Whodunnit – ABC Reality Show Casting

ABC Whodunnit Contestant Casting

ABC Whodunnit Contestant Casting

From ABC and the creator of CSI Anthony E. Zuiker comes a new murder mystery reality television show  Whodunnit.  ABC has ordered nine episodes that feature 13 contestants using a variety of crime scene investigation techniques to solve a series of fictional crimes and determine who among them is the killer. In the final episode, one player will unmask the killer and win $250,000. This show is sure to be a hit among audiences and this is your chance to be a contestant so do not miss our on you opportunity and apply now. The casting directors are now taking applications for contestants ages 18 and over from all backgrounds.

On Whodunnit, thirteen strangers are put into a fabulous mansion for two months. One of the contestants is actually an undercover “murderer.” Each week this unsavory character will “kill off” other contestants. The remaining contestants then have to use various clues and investigative techniques to figure out…you guessed it…whodunnit. By the finale, three contestants will be left and one will walk away with a $250,000 cash prize. The ABC reality show  takes the best elements from the timelessly entertaining narrative form, the murder mystery, and infuses it with all the contemporary energy of a competition based reality show and this is your chance to be a contestant and possibly win $250,000.

Contestant applications are now being accepted for male and female contestants over the age of 18. If you are interested in auditioning for Whodunnit please submit a recent photo and contact information. Pleaes keep checking back for more information on casting dates and location and as always leave us a comment and let us know what you think about ABC and their new reality TV show Whodunnit.

Fill out the submission form below to get more auditions.

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  1. Hi my name is Lana and I am a big fan of your show. I was really into season 1 and I hope that you will allow me to be part of season 2. I love solving mysteries and I am a great team player as well as a strong individual when need be. I hope you will allow me to join the whodunnitt team.

  2. My name is Ryan Roberts. I am 16 years old and I live in Georgia. I am a huge mystery/crime fan. I loved the first season of Whodunnit and I would love to be on the next season. I may be young, but I am intelligent and a good problem solver. Thanks for your consideration.

  3. Hi,

    I’m Noel, 28 years old from Gary, Indiana.

    I’m beyond excited and geek that I have found your casting call. I was very addicted to this show.

    I interested in applying to be on this show because I believe I’m a great fit. I love murders, crime scenes, morgues and the whole concept of wondering why, when, and who dun it. I al ways dreamed of becoming a crime scene investigator because I love to know what happen, how the body was laying; what evidence I can find that can link to the murder.

    It’s just so interesting to me. I always wanted to be a fly on the wall in a morgue while an autopsy is in process. I want to know everything about the dead. That’s why I believe I can be a great fit. I’m determined and a go getter, mentally strong and prepared for what comes my way. I have a positive fulfilled energy with a strong personality. I Love life but love death more. (in a good way)

    Please consider me you won’t regret having me on your show.


  4. Working as an Administrator for a large criminal defense team, I am not intimidated by the facts or process of a criminal investigation.
    Who am I? I am a damn fine person, friend of the community where I live, ultimate debate championship contestant, active volunteer (one of my volunteer efforts, is that I teach Sunday school to 8-10 year olds) the woman who is large and in charge at the firm, and a member of the “yo-momma” foundation.
    I own very little, work hard, play hard, and I make a living doing what I love, making a difference in people’s life.
    Some of us were born free and others of us have to fight for it. Freedom is the reason behind everything I do and freedom is what drives me to work with criminal defense, building connections and practicing living an unconditional life.

  5. Greetings! My name is Amanda and I am 26 years young and is living life to its fullest. However, I was raised to be a woman of grace integrity and was never allowed to do anything wrong. Being that this show is based upon one of my favorite television shows and reminds me of one of my favorite board games, CLUE, I would cherish the opportunity to become part of the show as the “murderer”. I think you should pick me as a member of the cast because nobody would suspect the current Walmart associate and single mother to be a murderer!!!

  6. Let me make this simple, I want to be on Whodunnit, and you will want me on it! It doesnt get any easier than that, get in touch with me, will ya?

  7. Hey, I feel like I’d be a great fit for this show because I’m very quick witted and can spot things for what they are when I’m in the right position for it. Not to mention that I love mysteries and wrapping my brain around a puzzle. I also have a very charming personality so I’m a double threat for the social and mental portions of the game.

  8. HELLO!,I am SO EXCITED!, I love CSI!!!!, CSI MIAMI to be exact!!, that is the BEST show!, Please pick me!, I would love to do this!, to see them do incredible things to solve murders is facinating!, also love LAW&ORDER!, so I hope to hear from you soon!, I WILL now be observing CSI MIAMI closer!!!, to get some pointers!, My name is Charlotte Scott!

  9. I have ALWAYS wanted to do a murder mystery. I think it would be 100 times better if it was on T.V. I am currently a security guard and am working on a B.S. in Criminal Justice. I want to be a police officer. I love a mystery and want a chance to prove that I have what it takes to win this game. I wish I had known about the show before it started last year so I would have applied then. Thanks for Your Time.

  10. Whynotdoit? :) my name is Karina De Jesus and I’m 26 years old. I’m Dominican and born in new York, and maybe the show would enjoy some latina fire this season! I’m a bubbly, sassy, charismatic, goofy and easy-going person that would be a great asset to the show. My ability to portray different characters would be extremely convenient for the season as well as my ability to solve mysteries. My mother and I are huge fans of the show and nothing would give me more pleasure that to imagine me giving that kind of entertainment to someone else, just to think of my moms reaction trying to see me solve the mysteries would be priceless. If I’m given the opportunity to join the cast for the season, I can ASSURE you, you wont regret it.

  11. I would love to be a part of the Whodunnit cast – I’ve watched the first season several times and I have read the books twice. I am young, only 12 years old, but I think that would be cool for the show. I play the cello and piano, if that helps.

  12. I am a 36 yeays old casino floor supervisor from the province of Quebec. The show is made for me cause I’ve been in 12 quiz shows in Quebec son far. I enjoy games , specially if I have to use my brain for it. I was a fan of your shoe since episode 1 and would die to be part of season 2.

  13. English/Scottish/Korean/Hawaiian

    Ethnically ambiguous. Can deliver as a saint or a sinner; “glam VS model” look or “girl next door” look.
    Good work ethic. Reliable. Dependable. Easy to direct and lead.

    Nancy Drew trained.

  14. My name is Shane Keefer Im 23, I am an ABA Therapist and I’m in Nursing school. I live in a small town in South Carolina. I pay close attention to detail. I am smart, driven, and I have great intuition. I’m 5’10 average body weight, brown hair, and blue eyes. I love mystery or thriller anything. I read quite a bit and have a great memory. I am also very decietful. I can hide anything and get away with it. I feel I have what I need to win this game so please consider me to be the next contestant on whodunnit, or hell even the murderer.

  15. Hello,

    My name is Alyssa Karpouzis and I am 22 years. I am extremely interested in becoming a cast member for the new season on Whodunnit?. I love crime television shows such as criminal minds and CSI and I’ve watched almost every episode. I also enjoyed the first season of Whodunnit? and I know i can be successful and win the game because I am smart and can use my skills to solve the crime. I will use all the clues to solve the crime and I know that with my past experience watching this show and other crime shows, I will successfully win the game. Please contact me as I would love to be on the show!

    Thank you

  16. Hello, my name is Timothy Graham. I am a student at Cathey Middle School and am aiming to be a majer at criminal investigation. At my neighborhood, my friends and I would play whodunit and I would always win. We would also pick a character from the 1st season of whodunit and I would win that plus I picked the winning character and got the murrder correct as well. I hope you pick me for the 2nd season of whodunit. I might be young, but I can still win the $250,000. If I’m selected as the murrder, I would hide my covor greatly.

  17. my name is Michael I’m an emergncy medical technician in the great state of Indiana for the past two years, I’m an avid mystery buff, when I watched the show I was able to predict the murderer by the 5th weekend. I would really like the ability to be on the next season of whodunnit. if you consider me for the part, I would be a great addition I’m mysterious, intriguing and brutally honest. I have a keen eye for observation and I’m able to catch things that others miss and if you’re looking for a little bit of pure southern ability this is your guy. so if this is for real please consider this country boy from Indiana hope to hear from you

  18. my name is Michael I’m an emergncy medical technician in the great state of Indiana for the past two years I’m an avid mystery buffwhen I watch the show I was able to predict z murderer by the 5th weekendI would really like the ability to be onthe next season of them done itif you consider me for the part I would be a great addition I’m mysterious intriguing and brutally honest I have a king I for observation and I’m able to catch things that others miss and if you’re looking for a little bit of sure southern ability this is your guyso if this is for real please consider the country empty from Indiana hope to hear from you

  19. I’ve been reading true crime since I was 7 years old. I’m not in any agency, nor do I have any experience in this field of expertise. But I am extremely observant and can read people. I enjoy solving logic problems. My favorite genre to read is true crime and I believe I can solve it before most professionals can.

  20. My name is Jose Rios and I am more than interested in
    auditioning for ” WHODUNNIT ” I absolutely love the story
    and I will love to be apart of it. I am located in Long Beach California
    and willing to travel. You can contact me on my email or cell phone.
    Thank you for your time.

    Sincerely, Jose Rios

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  22. Hi there,

    I LOVE Whodunnit? So much! I always knew Cris was the killer…:) I am really good at solving this stuff. I knew Ulysses’s death was not from a snake even when they found it in that sattle bag. But one problem…I am 12 years old. I took an psychological education evaluation test(IQ) and I scored an IQ of an a little above average 27 year old person. I want to win the $250,000 but what will a 12 year old do with it?:) But I would want to be on it no matter what( I even want to be the killer) I really don’t expect to be on the show bc I am too young. But I filled out a application and would love a response!:)


    Zachary Danner

  23. I am 19 years old and currently a college student. I am majoring in nursing and hope to become a nurse anesthetist. I love Whodunnit and would love to be apart of the action. I have read both books and picked the killer out by the very first killing. I also was obsessed with the first season. I watched every episode multiple times and I feel that I could really do well on the show. I would definately use the money to help pay for my college and take a huge burden away from my parents. If you pick me you won’t regret it!

  24. Whodunit is my show!!! I’ve always figured things out even when there is supposed to be a surprise twist. My friends hate watching movies with me because I usually figure them out before the ending like The Sixth Sense (I called it that he was dead)!!! This show is completely up my alley and I would walk away with the money easily

  25. I absolutely love this program. My son and I would never miss an episode. I am positive I would be great addition to the show, and bring some Detroit flair!

  26. I think i would be a great addition to the show for many reasons. I just turned 18 years old and i think a young adolescent would be an unexpected twist. I have an extensive knowledge of trivia, i spend 3 or 4 days a week just gathering information from various games and television shows. I also love riddles and puzzles. I can adapt to many situations, whether it be learning the tells of others to forming an alliance and withholding information. There are not many reasons why you shouldn’t choose me but if you did choose me i would be so happy because its my dream to be on the show. If i was to win it could change my whole life. I could buy a car, buy a house, and even start a college fund for myself. So maybe you could just me a chance, i wont let you down.

  27. I am kimberly mertz, I am a 20 year old online comic blogger from philadelphia. I watched the first season of whodunit and I knew cris was the killer all along. i need 250 thousand dollars cuz if money grew on trees, i cut mine down a lonnnnnnnnnnnnng time ago.

  28. Hey my name is John and I am one of the biggest fans of whodunnit. My favorite characters are Ronnie and Geno. I am only 11, turning 12 so i’m pretty sure you will say no but I wanted do this for a chance. Age shouldn’t matter I love your work and Ive seen every episode so I hope you put this in thought.

  29. Hey everyone!

    So i discovered Whodunnit only a few weeks ago, and i watched every episode in one day. I just sat in front of my TV for hours on end, and all i ate was a roll of Oreos. I was obsessed!

    Before i get into things, let me clear things up. Yeah, I’m 14, turning 15 in 2 months. But that’s not something that should hold you back from casting me in season 2! It would broaden your audience, and appeal to all ages. What kid isn’t going to want to cheer for someone their age going up against a group of adults? It will add a whole new twist to your show, and intrigue many!

    My age means nothing, I am very wise. I’ve been interested in any type of mystery novels since i could read! They just give me that heart racing feeling and I love it! I also read lots of non-fiction books on Forensics, I think that’s what I want to study in College. Over the years of reading about mysteries and watching them on TV, I have become very skilled at solving them! I discovered Cris was the killer of S1 after episode 3. I solved 7/9 murders flawlessly. I will not be ruled out on s2 as a riddle solver. I could be a front runner. This is really what i want to do! Please email me! I would love to be a part of the cast, I would really make your show interesting!

  30. Hello;

    It just comes naturally to me; I was right all along on Season 1 and I believe I can do season 2 as well.

    I do not have a picture on this computer but I will send you one and mention that I send my personal information already next week.

    I am a team player and will be very helpful in the game.

    I will not disappoint any member of the cast.



  31. The concept of this show is so perfect for me. I am addicted to crime shows & always trying to figure out “whodunit” before it’s revealed. whether it is a real crime show or a movie. I am also somewhat of a human lie detector. I can tell if someone is lying the majority of the time & not even really sure how I do it. I have always wanted to be a part of something like this show & would do just about anything to at least get a shot at it. I am 46 years and have been in the medical field for over 25 years, but have recently been thinking what it would be like to do something in criminal justice? I do believe you do have to have a natural knack for it & being truly put to the test in this type of scenario may answer that question for me. I have had a difficult life in many ways, started working @ 13 & worked hard my entire life (working 3 jobs now), put myself thru school & have been a single mom since my son was 7. He is my greatest accomplishment. He is now 25 & is an amazing son, awesome person, hard worker & a loyal & trusted friend. He is actually planning to go to the police academy next year. Anyway, if you do another series please consider giving me a chance. I haven’t had many breaks in life & this could truly be the only one I ever need. Thank you for a great show.

  32. This show had me hooked. I often was put into the dog house from neglecting my husband duties. Majored in Criminal Justice and havnt done anything with my degree yet. It would be interesting to see how I would do against others in an environment like this.

  33. I am employed with riverside county probation and I love solving problems and crime! My family and I have enjoyed watching your show and cannot wait for the next one. I would love the opportunity to be considered to be a contestant for the next season!

  34. Hello my name is Carson Huber, I’m 22 years old, I’m a college student with a Associates Degree in Social & Behavioral Sciences and I would be honored if I was allowed to be apart of this show if there was a Season 2 (or anything similar to this show). I believe myself to be a perfect for this show because I have been known to be very observant, intelligent, and cautious on what I do, my uncle is a retired police officer who was an investigator in one of a “Cold Case” -reactivating unsolved serious crimes, plus I’ve always felt the need to prove not only to myself, but to others that I can do more than what I can. My grandfather was a Korean veteran and was part of the FBI that served under JFK. My dad served in army as well and is now a retired veteran, but he raised me to be tough and also thoughtful of what I do.

    I’ve always been a fan of the mysteries, unsolved cases, and the psychological part of what a killer maybe thinking in order to think outside the box and know what/how a killer would kill his/her victim. And also been a fan of Clue (despite always losing to my brother) so I may have some theories on how I may be able to try and survive in such a way.

    I would feel honored if I was able to participate and able to have a chance to win $250,000 dollars which would not only help me for my college expenses, but also be able to help set up my future to becoming a educational teacher for the High School (or College) level of education.

    If you give me a chance to audition, I would be honored and thrilled to be apart of something great! Email me if I am given the opportunity of what I believe may be something to “die” for!

    • in my second sentence I meant to say a “perfect match” but I do type fast sometimes, and my grandfather (on my dad’s side) is not Korean, but he is a Korean War veteran. I hope this does clear up some things.

  35. I’ve watched ABC’S ‘Whodunnit’ and I adore the show, I watch then over and over again solving riddles on my own perfectly! I’m a whodunnit super super fan and I feel like I should be on it because I would fit perfect, and I feel as If my whole entire life has been leading up to this one chance to be apart of this. Whodunnit is my whole life and even when I’m not watching it I think about it 24/7! I’m positive I’m a perfect fit, being around crime solving, watching my dad as a cop then being one myself, you can’t find a better fit for the show then me. I’m a volunteer at dog shelters and I have a summer job helping kids at camp at the tennis courts!

    I’m ready for anything you have in store for me! I can’t get enough of this show and I would die for an opportunity at this! Email me what you think!

  36. I am a 57 year old wife and mom of 3 grown children and Strudel, out Yorkshire Terrier. Having raised 3 children I became a master of detective work, as any mom can attest to!
    I am an avid reader of mystery novels, and shows such as 48 Hours, Motive, and CSI. One of my great passions is movie-going, and I love a truly great mystery. To be truly great it has to have a fabulous twist that I didn’t see coming.
    My daughter Emily is 26, and she and I watched the first season of Whodunnit. We would discuss every aspect of the investigations at the morgue, last known whereabouts, and scene of the crime, and see who had the best theory.
    Why not consider a mother/daughter team, and perhaps not tell the other “houseguests” that we are related. A secret alliance between us could be interesting, and then it would be interesting also to see if we end up “turning” on each other!!!
    We LOVE the show!

  37. I really enjoyed the show and would like to participate on the show and I am looking foward to a season 2

  38. Wow, great show! I am a 52 year old female. I have raised five children and have seven grandchildren. I am not your typical grandmother! I love all the crime shows and murder mysteries. I am usually able to figure out “whodunnit” within the first ten minutes of the show. I feel this is the first reality show I could compete on. I love the fact that it focuses on brains and observations instead of physical appearances and labor intensive competitions. I would love to be a contestant and have the chance to win the $250,000.00. I am a stay at home wife, I have worked as a nurse for over 30 years. I am able to read people accurately and put people at ease with my laid back manor and Texas charm. Please give me this once in a lifetime opportunity. Thanks!

  39. I have been watching this show since its first episode, and while watching this show I followed every investigation and thought through every murder was going on, and I was right about who was the killer. however Im a crime fighting machine and I would totally win 250,000 no doubt.

  40. I am a salon owner who talks to many clients each day. I have spent many years on stage acting in plays and musicals. I am very witty and charming and I usually figure things out very quickly and a quick mind and known for remembering frivolous things. People are amazed at the things I can remember about them. I am an excellent crime solver within many facets of life itself.
    Give me a chance to prove what I can do and make the audience laugh too at my wit and humor.


  41. Omg so I’m a mother of six I run all day after my kids and solving who dunn it to who I’ve been loving scary movies/murder mysteries since I was a baby, if any body can solve these cases its me and I’ll put a little southern New Orleans/San Antonio style in. the Mansion and trust me I’ll come home with the blood wrenching, exploding, crashing, poisoning, shooting, and arrow to the throat well earned money pick me please

  42. I am married and have a 5 month old son so needless to say a quarter mill would be extremely useful. I am currently working as a transitional living coordinator for persons with mental illness. Based on the way the first season went I would be right at home. I am very good at reading peoples true intentions as I “read between the lines” to their true motives. I am also the guy who spoils the murder mystery shows for people watching them with me by solving the mystery 1/2 way through the show. My sarcastic sense of humor and my ability to sleuth out clues and see through people would add to any show in this genre. I hope there is a second season so I can apply, audition and put a hurtin on the competition on my way to the finale.

  43. Hi whodunit I would really like u t pick me for 13 contestans I have skill for any tests u put me on I know I am a 11 but I could think like any other adult thanks.

  44. I’m 38 yrs old. Grew up reading unsolved murders. 6 tours in Iraq as military police then got my B.a. In forensic psychology. This show would give me an opportunity to show my skills in solving a crimes.

  45. Hello writers of Whodunnit. I am an incoming college freshman, and I have genuinely enjoyed the show’s first season. To be honest, it reminds me of playing Clue with my twin brother when we were younger. We would both love to be on the next season of Whodunnit because we believe that “withholding” the fact that we are twins will give the show a new twist. Please contact me if you are interested in making Whodunnit a “family matter.”

  46. Greetings, my name is Hannah McCoy I am 19 years old, approximately 20 by the time next season starts. I am a perfect choice for a contestant and here is why. 1. I am a creative writer who writes, you guessed it, murder mysteries and stories from the point of view of the murderer. So who better to get in the mind of a fictitious killer. 2. I’m just entering into my 20’s which makes me a good age to draw in both the teens to root for and the “young adults” ie:20-25’s. 3. Before I wanted to be a murder mystery writer I wanted to be a feild agent for the FBI and subsequently have read every book on perception and logic thinking out there. So as you can see I would be a strong contender due to my ability to think “creatively” and “outside the box” So in closing,
    I would love the chance to put my skills to the test as a contestant on this game show!


    The blue eyed writer

  47. Will there be auditions held for another Season? This is the best reality show created to date! How can a person have a chance at participating? I can see where some acting experience would be beneficial so I am wondering if ABC is going through agents or casting calls? Thanks!

  48. I have always been a fan of mysteries. I read them quite often, and watch mystery shows. I am a former security guard that had been working on getting my P.I. License when I ended up having my son and decided to be a graphic designer instead. I had almost every crime pegged on before all the evidence was even in. Especially the first one. I may be overweight, but I can give ANYONE a run for their money on this show!

  49. Age :22
    Brown hair
    Brown eyes
    Occupation : Cheerleading coach

    I’m a really fun guy and love a good mystery. I’ve been told I’m slightly manipulative which could be good for me in this game, or it could be my poision. I’ve been told I’m a charmer and I usually get my way someway or another. I could definitely put a fun twist and different aspect in the game for the new season. I’m constantly around kids ages 4-18 so I know all the tricks in the book so I really think I should be considered! Thank you!

  50. I am 13 but i could out whit an adult ANY day. I am creative, tricky, a leader, active, energetic, smart, confident and am not intimidated by anyone OR anything. i love all crime shows and can easily piece together mysteries. You may over look me because of my age, but i assure you, i have the skills of a 25 year old.
    name: hannah hair: blonde Hight: 5’4
    Age: 13

  51. I’ve followed this TV show from episode 1 and really do hope theres a season 2. I’ve watched every CSI episode and love crime solving would defiantly give contestants a run for their money. I’m currently a college student majoring in Recording Arts and I’d love to be able to play this game.

  52. I’m 31 and not your typical east indian. I grew up in the ghetto but studied and eventually lived with financially successful individuals. I.have seen the best and the worst of the two worlds. to simplify it, I can enjoy twinkies as much as caymus cabernet and gouda cheese.

    Its hard to figure me out, because I can befriend anyone of any class, and I make outrageous statements on taboo topics to.see how people react. If I can manage to surprise or irritate someone, I know exactly what their personality is like.

    I hope they cast a second season

  53. A friend of mine recently got me hooked on this show. I generally dislike reality TV shows, but “Whodunit?” Is the exception. It is delightful and intriguing. I hold a Master’s degree in Marriage & Family Therapy with the focus of my practice being reunification therapy. My cases are court /attorney referred and my roll is forensic in nature. I am a 61 year old divorced (for many years) mother of two grown wonderful children. Would love to be considered. Time for fun and new challenges in my life!
    Deb Sweeney

  54. We play this game call Assassin as work, and I am considered one of the best players. I owe that to my due diligence on watching “The Mole” and “Survivor” and picking apart social interactions and being an observer. I would love to be on this show – as the Killer!

  55. I am a Criminal Justice major. I also work part time besides going to school at Worlds of Fun as a park ranger. I love to investigate crimes and I am good at it. I would love to put my skills to the test.

  56. Hi my name is Stuart Rose. I know I can do a great job on this show I am 20 years old and a criminial justice major in college please choose me ABC I want the quarter million!!

  57. I spent time in criminal justice,crime scene, and was a PI in vegas, I think I pretty much have it down, and really want to do this, not just because of what you can win but the excitement of the game, the challenge!

  58. Hey there… loveeeee this show and would love to be considered to be on it….I am 43 from East Longmeadow MA

    • ummm yup hit the enter button to quick… lol… I have great detective skills due to the fact my ex-husband was well busy with extra curricular activities … I currently help run a family owned pest control business in town so were good with exterminating any unwanted pests lol…

  59. Hello there! My name is Maurine Nuezca, I’m 19 and currently attending a Junior college. I plan on transferring to a UC very soon and I plan on majoring in Communications. I’m a Cheerleader / Gymnast I take both seriously because it keeps me focus and motivated in my studies. I’ve done some commercial acting on the side and I’m also a musician. I’ve heard a lot about this show, and after watching a couple episodes I was hooked especially because it reminded me of the board game I loved playing when I was a kid, “CLUE”. It definitely seems like a fun experience to be a part of and I found out through a family member that they are holding casting calls for the show and I got super excited. So here I am taking advantage of this opportunity to be considered to be on the show who dunnit! Bring on the challenge! I’m totally up for it!

  60. This is the challenge I was born for! I wonder what creative murders they will cook up for the next show. I would kill to be part of the game!

  61. I am cunning, manipulative, and controversial. I am not in law enforcement or corrections because I am actually smart. I am a teacher. I would definitely increase ratings. Half the country would love me, the other half would hate me. I am handsome, not too old, not too young. I would play the game masterfully and make Richard Hatch look like a boy scout!!

  62. I would LOVE to be on Whodunnit. Been a huge fan of mysteries my whole life and even wrote a mystery novel. Working on the second one now. I am so excited for the second season! I have the first season all figured out… I think. I will definitely send in a photo and contact info.

  63. As an educator of middle school children, this would be an excellent opportunity to show my students how their education can come into play in real life created experiences. As a fan of criminal investigative television, this would be a fabulous opportunity to try my gained knowledge of solving television crimes!

  64. My name is Gino, huge fan of the show . I work as an apprentice linemen for a small municipality in ohio. I am 28 years old and I have always showed intrest in to crime mysteries. This show would be my opportunity to live my dream of being involved in a big time murder mystery. Good job with show and please give a chance I will not dissappoint.

  65. OMG ! This show is awesome! It combines all of my favorite elements: survivor like alliances and back stabbing along with cool murders to be solved like CSI! Totally my kind of scene!! It would be a dream come true to be one of the residents of “Rue Manor” – Giles is just creepy enough to send shivers up my spine!

  66. My husband always tells me I should of been a detective. I can’t think of many things him or our kids have gotten by me. We have attended the murder mystery dinner with friends twice and I won each time. It is not too often when we watch a show with a murder, that I don’t say off the get go who did it and usually get it right. The show would be a good test of my detective instinct.

  67. Would love to have the opportunity to test my skills. I enjoy challenges, puzzles, and problem solving. I am over 50 but not dead yet. I challenge you to challenge me.

  68. i can win this show ez by watching i already picked up ppls mistakes i know its different watching and beging their but knowledge is power and i have knowledge so there for i am powerful

  69. I am a stay at home mom who watches alot of tv. I have a very special asset that would be very interesting for this show. I hope to hear from the network so I can let them in on my little secret. Stay tuned because next seasons Whodunnit could be totally off the charts if I’m picked to be on the show:)

  70. I’m up for anything, anytime anyplace. If I’m killing or looking for the killer you better believe I will be the last one standing. I will be 39 in a few weeks and this would be the best B-day gift ever. Whodunnit… I did it, or did I.

  71. This would be a blast! I’ve been in security for years I worked as a private investigator I was a criminal justice major! It’s a great idea for a show I hope I get a tryout and make it!

  72. I’m a regular 30 yr old man, who learned from watching, and observing. I know I can find the killer and win the game…just try me

  73. Look, I hate reality tv!! and I have never wanted to be on a reality show, save for Survivor when it first came out. I love a good mystery though, I adore them, and would love the opportunity to get to play one out. I don’t just watch Crime Show Dramas, I watch real Investigative Crime Documentaries. I wouldn’t even mind if I was killed off on this show or was the killer. I’m not sexy, I’m cute. I’m not fat but I’m not a toothpick… I have gorgeous eyes, an awesome smile, and a contagious laugh. I come from a very humble background and the best thing I have going for me is my beautiful 4yr old son. If i could happen to win, as a single mom the prize money would really change our lives.

  74. I’m dying to be on Whodunnit! I am a high school Biology teacher and a mother of 2 who loves mysteries, science, and critical thinking puzzles. This show is awesome and right up my alley.

  75. I am a huge fan of the show ! I am a principal and I would love the opportunity to be on Whodunnit! I am very personable , and im great with solving mysterious situations with high school kids so I would love to do it on TV with adults! #hugefan #givemeachance

  76. My Name is tim merritt, i am a student at UND taking a degree in Commercial Aviation, i love reading mystery novels, comics and watching movies. in fact, if i wasnt going to be a pilot, i was planning to be a police detective so i could solve these types or cases. I would love to be on this show and hope someone. So I Really hope u decide to have me on show <3

  77. Hello my name is loren i am a great detective .Even if im a kid i will not surrender or give up i will win and unmask whodunnit along with my aunt laurie and lil keneth . I will make it all the way even if i will have to solve all the murders look out season 2 im coming at you.

  78. whodunit show.
    I have been watching mystery shows with my dad since I was young…. Sherlock holmes mysterys were me and my dads favorite. now just turning 50 please, let me be on the show and prove to my family that watching mysterys on tv wasn’t a waste of time !!!!!!!

  79. I have solved every episode on CSI Miami for the last 10 years. When my son visits, we will watch 4-5 shows nightly of the old Columbo Series, CSI,
    Masterpiece Theater and Poirot.
    I have been on many game shows in the past and have won wonderful prizes. Please let me have a chance to interview with you for next season!

  80. Whodunnit? is a great show! I can’t get enough of it! I read crime novels all the time and this is so much better! I am confident that I would win the game. I read people as easily as I can snap my fingers. Keep the prize money, I want the challenge! Bring it on!

  81. I would love to be on Whodunit!!! I read a lot of true crime books and would love to have a chance to investigate a crime and solve it!!! Please put me on the show!!!!

  82. I watch this show every sunday! My sister in law and I have every murder figured out before the contestants do. I know if I was on this show or me and my sister in law were on this show one of us would be walking away with that 250,000 dollars no doubt in my mind what so ever. We are the best at solving these murder mysteries. It’s just like playing clue who,what,where and why. We solve it every time!!!!!

  83. I may be just a kid who is 17 not 18 but I promise you , you will not regret having me on Whodunnit . I love the show and I am very into detail and mystery. I could bring back the idea of a kid detective. Such as Encyclopedia Brown, Nancy Drew, and the Young Sherlock Holmes. You won’t regret this please pick me.

  84. I have loved murder mysteries since I was young playing Clue with friends and family. To have an opportunity to be on a show like this is AMAZING! This is a one of a kind show which I believe I’m a perfect fit for. Hope I get the chance to prove it to the world!

  85. I am a former member of the Army National Guard. Currently I have almost completed my degree in Criminal Justice and I plan on attending Law School. My step-father is a cop and my mom is an attorney. I love crime novels and television shows. I have a wide variety of forensic and crime scene knowledge. This show is perfect for me and I for it.

  86. I am a 29 y/o mother who works for a health company. I would like to be considered for the next season of whodunnit.

  87. Hi my son keeps harping at me to request to be aired on this show, every week we watch it and pick apart the seens to give us an edge on who the killer is. Im a social studies teacher and can be very decisive on complicated murders and i am very easy to get along with please consider me as a contestant!!!!!!

  88. my name is drew i may be young but if i get casted i can promise you
    i wont be the first to go i have extremely good memory and a photographic mind and i can solve a lot of things other people cant see a pesimist you may say.

  89. I am a problem solver and enjoy the chase to gather information in order to come up with a common sense answer to the Crime.
    Would love the chance to Win the game and the $250,000, it would help my family to stay a float in this hard economy, please consider me as a contestant. Thanks Larry

  90. I think you ought to do a whodunnit whith couples. My wife and I would be hard to beat.

  91. I would be excellent, I was a social worker, probation officer and now a judge. I totally rock at solving crimes. The show is great and I would love to show off my skills.

  92. I enjoy watching your show SO much! I hate having to wait a whole week for a new episode! I’ve always been interested in being an Attorney or something involving court cases and this would be right up my alley!! My kids say I’m excellent at interrogation and “snooping around” for facts…lol!!

    Thank you,
    Darlene Borne

  93. My name is Eric Haugsby I’m going to school to become a lawyer then a judge. I I understand that people have been posting the same thin about having a photogenic memory an yes I do have one but I use my critical thinking an my analytical personality that can help me win. im a history major in college an I can put facts together faster and can see things in my point of view to put the picture faster. But would love to hence my skills an solve cases

  94. Hi my name is Pele.. I love this show and would love to be on it… I love to read mystery EVERYTHING!!!! I would be the best on this show cause I think I can be a WIN!!!!

  95. I am a fitness model and trainer who is obsessed with murder mysteries! After Saved By The Bell aired their murder mystery episode in the 90’s I knew I wanted to have an experience like that! A couple years ago for my 25th birthday I had my chance, I organized 15 of my friends to join me in celebrating my birthday at a murder mystery dinner. We were suppose to be able to look for clues and help solve the murder. False advertising, instead we sat through a two hour musical where a murder was merely involved. Needless you say my friends have yet to let me live down this disaster of a birthday!
    I would love to get a second chance at solving a murder mystery. Whodunnit? has me clued to the TV very week and I know I’d make a great cast member! :)

  96. I have always been intrigued with Murder Mysteries. I have played Parker Bros. board game ‘Clue’ for years and win consistantly. I enjoy piecing together bits and pieces or information that may or may not be pertinent to obtain the resolution. It is invigorating to me to be able to detect the killer, or guilty party prior to being announced. My husband gets angry with me sometimes…he states I ruin the movie experience because I usually decipher the plot. It is an aspiration of mine to become part of a Murder Mystery reality show. Well, ever since reality shows came into being. :) Recently diagnosed with Breast Cancer, undergoing a bi-lateral mastectomy, having the opportunity to be a guest on “Whodunnit” would full fill a lifelong dream, and enable women with Breast Cancer that anything is possible and to never lose hope.
    Thank you for your consideration.

  97. With my Detective skills and photographic memory I will definitely be a major threat to Win the shows $250,000. My sense of humor and personality would work to my benefit with other contestants to form allies and to also extract information and infiltrate opposing groups in the house. I am extremely clever and deceptive and you’ll never see it coming and by the time you figured it out, you’re already dead!

  98. Hello my name is Katrina Simons and I’m 12 years old. My dad, Mark, who is a distinguished lawyer and is great at solving problems. We found some excerpts of the current contestants applications and he already knows his answers:) The season is only four episodes, but our family and friends would love to see my dad on the show. Also, this would be the coolest thing I, as well as my dad himself, my mom and three other siblings would ever experience. It would be even cooler if he won the 250,000 dollars. I know no one would even care to read this message, but take into consideration: life is short and if we want to be happy, we have no time to waste:) Thank you to anyone who even took the time to read this letter:) ~Katrina Simons (12 year old)

  99. I am truly and unknown sleuth that would quickly rise to star detective given the opportunity. I love mysteries, have always said that one day I was going to catch a criminal. Lol! I have thoroughly enjoyed Murder Mystery Dinners and Cruises, and I regularly watch shows like,”48 Hours Mysteries” (I know that’s NBC) “20/20”, “What Would You Do?” As well as some of the older “Unsolved Mysteries” episodes, and Discovery Channels Crime Dramas on Netflix. Given the chance I know I would thoroughly enjoy the experience even if I did not win.

  100. This show is so addicting to watch, and I’d love to compete. I’m 21 years old, currently studying criminal justice to eventually join the FBI. Think I could get in on this show? Pretty please?

  101. This show is exciting. I am impressed with the killing setups. A lot of thought has gone into each detail and very believable. I have a competitive edge and like putting puzzles together. I think I would be a good person for this show. Sign me up!!!

  102. I wanna do this!! I can do this! Grew up loving and playing Clue and always got my man or woman! Besides I’m already an ace detective just ask my kids and maybe a few of my friends. Want proof?

  103. 22 Year old High School Art Teacher & Football coach. I love murder mysteries, have always wanted to be on a reality tv/ game show, and am very confident in my abilities to win this. Put me through!

  104. I love the show. Awesome- clever, funny and entertaining. I love the Who dunnit concept. Count me in on the auditions.

  105. I love this show, I am a mystery writer and love to explain to my wife what happens to the victim before they reveal how it happens on the show. I have used similar murder mysteries in my novels YARD and THE SEER. Love the show if you want a good guest let me know.

  106. I love the show so much its one of the only shows that keep me wanting more and I hope it is renewed for years to come

  107. Loving what I have been watching so far this season. Like many of the people here I would love to be apart of a show like this. Not even really to “be discovered”. Trying to discern who the killer is every week would be very enjoyable for me. I have always loved a good mental test and this show seems like a good opportunity for that.

  108. Absolutely brilliant show! Very addictive and entertaining…had me at the edge of my seat for a while there! Would love to be in one of the future seasons/episodes. Have everything that could make for an excellent contestant: German immigrant with original accent, forensic video experience, court room experience as expert witness on multiple occasions, able to improvise, logical approach to challenges, problem solver and think-tank attitude. Try me.

  109. I am a murder mystery enthusiast. I started readying Agathe Christie at 8 years of age, progressed to Arthur Conyn Doyle and then onto Tom Clancy and other mystery writers.

    I brought up both my boys to love Sherlock Holmes, and to this day they still read murder mysteries.

    I am a logical, well reasoned, educated woman, who would love the chance to show off her mystery chops.

    I think I can win this game, and even if I didn’t would love the chance to actually solve a mystery.

    I hope you get back to me, I want to be in Season 2.

    Sincerely yours
    N. Dale Quck

  110. What a great show. Although we have only seen three episodes we have enjoyed playing along. I love murder and suspense novels and shows. I am addicted to the show ID. I would love to be a contestant. Kudos to all of the current contestants.

  111. This show is super addicting and it is probably the only show I have a fighting chance to win. I am a film student and film director from Chicago. I read and write mystery novels and films all the time – what better way to get inspired for a future project then to be a part of Whodunnit! I say it’s a golden opportunity!

  112. This show is great. It keeps me on my toes every week. It’s been a while that a truly great show comes on and keeps my attention from beginning to end. Keep up the excellance!

  113. I would love to know how they make the ‘body’ look like they are really dead in the morgue when the other contestants are looking it over so intently. They touch the body so it has to be cold andthey move it but rigger has set in cause it has only been a few hours after they ‘die’ till they view it. Do they recreate the ‘dead contestant’ with a manikin or create the illusion that they are not breathing and cold.

  114. I am designed for this game. I am trained analytical thinker. I work in security which means that I know how to observe, report and safeguard sensitive information. I’m also an actor with stage and film credits. My bank account is hungry for a quarter million dollar deposit and I have the skills to earn it! Where do I sign?

  115. I need to be on this show. It would be a dream. I don’t even care about the money, I love the idea of the show. I’m obsessed with murder mysteries. I am a 21 year old student from Indiana and I know I can win. I know I can.

  116. I love the show and also love watching the CSI shows. My wife calls me a detective Hello my name is Alan Fuller and I’m a EMT and in school to be a paramedic. I would love to show my kids (2) that no matter what you can overcome any obstacles in life. I also want to show them that you have one life and you might as well push yourself to do things in life that you never did in life with no regrets. I really really would love to be on this show just to be more of an inspiration to my kids. Even if I’m just an extra!!!! I always figure out movies and plots. Hello my name is Alan Fuller and I’m a EMT and in school to be a paramedic. I would love to show my kids (2) that no matter what you can overcome any obstacles in life. I also want to show them that you have one life and you might as well push yourself to do things in life that you never did in life with no regrets. I really really would love to be on this show just to be more of an inspiration to my kids. Even if I’m just an extra!!!!

  117. As I was reading how to sign up I noticed a small typo. The word ‘please’ is spelt wrong the last paragraph. Wonder what it means.

  118. Just give me a little time, and some clues. Pretty sure I can figure out a good mystery. The show is awesome by the way.

  119. Im 27 and always struggling to get by I would love an opportunity to have a chance to get ahead for once in my life

  120. I have watched through the years a lot of the law shows Dragnet, Hawaii-Five-O,Miami Vice, New York Undercover, Perry Mason, Law and Order, CSI Miami, Sherlock Holmes, etc. I am a 58 year old with a Baachelor’s Degree in Psychology, which calls for profiling. I would be really awesome at this show..thank you..

  121. I would love to be a contestant on the show! I am in college studying to be an English teacher and I am constantly reading mystery novels! My favorite is Agatha Christie’s and then their were none!!! I am also a fantastic riddle solver :)

  122. Love,Love,Love It, Wouldn’t object to playing the game or being the Killer, Best show on tv for a reality show. WAY TO GO!!!! Pick me and make me HAPPY,HAPPY,HAPPY………I am your girl,Bring this Syracuse Madea to ABC.

  123. This is my show. I have attended several dinner murder theatres. one of my favorite entertainments. To date my record for predicting the murderer at these events is 100% correct. How many people can honestly say that!!! I have read everything written by Agatha Christie at least once some three or four times. I am a big TV mystery fan including CSI’s Criminal Minds and similiar shows. I almost always figure out the correct solution usually about halfway through. I have also been doing logic puzzles since I was 15. I am laid back easy going, and have a weird but nice sense of humour. What more could you want in a contestant?!!! Hope to recieve a call or e-mail from you in the near future!!!

  124. I really think they should make a show called whodunit J.R.!! An I right??? Please it will be so fun to see kids find out what it’s like to be a detective or a police or something! Then kids will know if they want to do this when they get older. The show looks fun enough and maybe turn down the blood a little and that’s it! Whodunit J.R.! Please if u are reading this, u know what to do.

  125. I turn 18 in a month. I want to be on the show like crazy. I love figuring out puzzles. Soon starting college and the winnings could be greatly wonderful for that. Where do I officially sign up??

  126. I would love to be on this show this is the ultimate bucket list number one spot. I read everything from Agatha Christie to Patricia Cornell and tv would not be complete without CSI and Criminal Minds. Please pic me!

  127. Hi. My name is Chantel and I’m 37 ( look younger cuz I moisturize) and need to be on this reality show. I believe I was born for this game and think I would last til the end. Plus. I’m pretty like able after u get to know me and I get all confortable with everyone. I’m kinda of a clown. I like to make people laugh but mostly at my own expense. U won’t regret picking this girl;). CALL ME YA’LL. PLUS. I live in Cali but I’m an Iowa girl at heart. Xoxoxoxox. Hope to get ur call or email.

  128. THIS SHOW IS GREAT! I watch all the crime and mystery shows and I am really good at figuring it out. We used to have murder mystery dinner parties with my friends. How can I get on the next show that you have?

  129. I’m a bubbly smart college student! EAST Carolina university! Greenville NC I could solve a crime! Throw me some clues! I want to be on the show! Pick me!!!!

  130. I love this show. I’ve always wanted to do a mystery weekend. I give whodunit dinner parties yearly and might do well, anyway, love love love this show.

  131. Life is a mystery! We live in to try to keep alive and be successful in every area of our lives. We have to make smart choices. There are clues all around us that lead to successful outcome! We just have to choose the right action or course to take. I love to play!

  132. Omg!…. I love this show. Ironically, I just finished reading a great book written by Mr. Anthony Zuikner. Intakes of a Tarot Card Killer… I am a great fan of all his shows., infact, because of these mystery/csi shows, it has inspired me to continue my education into wanting to become into the forensic field. I am a paralegal/investigator from Orlando Florida with over 20 years in the field, but no doubt can solve a case…… I would be honored to be on your show, I have been wanting a reality show with this in mind to appear. Finally worth the wait. I hope to be chosen in becoming part of this fantastic, mystery solving, adventure. Thank you and hope to see you soon….. Mysteriously…???? Renee

  133. This would be the most adventurous opportunity of a lifetime i am a fifty year old nurse and love solving mystery and crime stories if I am chosen I would be the best person to win. I love justice!

  134. I have always hated TV game shows because I believe they are cheesy and uninteresting. This show joins the list of only two other game shows that I have ever loved! The other to was “the Mole” and “Solitary.” I hope to be on this show for I have always enjoyed good puzzles and murder mysteries.

  135. I would LOVE to be a contestant on this show! HOLY COW! This is right up my ally! I watch every murder mystery show that I can find (All the ones on ID, datelines, CSIs, and all trials) I think I would kick this shows booty! I’d end up walking away with a smile and $250k in my pocket. :) How in the world can I get picked to be a contestant!!? I am very excited to watch this show!!

  136. DiHello I would love to be in this show solving mysteries. I have been fasinated with mysteries since I was young reading mystery books and watching law & order, house, ncis, cold case, bones, criminal minds, monk, pysh, without a trace. I don’t just want to win I know this will be fun for me. Im a CNA and I think my medical knowledge and skills can help with solving these cases

  137. Finally, a reality show that’s worth watching. One that actually makes you think a little. Would love to be a contestant. Please let me know where I can apply. Win or lose, I believe it would be a fantastic opportunity. Thank you.

  138. I am in the US Army. I have always been a big fan of mystery shows & books. I think this is going to be an awesome show and would love to be on the next season.

  139. I saw the commercial for this show and I said OMG, how can I be a part of this show. I love murder mysteries. I would do anything, and travel many miles just to be on this show!!!!!!!!!!

  140. The only reason any one would like this show is someone who wants to learn how to kill. Spells disaster all over it !! Should be an illegal show!

  141. This show is absolutely AWESOME. The creator is absolute genius!!As the disfunctional human beings that we are,Im certain we have all thought of committing some type of murder.Your boss,your wife,maybe your even your siblings or parents. As a true lover of Agatha Christie,Sherlock Holmes, & Charlie Chan I know my detective work!.This show is right up my Alley

  142. Please don’t kill Donte, he is awesome. And when I say awesome I mean he is so dumb, that I cant stop laughing at him.

  143. This show appears to be amazingly awesome! I’d love to be on the show! Not only am I smart, energetic, and have an intoxicating personality, but I have a love of murder mysteries.

  144. I just saw the commercial for this show today with my sister. I immediately said “how do I get on that show?” I’m a middle school teacher who is extremely good at all sorts of puzzles. I learn very quickly and would find this game immensely fun!

  145. I’ve always been a big fan of mystery books, C.S.I, and games like clue I’m a laid off heavy equipment operator…call me .

  146. I am a stay at home mother of 3 children in which I am obsessed with murder mysteries and such I love criminal minds, nancy grace mysteries, and HLN mysteries. I almost always figure out what happened before the show is over. I know I could figure any of these mysteries out. I have always wanted to be part of a csi team because I know I would benefit the team so I would love to try this out!!

  147. i have been waiting for a reality show like this!!!!! i always love a good mystery.all of my favorite shows are mystery shows.i could solve the murder n win that 250.000!!!!!!

  148. I would love to be a contestant on the show! I have always loved murder mysteries and think that I could win!! I would love the oppurtunity!! Thank you so much!!
    Lindsay Martin

  149. I have been waiting for a game show like this since forever. I would love the opportunity to be a part of this show. As a little girl my mom use to watch Murder She Wrote all the time and I loved it! please please give me the chance to be a part of this show.

  150. When will the casting be for this show. I am so excited to see this current seasons run. This is right down my ally. I love to watch all types of murder mystery shows. I am always in detective mode with my way of thinking! I would love to be on a show like this.

  151. My husband and I are huge fans of forensic shows like forensic files and everything on investigation discovery!! We are super excited that there is a reality show that we would love to be apart of. Please consider us for an audition.

  152. Everyone has always told me that I should of been a detective. For some reasons things that most people around me can’t figure out, I can. For me putting clues together gets me really excited and I have a drive for it. Please consider me for an audition.

  153. I was a huge Charlie Chan fan,along with Sherlock Holmes and Ironsides. I realize this doesn’t make me an expert but i do think it makes for one hell of a contestant!!!!!!!

  154. Hello my name is Keshia and I love solving murder mysteries. I believe that I have the unique skill for analyzing the evidence and determining whos committed the crime. I would love to be a constestant on the show and I would love to win the big prize of $250,000. Please contact me.

  155. I have always wanted to be on a reality tv show that tested my intelligence. My fav shows include CSI, CSI: Miami, CSI: NY, CSI: Las Vegas, Law & Order SVU, Law & Order Criminal Intent, First 48, White Collar, Numbers and almost every fictional and non-fictional crime shows. I would love to be a contestant on this show. Even if I do not win, I will have memories of the experience. It will be like living in a game for a few months. Can’t wait to watch the show.

  156. I would love to be on the show. I have always had a thing for law enforcement and my two favorite shows are CSI and Criminal Minds.
    If given the chance I am sure I can figure out whodunnit.

  157. Hi this is some thing I have been waten on I love intense mystery I use to do ride alongs with homicide officers in Baltimore i. would love to be apart of this show I’m a FAN OF CSI an I believe I can crack the case!!!

    • Hi! This is Mark and I would love to be on whodunit. My dream job is being a csi member but you have to be in college to be one. Now I am a Blogger.com talking about movies I’d saw.

  158. Would love to be on show. I have always wanted to be in law enforcement don’t have money to continue my education. I’ve always been good at solving puzzles, cracking codes, and I’m very good at lying/telling when people are lying.I’m 22 years old contact me and I’ll send photo of myself. Idk were the application form is.

  159. Hello, my name is Krystal and I am 27. I am a Law Enforcement Officer and I love to analyze crimes and try to figure them out and also why they happened. I would love to be considered for the show. Please Contact Me.

  160. I can do this I can figure out a crime like no other. i can pic apart things like no other. I swear I can win that 250,000 .

    • Greetings. My name is De Juan. I am a correctional Officer. I am from N.Y. I was a C.O. in Atlanta. I now Reside in San Diego CA. and I’m still in corrections. we have to solve crime scenes on a regular basis. Inmates are always getting stabbed, items stolen or always trying to escape. so we have to be vigilant of all activities that goes on in the Prison and solve a lot of mysteries. I welcome the opportunity to be part of any crime/riddle solving contest. thank you in advance for any consideration on your part.

    • There is no doubt in my mind I could win whodunnit? I’ve got all the skills and creative mind to go all the way.

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