all your housewives shows! My husband does not like to watch, but I’m almost positive he would join. To compare myself to any housewife ever….. I would say ‘Kyle’ from “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills!” I may not have my sister present because she is in Texas, but I know I have plenty enough friends that would be willing to join in the fun. Reality that is!!! Please let me know If you are interested!!! It would be a blast!!! I am an Aviator, you will have a doctor, a social worker, and plus actual housewives. Trust me this is an opportunity not to pass up! By the way….. Military people have a huge role that will not interfere! We’re not military wives by far! But some of us are married to military men!!! Or even military ourselves! Still does not mean we came from nothing! TRUST!!!!! I know quite a few ‘BIG’ folks because of my fortunate job! BRAVO Just let me know what you want and you will have!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    -Donna Lee

  180. Hi my name is Shaleen and I live in Utah. I’am 35 years old and have been married for 17 years and have 3 beautiful children. My life can be pretty crazy between raising my kids, working part time and I also do promotional modeling and was in a calendar for 2012. When it comes to family and friends there is always some type of drama in my life. I’am very close to my sister who is only 14 months older than me. She was married for 12 years but ended up divorcing her husband that has been battling addiction, but are now living together and trying to work it out, in addition my best friends has also told me she is planning on divorcing her husband this spring. There is way more drama than I have told you and I think it would be good for your show. I hope you consider me.

    -Thanks Shaleen

  181. My name is Regina Rob I’m a native Liberian/Ghanian and recently divorced ex Housewife whos moved back to my mothers house with a whole tribe of Africans. I mean can we say “Akuna Matata”..anyhow, I would love to audition for any of your Housewive shows. I’m pretty, I’m tall and I can bring some ratings to show. I hope you can consider me.

    Thanks always,
    Regina Rob

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